CLOWNTERGEIST Official Trailer (2017) Clown Horror Movie HD

CLOWNTERGEIST Official Trailer (2017) Clown Horror Movie HD

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[Music] you know I’m surprised you still here I want to put you gone home now hammer classes I bet you didn’t know how quickly this town gets masala comes attention customers the local police have issued an 11 o’clock curfew so be sure to get home quickly and safely what’s the true fee for a manhunt call the sheriff why the guy that they’re looking for I think she would care who they won’t last night in my room never get there like balloons just like that with my daughter big time written on that balloon did you get a good look at him my friend fully dressed like a like a clown [Music] Donna you can monitor possess but it was never activated the paranormal ship clock or physically it’s tricky so be sure the music body heat [Music] [Music]


  1. LOL i don't scare of them if i see them in real-life when they smile at me me too i smile at them then i take out my shotgun and my knife to kill them and i will not like ordinary person i will dress weird like i will wear a dress which look like there are flesh blood on it and i will wear micheal myers mask and i run after them then i say get over here humans

  2. Her: Come over
    Me: I can't the ringling brothers are working me to the bone this summer
    Her: Well….. Clowns do turn me on
    Me: 1:35

  3. The fake ratings are out, all in time for the IT remake go figure to cash in. Its terribly shot, actors suck and looks like very low budget crap……

  4. In the girls mind:Oh don't worry if I look like I'm sleeping the clown won't kill me
    Me:Bruh if you pretend to sleep that makes it easy for him to kill you

  5. low budget movies are good such as blair witch .etc. but this!? seriously!? you will not earn any single penny on Theater

  6. Another trash movie.. 1:31 Who would try to act like your sleeping even if you know the clown is there…

  7. Que filme horrível. .. fraco e sem graça. … muito ruim mesmo… Perdi uma hora e meia da minha vida… mto ruim

  8. This story so fuck.. a low bajet film.. so bored.. who director this film ? Before i see i think horror but after see this film so fucking funny

  9. I seriously don't get this films: first, on Welcome To Zombieland says that the movie looks like "The Hangover, Superbad and Shaun Of The Dead". Now with this movie said that it looks like "Friday The 13th, Poltergeist and IT".

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