Christopher Lambert gets pranked by French comic pretending to be movie director

Christopher Lambert gets pranked by French comic pretending to be movie director

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Hello! Hello Mister Lambert ?” Who are you ? I introduce myself Olivier Bourg young film director Yes And I would like to propose to you the main role of my first film I’ll make my first film which will be a blockbuster because i’s Luc Besson who produces the film Yes With a big budget Yes Would you be interested ? Okay! if you send me the script, there is no problem, I will read it! It’s with pleasure and it’s nice of you! And when I read it, I’ll call you back and see you! Great, I love you especially your role in the movie Matrix Yes, yes, yes! You’re really amazing Yes, yes, yes you are kind, in all that, what makes me happy is that you knew perfectly my filmography! and I’ll tell you, your movie looks good! I think it’s going to be okay! I hope for you! Why ? I find you weird! Well yes, you are wrong Lambert! What do you mean! Wait! You are not Mr. Lambert Wilson? Absolutely not, absolutely not, but there are no problems We were often confused, not at the level of the voice but at the level of the name! Ah ok, alright, alright! Oh yes, yes! big difference, big difference! Who are you? Christopher Lambert Ah you are Mr. Christophe lambert?! Wow! It does not matter! You had a role in the movie Highlander? That’s it! And you had a role in Tarzan too! That’s it! Well I tell you right now, for me it will not be possible to offer you a role for my film That’s it! It is you who propose it to me so it’s not me who asks you! Oh no, I was proposing that to Mr. Lambert Wilson! Well, yeah! But there is nothing to lose to read Whatever happens, we must read and after we decide?! We can do a casting if you wish, but I could not take you No, there are no problems, I have enough humility even to make a casting! Okay we’ll do the casting if you want but I will not take you anyway There’s no problem, it’s up to you! I’m sorry but I want Mr Lambert Wilson! But you know what, it’s life! We miss things and then it’s like that! And then it’s like that and it does not matter, it does not matter! What I’m going to do is high level, high level! So what I propose is to call Lambert Wilson and then you call me again! Yes it’s Lambert Wilson does not want the role, I take you! Yes lt’s go, let’s go! We have a deal, we have a deal Exactly, we’ll do like this! That’s it! Anyway, I have your number so I call you back! Exactly! I kiss you! Goodbye!

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