Contacting Jack the Ripper’s GHOST | HAUNTED Places in Melbourne, Australia

Contacting Jack the Ripper’s GHOST | HAUNTED Places in Melbourne, Australia

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he could in fact be Jack the Ripper is
super high current papers thank you for tuning in to amy’s crypt I am currently
in Melbourne Australia and I’m about to take you down one of the most haunted
streets in the city for to contain the ghost of a serial killer so let’s go
check it out all right guys we’re just walking down
the lane and this place is pretty well-known of in Melbourne for being a
hub for street art so you can probably guess just by looking around me there’s
a lot of cool graffiti down here and there’s a lot of just kind of random
tags and such but this is also thought to be one of the most haunted places in the
city what is interesting is as actually thought to be haunted by a Jack the
Ripper suspect this guy was known as Frederick Bailey Deeming and he was
executed in the late 1800s at the nearby Old Melbourne Gaol
he was hanged there for murdering his wife though he’s also caught two
murdered his first wife and four children back in England where he
started his life it was also in London Whitechapel around the time that these
Jack the Ripper murders took place there so some people have paired that together
and speculated that he could in fact be Jack the Ripper I’m actually planning to
visit the Old Melbourne Gaol I also visited all the murder sites for Jack
the Ripper in London and hopefully I’m gonna have videos on these places in the
future so if you’re keen on seeing those make sure you hit subscribe so this guy
who possibly is Jack the Ripper is 42-point
it’s a leeway so people have reported to come down here usually men and feel
unseen icy cold hands wrap around their throat and start to strangle them which
is pretty darn creepy but people have also seen a dark shadow figure shaped
like a man down this alleyway which suddenly disappears as soon as they look
at it so they reckon that this is that Frederick Bailey demon and it’s kind of
interesting and if Geralyn was around we’ll catch a ghost on camera
all right guys why we’re looking for a good spot to do a sparrow box we might
as well check out some of the street art here I can already see like a Momo type
character speaking of Stranglers this is a sonic
evil looking funny super evil some of the street arts are really really cool
down Jarrod used to love playing Sonic all
the time I think we have just found the creepiest
part of the alley it’s so dark and creepy like that I don’t even want to go
back there but you know we’re going to I do think as well if I was a serial
killer or a serial killer ghost I think I’d definitely be hanging out
here so that’s where we’re gonna try it okay guys I’m probably in the darkest
creepiest part of this alley and we’re gonna try and reach out to the resident
ghosts here who is believed to be Frederick Bailey deeming Jack the Ripper
suspect and I’m gonna be using my spirit box I’m not sure we’ll get any responses
but I mean it’s worth trying we’re here and this place has an interesting dark
history and quite a few ghost sightings so definitely work try might exist specifically I want to talk to Fredrik right dirty you around become place to
me and say hello why are you in this alley why did you come to Melbourne why do you show yourself to people here
in it’s a very what happened to your one or should I
say wives did you hurt them is that why you came to Melbourne did you come here to escape your bones are you trying to River why are you reading people yet why you
trying to strangle people did you murder anyone in my trap in
London do you say anything right birthday you know if you are here
can you come close to me and your sister wife in my hands to speak I’d like to speak to you are here can
you say hello your name a lot of people seem to think that you
want this Ali can you prove to me that you do common speak I used to hit a head do you derive pleasure from that if you are here to hurt people and you
like to strangle men can you come and wrap your hands around the man that’s
the mean you like it just want to say something can you strangle him
the mostest do that what is your wife’s name – was you say to an American fight right you don’t gonna say something
we’re gonna have to go thank you all right so we weren’t really
getting much through that one so I think that we’re going to have to kind of wrap
it up and make it move on to our next want yeah and maybe Frederic really is
in the air or maybe just doesn’t like me who doesn’t want to speak to me or Jared
I guess so Jared’s not happy that I asked the
ghosts to strangle him but I’m sorry there goes just said to only strangle
dudes so I had to try for what is this why were you asking them – because I
want something to happens around my neck or something what is it that about well
the guys the guys in this alley is said to feel icy cold hands wrap around their
throats or their necks and start strangling so I thought maybe it would
like you what can you not make fun I don’t want it strangling me before you
didn’t even believe in this anyway I don’t but if they’re if they are there
I don’t want to strangle me oh come on whatever Jared’s he chose this life what
he all three to marry me get out this place really is cool to check out if you
guys are in Melbourne I highly recommend it okay so I’m actually going to take you
to another haunted location which is just around the corner from this one and
that one actually has a pretty disturbing and scary ghost story
there’s no heaps that I can do this location because it’s a public place
that is quite loud so did the spirit box there’s also a little bit of a homeless
community that lives on this street which is quite sad and I almost feel
like I’m walking through these guys lounge room if that makes sense so I
don’t want to be here too late or make too much noise or be too intrusive to
them so we’re going to head over to the next one yeah I’m excited to tell you
about this one alright guys the young and Jackson pub
and hotel is just across the road from me it’s one of the oldest pubs here in
Melbourne and it is our next haunted destination it’s super loud here though
so think I’m gonna have to switch – voiceover Aimee to tell you this one’s
goes through yon and Jackson sits on a corner in the heart of Melbourne it is
one of the city’s oldest pubs yet it is also thought to be one of the city’s
most haunted places during the late 19th century there were many murders in this
area mostly these were vicious attacks on prostitutes that led to the deaths of
several women ever since and to this day many people have reported to see the
apparition of a woman standing against the lamppost outside of the pub these
reports detailed the woman as being very beautiful and dressed in period clothing
though on closer inspection of the woman she always appears to have her fruit
sticked many people believe her to be the ghost of an unnamed murder victim
from that area alright guys I hope they enjoyed learning about this ones ghost
stories I’m going to go inside because I think we owned a beer thank you guys so much for watching I
hope they enjoyed this episode if you did please remember to Like comment
share and subscribe we’re gonna do more reading on any other haunted places I
visited head to you guys can also follow me @amyscrypt on
Facebook Twitter and Instagram thank you so much for tuning in Cryptkeeper’s
until next time!


