CaptainSparklez, Mini Ladd, and OMGItsFirefoxx | You Posted That?

CaptainSparklez, Mini Ladd, and OMGItsFirefoxx | You Posted That?

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🎶You posted that?!🎶 🎶Embarrassing things from your past🎶 🎶Instragam, Twitter, or Snapchat🎶 🎶You Posted That?🎶 Shayne: Welcome to You Posted That? The show where you realize that not everything you post online Shayne: Should be online Shayne: I’m your announcer Shayne Topp Shayne: Now please welcome your host, and proffesional substitute teacher cosplayer Shayne: Ian Hecox! Ian: Aye. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Ian: To you posted THAAT?! Ian: Please before we begin, let’s give it up to our house band, Scott Passarella and Keith Leak Jr. Ian: Beautiful music now, let’s meet our three lovely contestants first Ian: He’s the weird halfway point between Bruce Banner and the Hulk. He’s buff, nerd, and minecraft wizard CaptainSparklez Jordan Maron! Ian: Next up Ian: She’s the top female streamer on Twitch who hasn’t really streamed since July OMGItsFireFoxx Sonja Reid Ian: I’m seeing a- I’m seeing a height difference here. Sonja: There’s a little yeah Ian: And finally Ian: Adult human male Mini Ladd Craig Thompson Mini: Hello, hello. hello hello Ian: Let’s jump right into Round 1. Ian: What’s that called? Ian & Shayne: You posted THAAAT?! Mini: Wow, nicely done
Sonja: It’s good Shayne: I know we practiced all night.
Ian: We did a lot of practice, yeah Unkown: It’s okay Ian: Well, we did some deep diving in each of your Twitter accounts and pulled out some tasty little morsels Ian: However we have removed some of the key words, your goal is to fill in those blanks with the correct words Ian: If you get it correct, you get 5 points [Keith Howl] Ian: If you don’t get it correct, well you get no points [Keith Howl] Sonja: All right Ian: All right!
Shayne: All right! Ian: Sounds fair! Sonja: I guess. That’s a fair- you have a fair system Ian: Craig
Mini: Mhm Ian: You’re first
Mini: Oh god Ian: On October 27, 2016 you tweeted “Blank at 1:40 AM? Screw it, we’re in for an all nighter.” Ian: Sideways smiley face Ian: Hmm
Shayne: It got a lot of likes Mini: It was a solid tweet Ian: People definitely agreed with your 1:40 AM choice whatever it was Mini: Hmm Shayne: Breakfast at 1:40 AM Would call for an all-nighter ’cause you’re starting there. I mean you know it makes sense Mini: Let me go… I’m gonna go gym Shayne: Gym? Mini: Yeah, ’cause I always in the morning and go to the gym everyday. So that could be it Ian: Is it gym?! Ian: It was ramen Jordan: Craig, that black bar was too long for 3 letters. Mini: I didn’t know, it caught me off guard Jordan: How is gym gonna fit in that? Mini: Well I mean at 1:40 Shayne: Ramen is arguably the opposite of the gym Mini: It is! Mini: Ramen used to be a religion for me, oh no Ian: Way back a year ago! Mini: I know Shayne: Different times Ian: All right. Sonja? Ian: You’re up next
Sonja: Great Ian: On the 14th of November 2011
Sonja: 2012?! Ian: Or 12? Sonja: What?! Ian: Oh I was reading it wrong… great Sonja: I didn’t even know I have Twitter back then Ian: You said, “Pretty bum day. Ugh, I could use a blank.” Jordan: Can I just say? I think you have the world record for how many tweets I’ve seen some tweet about being sick before Mini: Yeah, I’ll give you that Sonja: I travel all the time Ian: Yeah actually we looked through her timeline quite a ways we’re like “there’s a lot of tweets about her being sick.” Jordan: Exactly! Ian: Are you okay? Sonja: Okay, so if I’m having a bum day
Ian: Uh-uh Sonja: What do I need? Mini: A drink Sonja: Ramen? Shayne: I could use a ramen Mini: One of the finest ramen! Shayne: One strand of ramen, will be all I need Sonja: That’s all I need Ian: Are you gonna say, a Ramen?
Sonja: No Sonja: I’m gonna go drink Ian: All right. Is it, I could use a drink? Ian: How adorable Mini: I’m sorry Shayne: Something funny is, it got 1 re-tweet but no likes. Shayne: Which means, someone saw and said “I don’t like this, but the world needs to know.” Ian: All right Ian: Jordan?
