Chambers | Season 1 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Chambers | Season 1 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Somebody help me, please! Anybody! What happened? I had a heart attack. I had to get a transplant. Does it feel any different? Can you tell
it’s someone else’s? I just want everything to go
back to the way it was before. It’s just so weird that someone had to die
in order for me to live. How are you, Frank? Thank you, both. Your daughter,
she saved Sasha’s life. I can’t even begin imagining what you have gone through. I just want you to know we’re gonna do
everything we can to keep her memory alive. Nancy and I have endowed a scholarship
in Becky’s name. We want to offer
the scholarship to Sasha. Watch out for that family. I want to know
who’s inside of me. I’m seeing things.
Things that she saw. What the hell? This is getting weird. I think one day,
we’re gonna realize that this whole
heart attack thing was the best thing
that happened to you.


  1. Really tried watching till the end but just couldn't be bothered. The main character is kinda an egocentric asshole, and the whole thing just felt overly made up. The acting, the script, the characters, the look, the music, everything… Felt like a failed presentation by people who thought they've made the best show ever.

  2. This is an EXCELLENT series but when I found out the lead chick is only 19 in real life, I refused to believe it. She does not "read" teenager at all, for any casting director. She reads young but weathered. She could easily play 30.

  3. Usually when I hear stories about people who got transplants learning about the people who donated, it’s beautiful and touching. This is some seriously dark twist stuff.

    How does Netflix keep popping out stuff like this

  4. I binged this while i was meant to be sleeping. Damn you netflix. Sasha what an amazing actress. Uma looks so good.

  5. This show was good but at times kinda lame. The ending made up for it I guess. Watching it I felt like, how will they make a S2? It’s like a movie made into episodes. It’s not scary just trippy. Season 2 will have a totally different take than 1. I’ll def watch

  6. I watched it
    It started really great.
    The first 3-4 episodes are really interesting and thrilling
    Between 4-6 episodes you get a feeling that they going to spoil this series
    And when you come to the end
    You realize how good it could have been.

  7. Could not stop watching! Finished it in 2 days, super authentic with the SW culture, everyone deep into character. Literally cant wait for season 2.

  8. The show is based on real events if you don t knew.I just watched on tv that the Heart can stock memories and all of this stuff.Ypu can search some of this documentaries.

  9. i've never been able to convince my friends to watch any netflix shows i watch but one time my friend came over and watched this show with me and now she can't stop watching it. we barely even talk because she's always watching it.. um netflix i think you just ruined my friendship

  10. I just finished it, Idea is very good, UMA is the MF Queen! Only the last chapter final scene with the 2 girls could have been better performed. Tony was amazing too Hope big names join for a second season

  11. I've just finished Riverdale and have began this. It's not as good but hell, Netflix can sure write good mystery show! This show is amazing ? (Elliott is My fav BTW)

  12. Done watching it. It was so much more than what i’ve expected, I love the twists and how they hang you at the end of every episode. Can’t wait for the season 2 to come.

  13. I've still got a few episodes left, but I find this show barely good enough to keep watching. It's extremely slow and filled with characters who are so lethargic it's hard to care about anything. I really hope this show has a clearly defined ending, because I seriously doubt I'd bother with a second season unless the ending is extremely good.

  14. Essa série e muito boa, com uma trama bem complicada com pactos e muito suspense; se você gosta deste tipo de série, fique bem atento para não ter de ficar voltando a cena que não entendeu.

  15. With all the real racism and sexism in America today, I cannot say anything positive about Hollywood or its writers thinking it's okay to perpetuate this hate by having actors say factually incorrect and insulting things like, "White people listen to this weirdest music." Really? So, what about white people who listen to rap? Is rap weird now because white people listen to it? What about black people who listen to music by white artists? Do black people now listen to the weirdest music?

    Or in "Always be my Maybe" when the main character is talking about rice paper, "White people eat that shit up."
    Or the multiple anti-white statements made in "Rim of the World."
    Or in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" with it's man-hating agenda.
    Or in "Roswell: New Mexico" with its factually incorrect statement that most illegal immigrants aren't Hispanic.

    In fact, I'm ashamed that the writers could not do better and show the races and genders getting along, as it should be. There are racist and sexist people in this world, but they are the exception. You don't go make them the rule and blame ALL people of a certain race or gender and start becoming racist or sexist yourself. "Hate does not drive out hate." – MLK Jr.

  16. These trailer are so annoying, but this show is pretty good. I feel like they unintentionally told a story about mental health. How secrets destroy relationships & what it feels like to deal with schizophrenia. But maybe they should stop showing visuals in trailers.

  17. LITERALLY NOT ONE TWEET ON NETFLIX TWITTER ACCOUNT ABOUT THIS SHOW. YOU CANCELED A SHOW YOU NEVER PROMOTED. HECK I NEVER EVEN SEEN IT ON THE HOMEPAGE ON NETFLIX. YALL RACIST disappointed and makes no sense. Indigenous people need representation and this show obviously is good. Stop being stupid. Also see yall putting natives as costumes in shows and movies still. Stranger things season 2. Tsk. Love the show but there is literally NO need or excuse for that

  18. Stupid whores gonna cancel one of the only super natural shows on Netflix with a Native American protagonist. ?

  19. This was so good !! It starts off a little slow I think that’s why they’ve cancelled it for season 2!! I got into it after like 4 episodes due to reading people’s comments on here saying how amazing it was! Glad it did I enjoyed it shame about season 2 tho ?

  20. I just finished the first season, and it was really good, but mildly odd. It’s kind of slow in the beginning, but it picks up pretty quick. I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. Watch it if you can. Please.

  21. just watched it, The pilot was promising, and that's' about it. Cant decide what was worst; Thurman's bad acting, this unlikable Sasha freak or the boring storytelling

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