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  9. I seem to recall that DNA technology pointed towards a Polish man as being Jack the Ripper. Through a scarf that was left in the bedroom of his last victim in London. Not sure if he was a sailor or what…….

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  15. Is there any history/association as to why he may haunt the alley? The point of his death being nearby doesn’t really roe as to why he’d haunt a random alleyway 🤔 Some stunning visuals with the graffiti! Nice vid 👻👻👻

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  17. I have done a lot of investigation on Jack The Ripper, and one theory is that 'Jack' didn't actually exist, the murders were not one mysterious killer but a group of people. At the time, grave robbing was prominent. The medical profession would pay the equivalent of a weekly wage to anyone who could pass them organs for autopsy, criminals would dig up graves and take bodies to the surgeons who would pay them, however this act was soon stopped by police but surgeons still needed organs for medical training and study, especially female anatomy as this was a field they knew less about (male organs were taken from criminals that were hung) Were surgeons involved in 'the ripper' killings? some theories point to it, even if not directly. The bodies of the women that were found were not fully investigated until they were taken to the morgue and not until the next day, plenty of time to remove organs. By choosing prostitutes for these purposes, it was thought that it these deaths wouldn't cause sensation, but when it did, the murders stopped, the last murder, Mary Kelly was done purposely to throw the police off the scent, her organs were not taken but thrown around the room, her murder was very obviously different to the rest. What do you think?

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  31. Love when you explore the more well know creepy legends of infamous people but also like learning about local histories.Love to u both.❤❤

  32. Another really Great video…Love how you asked the Ripper to come attack your Husband. That was truly funny..Keep up the Great work and always Stay Safe..Thanks again…

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  34. There’s a possible record of some historic ghost sightings of both Jack the Ripper and his second victim Anne Chapman according to the book ‘Jack the Ripper – One Hundred Years of Mystery’ by Peter Underwood (1987) .
    The story as related by a Mr Chapman, (presumably no relation) is that on at least four separate occasions spread over a number of years, he pulled back his curtain to witness a man and a woman disappearing along the passageway of number 29 Hanbury St. Where JTR murdered and mutilated Anne Chapman in the small connecting fenced in backyard of that address, According to Mr Chapman, it was always the same pair of people performing exactly the same actions, with the woman looking rather old and bent as the man, dressed in a heavy topcoat and a tall hat, helped her along the passageway towards the back yard.
    These apparitions would, it seems usually occur in the very early hours of morning during the autumn months.

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  37. I have been on a Jack the Ripper tour in the East End of London, and although much has changed in the area over the decades, it still has a brooding and gloomy feel about the place. If you are ever in the UK, you and your husband should visit and see what you can pick up.

  38. Another journey to Melbourne Australia my child Amy and Jared. God bless 😇 you both always. Keep safe and becareful. Don't forget,,,, you're in JACK THE RIPPERS boundary. Watch out please you and Jared.

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