Classic horror movies I DON’T like!

Classic horror movies I DON’T like!

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[creepy music] Hey guys, and welcome back. Hopefully this won’t be the last time I
get to say that, because this next video might get me kicked off the internet. I’m going to talk about the classic horror
movies I don’t like. I’ve been putting this video off for awhile
now, but thought that I would just just say what I wanted to say and see what happened. Keep in mind that these are strictly my opinions and you are more than welcome to disagree. Now, with that being said, here are six classic horror movies that just weren’t my cup of tea. Number one is The Exorcist
A couple weeks ago, I did a video on horror movies that were based on true stories. I thought about covering this movie on that
list, but decided against it because I was afraid it would be obvious that I’m
just not that into it. It’s supposed to be one of the scariest
movies of all time but I found it kind of boring. Maybe I’ll go back one day and try to watch
it again, but I get the feeling it’s just not my thing. Maybe it’s scarier if you haven’t seen
a lot of horror movies, which I had, even at the age of 16 when I saw this for the first
time. I guess some things just aren’t for everyone. Number two is The Omen
This is obviously another religiously themed horror movie. And I found this one boring as well, but the
reason was a lot more clear, at least for me. The villain in this story is Damien, who is
supposed to be the Antichrist and bring about the apocalypse. But being Christian, it’s hard to get scared
over this, because we believe this is a good thing. After the apocalypse, according to the Bible, all Christians will be taken up to heaven. Sure this explanation is overly simplistic,
but it’s just hard for me to get scared over something that I’ve been told is a good thing. Number three is Friday the 13th
It pains me to say I don’t like this movie. I love slasher movies, and I wanted to like
this one so badly. I’ve tried to watch it multiple times but
I just can’t get into it. There’s not really a main character that we can
root for until close to the end when it’s pretty obvious who’s going to live and who’s
not. So I really couldn’t get invested in the
story because I just didn’t care about what was going to happen to anyone. I did end up seeing Friday the 13th Part 2
eventually and I liked it, so maybe one day I’ll continue with the series. Number four is The Thing
Just like with Friday the 13th, I just couldn’t get into the characters here. I think my lack of investment in them may
have been because it was an all male cast. Now, don’t get me wrong — just because
a character is male doesn’t mean I can’t relate to them. And I’m not one of these people who thinks
that a lack of women in a movie is sexist or anything like that. But when all your characters are not only
the type I don’t have anything in common within and are also kind of one dimensional,
it does make it difficult to get invested. And number five is Poltergeist. I hate to sounds like a broken record, but
Poltergeist was just…boring. I think it’s maybe because by the time I
saw it as an adult, I’d already seen every element of it in other movies. I knew all about families moving into haunted
houses and strange things going and the like. I also don’t find clowns particularly frightening, so this movie just didn’t do it for me at all. So the last movie on the list is one that I’m
not sure would be categorized as straight horror. It’s more sci-fi/suspense. But I’ve seen it talked about in
horror circles, and it is supposed to be really scary — but of course it wasn’t for me. I’m talking, of course, about Predator. I just could not get into this movie. I didn’t care about any of the characters
or what happened to them. This is another movie I really wanted to like. It could have been terrifying, and the actual
predators themselves I think are are really cool. I tried to watch part of Predator 2, which
apparently a lot of people don’t like, and couldn’t get into that either. I haven’t seen any of the newer Predator
movies, so if you have and think that I might like them more, let me know. So those are some of the classic horror movies
that I didn’t really care for. Let me know in the comments what you thought
of these movies— did you like or dislike them? What are some popular or classic horror movies
that you don’t really like either? Be sure to leave your hate comments below
or to like and share if you actually found this interesting. And be sure to subscribe for more horror and
true crime related content. Thank you so much for watching, and I will
see you guys next time. Bye! [creepy music fades]


  1. In Friday the 13th I didn't care for anyone and I was rooting for the killer…but I still love it and predator is one of my faves. The others yea, lol they're kinda yawn inducing.

  2. I agree with you. I always seem to like ( mabye each time I get surprised) is when the good guys end up not making it and they all die. Leaving the bad guy to make another movie. Freddy movies are good. And Dracula theme movies can't go wrong there. Never did see Omen.

  3. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy The Exorcist one of the best horror film that came out a day after Christmas in 1973 to be more to the date December 26 1976. Also one of my first horror movies when I was a young kid
    Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy Friday the 13th that is one of the original movies that started the slasher film industry even though we know it was Halloween. But you like Nightmare On Elm Street. By the way that is my favorite franchise I got to have a little Freddy in October. Lol
    The Omen–I agree with you.
    The Thing–I agree with you.
    Poltergeist—I agree with you.
    Predator– The original I like 1987 one but the new ones I did not fancy at all.

    Thank You P.S. So for the long comment but you hit a nerve lady Lol but you hit a nerve Lol.

  4. I agree with all but poltragiest , but then i was 15 when it was out at the movies and had a scared young female with me. So my judgement may be blurred . BTW just found your channel and loving the content .

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