Daniella & Lilimar Get CHASED 🏚️ in the Haunted House Challenge Pt. 2 | Nick

Daniella & Lilimar Get CHASED 🏚️ in the Haunted House Challenge Pt. 2 | Nick

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[screaming] Ahh, she’s crawling! She’s crawling, she’s crawling,
she’s coming! – Welcome back!
– Welcome back! – I’m Lilimar.
– I’m Daniella. And we are ready! Yeah, we’ve already experienced
a lot of scary things but we’re ready to go back for more. – Go, go, go!
– No, no, no, I can’t! Yeah, we can continue! – We got this.
– Got this. – You got this, let’s go!
– Let’s do it! – Really?
– Yeah, yeah! – No, no!
– Oh, oh! – Whoa!
– No, no, stop! Go, go! I’m smiling so much but I’m terrified! Ahh! – Oh!
– Oh, I hate this! It’s the sound effects,
they really get you! – Oh, oh!
– Hi! Getting scared
is the best part of Halloween, like there’s no better part of Halloween
than just being completely terrified. Er… I don’t trust this,
they all can move! – Can I use this chair as a weapon?
– No, no, Lili, no, go! Oh, no, I’m just gonna walk by! We’re not gonna have– no! We’re not gonna have contact, I said! [screaming] I– no! I hate doors, I really hate doors. Wait, wait, it’s dark, it’s– oh! Ohh, oh! – Go, go!
– No, no! I’m gonna go by it real fast! – No, no, no, no!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! [screaming] What– yo– whoa! I like watching like having
like a horror movie marathon! Oh, yeah, that’s fun. Watching all the like really cool
like classic Halloween movies that I used to watch when I was younger. Ay, dios mio! Oh, you– [laughing] I’m so glad I wore deodorant today! – I’m sweating!
– We were actually– We were actually having a conversation
about deodorant… earlier! [screaming] [laughing] Go, go, go! No, no, no, no, no! Just in time,
I was just about to feed my plants! Go ahead, don’t worry,
they’ll grab onto you! [screaming] Oh, we’re in his shop,
we fell for it! [gasping] – What?
– Somebody just went– no! No, I’m OK, I’m OK! I don’t– no, I don’t like green stuff! I like dressing in all black,
all through October. Um… and yeah, just feeling the vibes
but not exactly being scared. I dunno, I just get so excited,
when it hits like August, I’m ready. – August?
– Yes, I get ready early. [screaming] No, I’m OK, I’m OK, I’m OK! Come on, Lilimar, you got this,
let’s go, let’s go! That thing’s ugly! – No, I’m not looking.
– What is this? – I’m not even gonna look at it.
– Oh… You made me not trust the doors! – No!
– Ahh! [groaning] You should not trust doors! [giggling] You’re right about that! [giggling] Yeah, go, go, go, go! Ah, she’s crawling! She’s crawling, she’s crawling,
she’s coming! Go, go, go, go, go! [screaming] – They’re so loud, I don’t like it.
– This is like really questionable. I can’t see! No, no, no, no, no, no! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Stop, no,
I know there’s something in here! – I know it!
– Go, go, go! [screaming] [screaming] The men in the– the moss stuff,
that was creepy. They had these big things on top of them
but you could see their eyes! He just had like–
I saw one eye and he was like… Moving it back and forth,
I said, “Whoa, girl, how do you do that? One, and you’re creepy, two.” And then I came back and I said, “No!” Are you ready for what’s next? Make sure to comment down below
what was your favorite part. Come back to see all the creepy scares in Nickelodeon’s
Ultimate Haunted House!


  1. I've never got scared on Halloween. Nothing scary has ever happened just hanging out with my cousins and trick or treating

  2. “In Part 2 of “The Haunted House Challenge”, Lilimar, and Daniella Perkins get chased by ghosts who are willing to have their souls torn apart by hatred. All they have is each other to survive.”

  3. ROMINA😉😉😉👍👍👍👏👏👏🎃🎃🐺👋👻💀🔮🏢😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  4. Lilimar “”can I use this chair as a weapon””
    Daniella “”No!!!!!””””
    Me “”YES!!!!!””

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