Climax | Official Trailer HD | A24

Climax | Official Trailer HD | A24

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If you couldn’t dance,
what would you do? Suicide. Oh you’re so good. You like that? I’m so happy, I couldn’t be happier.


  1. Figuring out this French disappointed me … no offence french dudes but I'm allergic to french or hearing french ..bad experience

  2. Ever seen something so weird that you just don’t feel like seeing it? That’s me right now with this trailer.

  3. This was one of the most anxiety inducing films I have ever seen. In a good way. So much intensity and tension, it was suffocating.

  4. I really wish the actual movie was as good as this trailer. It's a shame a movie about LSD combined with Gasper Noe had visuals and story this basic. Turning a camera upside down and having people act violent to each other gets old real fast. Sure there was some impressive cinematography but Enter the Void this is not. It was like being at the worst party ever in real time. The opening dance IS cool though.

  5. Hi, I’m a 22 yr old newly out of the closet gay male and my very conservative father has now disowned me (not because I’m gay, he didn’t even know I was gay before he disowned me in fact the only reason he disowned me was because I thought buying tickets to surprise him and see one of his favorite movie franchises revived after so long would bring us closer together – I just didn’t think the female cast of the most recent Ghostbusters revival would be so offensive to him, probably should have thought that one through a bit more but that’s alright he’ll reown me when I surprise him with tickets to his other favorite thing – a huge Queen fan like him (“I don’t care what that Freddie guy did in his own time I just know that Queen is one of my favorite all time rock bands”) I’m gonna surprise him with 1. Tickets to a showing of Bohemian Rhapsody and once he and I are outside the showing raving about it I’ll surprise him with tickets to the Queen with Adam Lambert tour that’s about to be underway! Wish me luck guys 🙂 )

    Anyways that’s my dad I got off topic so my comment is about my very religious, not as conservative mother (she is divorced from my Dad, well separated, well I’m not sure I just know she hates my dad but divorce is a sin so she won’t leave him but does not approve of him disowning me, cheating on her, and beating me into multiple ER trips on a weekly basis but anyways that’s the past move on right! Yeah positive energy so I need you guys’ advice because my mom is religious and doesn’t approve of how my father has treated me but also has very religious standards once again so she is very uncomfortable with me recently publicly coming out of the closet in our small farm town community of just under 10,000 people where everybody knows everybody and mainly because of the Catholic Church that is the cornerstone of the small community’s backbone should I say. So I’m trying to be sensitive to that and I thought the comments section of a YouTube site which has a trailer of a somewhat risqué, bold, high intensity, drug fueled, thrilling, sexually free A24 backed masterpiece by such a daring director would be the place to come to ask for advice. My mom and I have always loved movies and going to movies that’s our thing we like to do for mother son time. Now things are a little rocky and a bit sensitive as she is still learning to except my AMAZING N FREE GAY IS A-OK! lifestyle and attitude that I am walking around proudly with no matter how many times the FFA guys spray paint my Kia with every gay slang imaginable luckily I just get in my speedo at the town car wash with a couple boyfriends of mine and we have a fun car wash heheheh anyways back to my mom what are some good movies her and I could see the first couple trips back to our theater where we bonded so much over the years watching classics like La La Land (she thought it was so sweet of me to come with her for all of her chick flicks even though I was a 19/20/21 yr old track star but hey I mean I loved going I was ecstatic when she invited me to a 2nd showing the next night), Pitch Perfect, we liked dramas but she didn’t much enjoy Spotlight and called it slanderous I think, she thought Moonlight was well.. in her words “it’s too bad that boy wasn’t raised right that’s all I took from it” and when we accidentally bought tickets to that foreign film Blue is the Warmest Color I’m pretty sure she had to throw up a couple times :// she thought we had bought tickets to a special anniversary showing of The Blue Lagoon. Oo and when Moonlight took Best Pic after it was given to La La Land accidentally she didn’t even say anything, just kind of wept and went to bed and prayed. Anyways, as I try to break the ice with my sweet but set in her ways mom, what are some good films her and I can look forward to seeing soon? I know you film buffs could comment away with the perfect films my poor mother and I can bond again over and use that as our way to break this ice of her out and about proud gay son who she just wants to be okay and be able to see our movies together and forget about that for awhile: so the floor is yours, film buffs, got any suggestions?

  6. I was excited when I saw this, then I saw that this is a Gaspar "Creator of Enter the Void" Noe film and now I'm ecstatic, thank you A24 for blessing us genre fans with another great film..

  7. I’d like to say this was good. It’s exactly what you think it will be. Technically brilliant. Not much else.

  8. Saw it awhile back. Contains some of the best choreography in a film I've ever seen and a sizzling soundtrack. To be honest I think it falls apart toward the 3rd act. Noe came up with a unique concept and the cast absolutely owns it. But it becomes glaringly apparent that the director had no idea how to end his film.

  9. Watched it high and it was the most incredible movie I ever watched in cinema. Never had this much of a feeling to be a part of a movie, incredibly


    What really messed me up about the end of this movie was that when we found out that it was the blonde girl with the bob hairstyle who spiked the Sangria, she's in the process of taking even more LSD. She caused the deaths of a child and her mother, caused all of this chaos and life-changing trauma, and she ends the night by going back to her room and taking even more LSD. Throughout the entire film I was hoping that the person who spiked the sangria had done it in some fucked-up attempt to make everyone have a good time and, after having seen what it caused, had regretted doing it. But she didn't care whatsoever.

  11. Looks stupid and mindless like most of Noe's films. Noe's definitely reminds me of Larry Clark. Their films all ooze of sleaze.

  12. I love Sofia Boutella so much. Apparently they did all the choreography on the fly with this movie which makes it 100x more impressive.

  13. This movie was really funny. The director has a great way of making what are normally disturbing themes into high comedy. Like the hilarious rape scene in Irreversible.

    This movie is great to cuddle up with that girl you want to impress, have a few drinks and enjoy a couple of hours of funny moments.

  14. Someone's got infos about the original and true event in vitry in 1996 that inspired the movie ??? Can't find anything
    Quelqu'un a des infos sur les faits réels en 1996 à Vitry qui ont inspirés le film ??? Je trouve rien

  15. Just watched this movie yesterday at the theater, when finished every single person in the place left walking silently starring to the floor just thinking like WTF did I just see?

  16. This movie is pretty much like Salo without the heavy gore. Most people ignores that for sure both films are heavily influenced by Marquis de Sade books.

  17. "Vice studio's" lol how surprising.
    I take comfort in the fact that knowing the people who promote degeneracy will most likely experience a life of personal torment and pain.

  18. Seen it today, my head is still hurting. Were these people dancers / friends? Or just a bunch of fucking animals? Hated those loooong static boring shots.. THis movie sucks

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