Castle Clash – New Insane Dungeon 7.1 Victory – 2 Flames by Hunted + Meteor

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It look´s like there are a lot of totems. Ok, we have a look. There is a PD totem There is a anubis totem. At the bottom is nothing. Another PD totem. Anubios totem. If pd totem and Anubis totem are triggering your heros are instant dead. I try to drop here at the bottom. Dracax wasn´t freezed! Everyone was instant down^^ There are a lot. I dont know the right hero composition. Maybee, anubis is not the right choice. This is pretty hard. We´ve to activate the totems! You have to wait untill the PD totem buff runs out!!! Now it´s over! Everyone is freezed I think we have to drop into the shield! Ok, we drop them into the shield and see what happens;D Spam a lot of troops! Bäääähhhmmmmmmm Easy…very easy^^…loooool 2 Flames are enough!!

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