Jordan: Oh boy Ian: You’re up now Jordan: Oh 2016? Ian: Yeah on 2016 August 11th you said, “If anybody has any links to legit blank that’re totally legal and not illegal, I’d be forever grateful.” Sonja: Jordan what’re you doing? Ian: What the hell are you doing? Jordan: No it’s something it’s some- Ian: Three words Shayne: Three words Jordan It’s something vs something, probably like a boxing fight but I’m trying to think like what would Ian: Box-ing fight? Jordan: Yes, that Ian: Yeah that makes sense right? Jordan: It’s not Game of Thrones, ’cause I have an HBO account Jordan: But it’s a small, like it’s a vs or an of or something in the middle of there I know that Ian: You’re going to deep into it Mini: Mhm Sonja: Maybe you put Game of Thrones?
Jordan: I’m analyzing- Jordan: If Craig had analyzed the length of his black bars, he wouldn’t have guessed gym Ian: This is the problem, when we invite gamers on they get way too competetive Shayne: I know Shayne: They’re in it Mini: Hmm
Sonja: Hmm Shayne: What? What was that?! Mini: I didn’t mean that Jordan: Mayweather and Pacquiao that was like, that was 2015 Jordan: Oh shoot, what other boxing matches or something like- Ian: Do you only watch boxing? Mini: Yeah Jordan: No but I’m trying to think that would be, that feels like the only thing that I would not have pai- Ian: Maybe it’s- legit boxing TV Show Mini: Boxi’s Boxi Box Mini: ‘Cause I like boxes Sonja: Jordan! Just pick one Jordan: I don’t know Mini: We’ll be back after these messages Jordan: I know I’m not gonna get it Sonja: Ramen vs Gym Ian: We’re about to give you a count down, so Mini: Oooh
Sonja: Oooh
Jordan: Oh boy, oh boy Jordan: This is really dramatic [Clapping] + [Keith Howl] Jordan: Game of Thrones Jordan: I don’t know what it is Ian: Is it- Ian: Links to legit Game of Thrones that’re totally legal and not illegal? Jordan: It’s the Olympics! Jordan: It was the Olympics Jordan: Dang it! Mini: We literally talked about this before coming out here Ian: It’s gotta be boxing, it’s gotta be something manly Ian: Nope, gymnastics
Mini: Nope, Gymnastics Shayne: You missed the biggest sporting event Jordan: God! Jordan: How did- yeah the Olympics oh that one, right Shayne: Yeah there’s that Ian: All right Craig
Mini: Mhm Ian: You’re up next
Mini: Oh god Ian: On the 22nd August 2017 so it’s close Mini: Mhm Ian: You said “Welp I just found out what blank are for. Now I feel like an ass for complaining about it.” Mini: Oh I know this no! Ian: Upside-down smiley Mini: Wait no! I know this ’cause people were talking [bleep] about me for it Sonja: I remember this too Mini: Yeah! Jordan: Did you make a really big mistake? Mini: Yeah!
Sonja: Yeah, he did Ian: What do you think it is? Mini: Amber Alerts! Ian: Is it amber alerts? Ian: For the audience at home that doesn’t know what an amber alert is that is the alert when the child is abducted Ian: And you get it on your phone Mini: I’m not from here Ian: And he was complaining about getting that Shayne: Wait. So when it was showing cars, were you thinking it was a car deal or something? Mini: I’m British, we don’t get it in the UK I’m a d-ck I’m sorry Ian: All right. Sonja? Ian: On to you Ian: On December 10th, 2011 Sonja: Why did you- Ian: You tweeted
Jordan: This is old Ian: You tweete, “Blank, Smirnoff & Skrillex all night? Um yessss pleeease.” Shayne: That’s a very 2011 tweet Ian: It is the most 2011 tweet
Shayne: That’s very 2011 Sonja: Yas pleease Ian: What do you think it could be? Sonja: Friends Ian: Is it friends? Ian: No it’s Minecraft Ian: The most 2011 thing ever Sonja: What? Ian: You’re just like, “Yo! Tonight is gonna be LIT!!” Sonja: Wanna play some Mincecraft? Mini: That needs to be in the time capsule Sonja: Can I- Oh man Ian: Last one to the round Ian: Jordan are you ready? Jordan: I don’t know Ian: Too bad Ian: On August 4th 2017 you tweeted, “Everytime I touch a blank in Las Vegas I feel the need to take a shower.” Ian: And that’s 2 words Jordan: Door knob Sonja: That sounds correct Ian: Wait what is, it doorknob or door handle? Jordan: Oh god Ian: Well let’s just see what it is Ian: I’ll give that to you, I’ll give that to you yeah
