CGI **Award Winning** 3D Animated Short: “A Fox And A Mouse” – by ESMA | TheCGBros

CGI **Award Winning** 3D Animated Short: “A Fox And A Mouse” – by ESMA | TheCGBros

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(Wind Blowing) (Soft Flute Playing In Background) A FOX And A MOUSE (Snow Padding Sound) -Cutest Fox Right Here


  1. It would be better, if , after all, the Fox starts the Hunt again…givving the mouse some distance before continues the pourchasing

  2. That owl that made me laugh so much … liked the look of it again and again … it was so cute..they were cute..but very good.

  3. Oh my gawsh…its soooo cut a fox is my spirit animal they are my fav animal🦊🦊❤️

    David klien lol no I am!!!!😅🤣😅🤣😊

  4. The short film is well produced, the BGM, the characters, the theme colours, the quality are perfect! both the fox n the mouse so adorable ❤️ love it!

  5. Would you like it if your food starts to run and then you get to fall into cold water in the snow and your food doesnt save you back after you saved it

    Bruh is that fox hungry tho no offense

  6. Those owls would so easily kill the fox. The Eurasian eagle-owl alone has the power to take down a small deer. Two owls would just be overkill.

  7. I like the fox because the fox so cute.. , funy and good 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😮

    And the mouse so cute too..😄😄

  8. The story is a little slow to start, but all in all, it is wonderful. The score is well written, though sparse, and evokes the wintry silence of a land devoid of human interaction. The fox and mouse have a cartoonish realism that suits the story, and the comedic interpretation of the owls creates just the right level of humor to break the tension of the hunt while still allowing for the sense of the mouse's urgency. A beautiful tale of overcoming differences, looking inwardly and deciding to be the good, not the bad. Lovely.

  9. Чудо, а не истории!!! Смотрю с удовольствием! Спасибо тому,кто их придумывает и снимает.!!!

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