Coraline (9/10) Movie CLIP – No I’m Not! (2009) HD

Coraline (9/10) Movie CLIP – No I’m Not! (2009) HD

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So.. You’re back, and you brought Vermin with you? [ Worried Meow ] No, I.. I brought a friend. You know I love you.. Hmm. You.. have a very funny way of showing it. So, where are they? The ghost eyes? Hold on.. We aren’t finished yet, are we? No, I suppose not. After all, you still need to find your old parents. Don’t you? Too bad you won’t have..this! [ Fire Whooshing ] [ Fire Whooshing, Other Mother Chuckling ] [ Ghost Eyes Jingling ] Be clever miss! Even if you win, she’ll never let you go! I already know where you’ve hidden them. Hmm. Well, produce them. They’re behind that door! Oh they are, are they? [ Glass Squeaking ] There! [ Glass Squeaking ] Mom.. Dad! [ Other Mother coughing up door key] Go on, open it. They’ll be there all right. You’re wrong, Coraline. They aren’t there… Now, you’re going to stay here forever. NO… I’M… NOT!! [ Cat Yowling ] [ Snippit ]


  1. I have no idea till now why this movie didn't scare me.. maybe I was too naive when I was a kid, and now I realize it was supposed to be scary.. but still even now I don't get terrified, not a bit lol

  2. I still remember that i had nightmare after watching this as a kid , and now i am terrified by just remembering my nightmare dang it!

  3. Teacher:You're going to have extra very more homeworks,forever
    Throws My Schoolbag on teacher

  4. I used to wonder why the Other Mother didn’t lock the door after she thought Coraline had lost. But then I realized she expected Coraline to keep her word.

  5. The question everyone was asking when this came out:


  6. broooo imagine if she got caught on the web for way longer, oml beldam wouldn’t kept her there forever. now that i think about it, it’s so scary.

  7. unpopular opinion: I watched this movie when I was around 10, wasnt scary or creepy then and still isnt.

  8. Coraline is a strange movie for little kids, I mean come on why are they making scary movies like this for kids

  9. A long time ago when I was little and the first time I watch Coraline it was confusing to me 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

  10. I definitely don't think that making a sequel for Coraline is a good idea at all, but a prequel telling the stories of the other children who the Beldam had captured, like Wybie's grandma's sister for example, would be very interesting to watch. Or the origin story of the Beldam and how she started doing all of this in the first place.

  11. Scary how the other mother doesn’t have a real life form, she can make herself look like anything, she doesn’t have a true identity at all, just like Pennywise the clown

  12. My friend and I watched this and even though horror stuff doesnt phase me i still got the chills watching this

    Yep this is definatley a kids movie

  13. I read the book after seein the movie. I like how the movie is subtle with the Other Mother and how she gradually reveals her true form. 🕷

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