Jordan: It that- that counts? Ian: Yeah I’ll give that to you Ian: Good job Sonja: This is bs, I’m getting tweets from like 6 years ago Sonja: And he’s like “what did I talked about last month?” Ian: I’m sorry, I’m sorry Jordan: I very much stand by that statement also its recent Ian: All right! Well, the points so far Ian: Craig you have 5 points, Sonja 0, and Jordan you have 5 points! Good job Ian: Now, let me take a quick break Ian: Keith? [ROASTED] Ian: All right! On to round 2 Ian & Shayne: Is this FUUNNNYY?! Ian: In this round, Whether you think they’re funny or not funny if the majority teams are tweet funny that person will be revealed and they will get 5 points if your Majority teams that tweet not funny Then will you’ll just be revealed for the unfunny person that you are Alright, let’s see the first funny joke sandy They should have named it Snooki cuz it’s gonna blow the whole Jersey Shore Hurricane jokes actually Someone here, did this yeah, I wonder who’s someone Who’s funny thumbs down if it’s not done, but what year like now, don’t worry this here. Don’t worry about it I know I mean without context. I appreciate how bad it is okay? Alright we get one thumb up Jordan you are the deciding factor. That’s a lot of pressure doing what I think she’s doing right now, No Either Craig is voting for himself or Sonya is self-deprecating because I didn’t do this Hey that has a lot of retweets proportionally Retweeting it, but not liking it deal with that was 2012 that was very soon that was quick Alright, let’s see the next one this one said oh I have a really good joke so you know how Twitter is implementing 280 characters What if I type a tweet out and make it cut off before hahaha? buddy It’s not Alright, let’s see the next one forgot to say I had a dream last night And I kind of cyndaquil a Pokemon go and I was hunted down by the FBI for finding an extra in Pokemon whoa So is that funny or not funny hmmm Thank you Sorry, I don’t remember that tree. I’m sorry we searched long and hard for a joke on your timeline good work It was tough, I know All right, let’s see the next joke someone should make a dating app called eBay Chuckle, what’s it gonna be? Get some points sir all right, let’s see the next one. I just need so hard. I somehow bit my tongue I feel betrayed by myself wow That’s just unfortunate. I don’t think that’s a joke though. That’s unfortunate. Yeah. It’s just some we tried hard to find jokes Funny or not funny I feel bad All right this was accompanied by a picture hashtag national girlfriend day time. That’s Joey time This person pumps iron how many times I’ve seen that yeah a little girlfriend day Yeah, wow your girlfriend’s been around dude Your girlfriend’s the same hand phone you’re like what what are you doing? It’s at the door, that’s like I’m sorry You know I’m gonna what’s gonna be? a lot of people found that entertaining Also I have to point out that at the time that you posted this I had a question For you right there. I said, I don’t get it. There’s no girlfriend. Can you explain I? Don’t get the joke. Can you please explain it? Well you see what thank you? You see what happens is that if you don’t have someone else to help you with things like your movies You do it yourself Your real-life humor on the Twitter yeah, I was gonna say Craig if only you could tell a joke like that on Twitter Well That’s the end of round two Craig. You’re still sitting at five points Sonya good job You got some points on the board two five Jordan. You are in the lead with ten points Good job. No. Thanks to Craig well done Keith come on Scottie Pete Okay, this is the final round all Right I get it. Let’s start the