Chambers of Darkness Haunted House and Hayride 2012

Chambers of Darkness Haunted House and Hayride 2012

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Step into the Chambers of Darkness in Custer
Park, Illinois this October two thousand twelve. This massive five Acre experience is located
just thirty minutes from Morris, Kankakee, and Joliet, Illinois, and just one hour Southwest
of Chicago, Illinois. Located in the middle of the corn fields, where anything can happen! First, jump on the haunted hayride and travel
through the mile long Forest of Horror to arrive at your destination, THE CHAMBERS OF
DARKNESS…where your blood curdling adventure begins! Next, Step into the massive haunted compound
and walk through up to twelve haunted rooms. All rooms change yearly, so you’ll never be
scared the same way TWICE! And if you survive the chambers of Darkness,
end your evening with the outdoor Trail of Insanity. See if you can dodge the creeps in the maze,
as chainsaw wielding maniacs chase after you, rabid dogs nip at your heals, and delusional
misfits wander aimlessly. In OCTOBER only…so don’t be late! This is
not for weaklings. All of this comes for a price so low you can bury it in your basement!
Think you can handle it? WE’RE WAITING!


  1. Wow now that is a Haunted House, looks like a great place to take a ex-wife or mother in law. Or anyone else that thinks your a blood sucker. Just kidding, sounds like fun. Count me in Lee Noring (916) 672-1132

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