Crows Attack the Students – The Birds (6/11) Movie CLIP (1963) HD

Crows Attack the Students – The Birds (6/11) Movie CLIP (1963) HD

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I want you to go
as quietly as possible. Do not make a sound
until I tell you to run. Then run as quickly
as you can. Now, does
everybody understand ? [ Together ]
Yes, Miss Hayworth. All right,John,
you lead the way.[ Loud Fluttering ][ Birds Shrieking ] [ Children Screaming ] [ Cawing ] [ Screaming ] [ Squawking ] Cathy ! Cathy ! [ Crying ]
[ Birds Squawking ][ Honking Horn ][ Clattering,
Squawking ] [ Squawks Fading ]


  1. This scene is even scarier when you consider the fact that the kids are being attacked by the direct descendants of non-avian dinosaurs!

  2. 0:22
    Red: I’ll tell you when to go
    One of the Crows: Got that
    Chuck: For the eggs!
    0:34 (Footsteps)
    Chuck: I’ll save the eggs

  3. How was this movie scary it’s just been a blue screen and it’s just where it’s being tortured and if it’s not birds then I have no idea

  4. One time when I was thirteen years old in the seventh grade in middle school, we had to stay in school all day in one class room instead of going to other class rooms through out the day and we ended up staying in the first class room we would go to and stay in there all day with all the doors and windows closed and locked due to a possible risk of a gas leak in the air or some kind of chemical leak in the air that came from an accident at a chemical plant that was miles away. We even had to eat our lunch in the class room and we couldn't do much all day long except catch up on any homework, make up work or read a book or be taught what the teacher would teach us in that subject when it was time to be in there. We were in there all day and once we were going home at the end of the day, we had to get a wet paper towel to cover our noses and mouths to prevent any possible chemical or gas from getting inside us and causing any possible harm to us. When we got picked up by our parents at the end of the day, we ran for the cars like these kids ran for cover. So seeing this scene reminds me of that day.

  5. Have to watch this movie again. The birds that sit and wait to get fed on the rooftops in the morning aren't as bad as this!. Crows get a bad rep, I feed the jackdaws and they're quite skittish birds but all the corvids have an intelligent look about them but they don't sound as bad as they do in this movie!.

  6. Me And My Friends At School
    Friends: Than god we finished class!
    Me: It's About Time for us to go home.
    Friends: Ok
    Friends: What's Those Black things flying?
    Friends: Falls on ground
    Me: Why The Censor You gotta Fall?!
    Friends: Tries to get up
    Me: Picks up friends
    Friends: Falls Again
    Me: UGGGHH WHY ME???!!!!
    Me: Fights birds
    Friends: Gets Cuts on face
    Me: Tackles birds
    Friends: Kicks birds
    Me: Grabs Gun And Shoots Birds
    This is the Whole story I Made up with me And My friends with crows!

  7. This was such a stupid thing to do! They should've called 911 and taken the kids down to the basement and locked the door! Or called the cops and had them send a big truck to put all the kids in, then drive off!

  8. Honestly snap the neck of each bird attacking you, just one swift movement and boom one down 100 more to go

  9. I dont give a hot toodles what the younger gen say bout this scene. .. 1963. The makers made a damn good job of makin this visually terrifying and the child actors were incredible at their reactions. Yeah im an English girl born in 1972 i watched this when i was prob 6 for the first time and it imprinted on me fear and a love of pure class and talent. Cheers Mr H ?

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  11. It's really fascinating that the cause of these birds attacking these people is not caused by them being covered in seeds like Harry and Marv were

  12. this is one of the scenes that makes u laugh, she tells them to go out quietly next thing all you hear is the thundering of feet.

  13. You'd think they would've waited until they've reached the end of the street before the kids start running. At least get far away enough not to draw loud attention to themselves.

  14. "Good ahhfternoon, Tippi."
    "Oh, Mr. Hitchcock! Where is everybody?"
    "They've gone home."
    "Well are we going to rehearse lines, Mr. Hitchcock?"
    "Not exactly. What I have in mind is an entirely different sort of activity."
    "Oh ok…well maybe we're going to practice blocking?"
    "Not exactly."

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