Carnival Of Souls (1962) [Horror]

Carnival Of Souls (1962) [Horror]

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  1. I saw this for the first time in the 90s. It was on a dvd compilation with a bunch of classic horror flicks like White Zombie, Dementia 13, and Night of the Living Dead. It's one of my favorites now.

  2. The effect which this film has had on me for fifty-two years is considerable especially as a touchstone. I like to re-watch Carnival of Souls throughout the year but especially in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Every time I watch this film I go right back to the Saturday night in '65 when Carnival of Souls was the first half of the regular 'fright fest' on the area's leading VHF channel.

    I would also acknowledge my mother's diligence for finding this in the listings and encouraging me and my younger brother to watch together. No surprise that my mother did incorporate the makeup effects into some Halloween costumes going forward through at least the late-'60s which is about the time I stopped trick-or-treating and just went along with my youngest brothers as they went about their fun. Good times.

  3. Dreamy and charming little 60`s "gem", watched it for the second time yesterday night on a local public access channel. First time i heard about it must have been in the videostore like 20 years ago.

    OK it wasnt the original but that shitty 1998 remake starring Shawnee Smith. Fortunately i ended up not renting it in the end 😛 it did however get "stuck" somewhere in the back of my head and when i googled it years later i (luckily) found out there was an original 1960s version that i tracked down! 😀

  4. Anybody who tells you that this film didn't give them the creeps…
    Don't believe them. I saw it when I was nine years old.
    And I think I got to sleep about three and a half weeks later.

  5. Comment about Carnival of Souls ending?
    I thinking in final was not so clear if has mental problem or not. She just vanished without trace after persecution of the zombies. The final scene of car being rescued, I think don't fit whether she had mental problem or really died.

  6. Anyone watching "Ash Vs Evil Dead"? Second 2, episode 1 pretty sure this actress on the TV at Ash's dad's house?

  7. Thank you so much for downloading This! I Remember seeing this movie on I think Seymore late night horror show case. It's truly a really good movie. Proving you don't need bucu bucks to make a really good movie.

  8. Interesting low-budgeter, but after repeated viewings, it loses its edge. Plus, even at 80 minutes, it's slow, badly acted, and waaaay too derivative of Twilight Zone's "The Hitchhiker." Should be required viewing for creepy old film fans – once. After that, it's a bore.

  9. This movie is so simply made that it makes the paranormal theme even more chilling. It scares me and depresses me too but l love it. Strange.

  10. Ah so many frigging nightmares after watching this movie for the first time…the classics work everytime, just like Colt 45.

  11. This movie was banned from television in the 60s because the network got so many complaints from viewers about how frightening and terrifying it was. Kids and adults were traumatized by it. It was later shown in a NYC movie house during the 80s. I remember watching it on TV as a kid and I was mortified. Watched in as an adult and it is quite funny. A classic nonetheless.

  12. i watched this movie on 123movies just to here the lines lana samples but they cut it out in that version so now i’m here sigh ruined the experience but this movie even without that scene was amazing

  13. Awesomely freakin movie. It brought back memories of my horrific realalistic freakin nightmares but awesome. The movie also debuted in the same year I was born. Creepy isn't it

  14. The 'drag race' at the start is hilarious. They must make at least 10mph. The organ music even sounds satanic. Even the sleazy neigbor trying to measure Mary up for a flesh suit. And the 'rave party' at the amusement park on the pier is funny too.
    I bought this because it's a 'classic' and R.E.M's song Carnival Of Sorts is a nick of this films name.


  15. Awesome movie. There aren't any special effects, cheap scares or gore, just atmospheric creepiness and good story telling. Horror movies would be worth watching if they would take notes from this.

  16. I’ve been looking for this classic for a while, I remember this from back in the day. Thank you ? !! Do you have “Black Narcissus “? Another classic I can’t seem to find ?. Thank you again ??

  17. I remember first seeing this, in the late 80's/early 90's, when my local PBS station would play old classic black & white horror movies, all through the night on Halloween.

  18. This movie always scared me as a kid, but I could never understand why exactly, which just makes it creepier. Seriously love this movie more than most.

  19. Well, it looks like the death line on the palm of my right hand is about due. See yall back in elementary school bitches!?


  21. Fun little movie. Her car appears to be a 1960 Chevy Bel Air. In the last scene, the center dead woman's left eyelid flickers in an obvious goof.

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  23. I remember watching this as a little kid around 1979 or 1980 late night on New York City WWOR channel 9 and it scared the shit out of me along with my 2 older brothers.As we watched it my mother heard it from the other room and watched it with us as it was a favorite of hers as a teen

  24. Thank God, the TV stations I watched did not have these horrid B movies. They are unbelievably bad. Gotta stop clicking on them.

  25. I watched this when I was around 8 years old. And I could never get that old goons face that was following her! Now if they would only allow "First Man Into Space" that had Marshall Thompson!

  26. The definition of atmospheric horror. Fun fact: George Romero actually sites this as being the inspiration for his vision of zombies in Night of the Living Dead, which became the model for our contemporary zombie movies/games. That whole zombie epidemic idea wasn't a thing until then.

  27. The first time I saw this, at 14, is the first time I ever got chills up my back from a movie. It scared the bejesus out of me. Oh yes, I LOVED it! Thanks for posting ?

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