final round will give you guys a chance to catch up. Okay. All right good. This next round is match my That bromance is incredible Yeah It’s great right you can work on it in this round each Of you will be presented with an amazing caption from an Instagram, and you’ll be given three photos that it may belong to Mm-hmm your job is the guess which photo that caption belongs to if you get it, right? You get? 30 points What these last two runs been pointless exactly if you get it wrong you lose 20 Craig oh I’m gonna start with you sounds good alright your caption is New year new me oh god. This is and here are your photos Got me in a mullet mm-hmm. Got me looking like everyone’s favorite Tommy Bahama dad Mm-hmm and he got me just looking like a hot sexy man mm-hmm Oh new year new me new year new you They’re all equally as arousing. I don’t know right I can respect the double trim the first one that was that wasn’t intentional First one is it the first one with the moly that Puts you at negative 15 points The winner is gonna be whoever is at least negative now, yeah Sonia all right you’re next Your caption is when you try to wear your hip friends accessories Then remember you’re just an awkward white guy those me and some awesome rectangle sunglasses me and Keith Sunglasses and me with some just fastly sexy man. Not not really men’s glasses Do you ever wonder why you have so many pictures that can fit the same caption? All right, so I think I mean I wouldn’t enjoy the full zip up I Respect the double chin again. I do I do. I’m kind of leaning towards that but I don’t know what this situation is Like no, it’s all about these acessories Chin’s anonymous. You know all right? You know what you look like it like a sassy biker, man. I’m meeting with the first one is it the first one Dang it Wow leaning towards that yeah, it was a psych-out cuz the double chin wasn’t correct the first time But the double chin was correct here. Yeah, well Jordan. I’m gonna be honest with you There’s no way you can lose now, but I would urge that you try to get points, okay I’ll try to be the one who’s not negative please all right your caption is Help, there’s the first thing. It’s me and a beautiful dummy grab my crotch That’s me with a bunch of oh wow just a bunch of creepy dummies that I took in a store yeah And that’s me having brunch at a gay bar Well, that would be insensitive if you said help on the right one so it’s not that No, you’re just singing along to a Beatle song. Let’s see yeah, it’s Either it’s either one or two and woo Maybe they both can fit. I’m gonna go with number two the dolls is it number two Jordan you may have one, but I think it’s pretty clear all of you guys are losers All right congratulations Jordan, please join me in center stage You’ve won a chance to do something That’s never been done before in the history of history all right bring it on a reverse stripper party to our theme song Hey guys, thank you so much watching the second episode of you posted Also stay tuned for episode three of you posted that where we have Ethan Klein from h3h3 productions JacksFilms and Elliott Morgan, also if you want to see the first episode click the Box on the left And if you want to see our Justice League music video click the Box on the right and we’ll see you next time for episode 3


  1. Petition to make ramen a religion starts here. I'm not begging. I honestly want to see if people will do something about this.

  2. Wow… two years ago they were complaining about Minecraft being done and from the past…. 2019 and it just beat Fortnite for most popular game again. That game WON'T DIE!

  3. Jordan: You need someone to do your duties…
    Craig: Even the piano finished.
    Me: doesn't get it the first time. gets it later OH… MY GOD MINI LADD!!

  4. Can someone please explain the hurricane blowing thing one and the national girlfriend one (with the extension of Craig’s joke)?

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