Dark Corners – Hillbillys in a Haunted House: Review

Dark Corners – Hillbillys in a Haunted House: Review

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Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this
Sick World “We’re on our to Nashville” this week we’re looking at ‘Hillbillies
in a Haunted House’ “Ahroooooo” Somebody request it and I guess we
said yes. “Don’t look too good does it.” Frst things first “Sing him a song Woody, that always relaxes him.” It’s a musical “You’re not afraid are you?” A little apprehensive yeah “Yeah, and I don’t feel too well.” Secondly this isn’t any more of a horror comedy
even Scooby Doo is a horror comedy it’s just a comedy and frankly Scooby
Doo is funnier “One thing for sure something funny about
this house.” Well there’s nothing funny about this film. “and I’m not laughing at all” So why would anyone watch it? “identification card your badge.” Lon Cheney Jr. Basil Rathbone “A ghost, a ghost, a real one.” and John Carradine “They seem throughrly frightened.” Three horror icons all in one place and although they clearly only showed up
the paycheck and will probably rather be anywhere else “from the moment we began this project” they do succeed in making the film intermittently bearable “The torture wheel, the rack” — Laughs — “And the Iron Maiden.” Cheney does get a chance to use Iron Maiden later… but unfortunately he should have ordered
one with the largest cup size “help. Help HELP” The plot follows two country-western
singers and ththeir manager “You entertainers?”
“Yes Sir.” “They are entertainers.” They’re introduced during a police
shootout That’s all the Blues Brothers can expect
in the midwest “Hey, that’s clever huh.” Stuck for a place to stay the night they try an old abandoned mansion “Hurry up, that rain is
gonna be coming down any minute” But… I”I forgot to tell them it’s haunted.” But is it? “Did you hear something?” “Move the ghost a little closer” Yes our three horror stars plus a vaguely
racist stereotype “We ave ways of making people talk” have set up fake ghosts to keep people away from the mansion, so they can use it as a base for their spy opperation. “We’re after an organization
whose sole purpose is “espionage and counterespionag” Well that sounds selfdefeating. “Yeah that’s right.” The singers stumble across this operation and safe the day. Pausing every now and then for a clumsly signposted song. “What proof do you have that you’re an entertainer?” “My guitar.” and that’s the problem. “I feel like we are audtioning an act.” I’m not having a go at country and western, the problem will be the same regardless of genre. but when a song starts, the story stops “Anyone to pick a job that doesn’t make
entertainers.” Now, in some ways this is a course a
tremendous relief and doesn’t least give and does at least give you a break from the feeble attempts at humor — thunder — But a musical only works if the songs
contribute to the storytelling there’s just no need for them, — Singing — “Gowns, gowns beatiful gowns.” or indeed for the singer’s because a good
spy turn up half way through and he’s the one who does all the work there’s no known reason for these people
to be there. “This is kinda fun you know.” it’s just about crowbaring in more songs “We’re on our way to a swinging Jamboree” “Yeah!” And nowhere is this more true than at
the end, which is simultaneously the best and worst thing about the film “What? What?” The story ends just over an hour in the last 15 minutes of the film is a
concert which doesn’t even make mention it anything that’s gone before
its top secret “It’s top secret, no comment” Now this is a course is a level of
filmmaking incompetence the beggars belief but, from a viewers point of view the
good news is it means you can switch off 15 minutes
early. I wish I had. “Is he sleeping or is he hypnotised?” One more thing, please do keep sending us your suggestions of films you want us review but have a heart, I have to watch these things. “Oh no.” If you’ve got a film you’d like us review, leave a comment below. Click here to subscribe here to see more reviews or, If you’d like to take your chance in the Dark Corners Mystery Box or Death click down there. “Oh it was just wonderful.”


  1.      Apparently, this movie must have been based on the "success" of the "trailblazing" THE PHANTOM EMPIRE a 1935 film serial combining the western, musical, and science fiction genres.  The serial was edited down into a movie by the same name in 1940.  Keep reading.  I did not make this series and movie up.
          Please note that the idea for the plot came to writer Wallace McDonald when he was under gas having a tooth extracted (see citation in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Phantom_Empire .   Maybe Rinoa Super-Genius came up with an idea also during his tooth extraction experience. THE PHANTOM EMPIRE Serial: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq3qds_3i7OExxudlXqymOe-ehNeJNb99  
         The Hillbilly movie can still be rescued. Take the scenes with the good horror actors, eliminate the singers and their parts, and shoot a new story around the good horror actor scenes.  I think Ed Wood would have used this approach.

  2. i sat through every minute of this film yes it was bad, and there was  a lot of singing.just not in the rain.  get it?   any way i rented it so it had to be watched even the last  15  min

  3. Here are a few suggestions for you.  I looked through all the films I have ever rated on IMDB, and searched for bad films that would both fit your criteria, and haven't been reviewed to death by others.  They are a bit more modern (nothing before 1981).  Also, don't worry none of these films are truly ungodly to sit through, just stupid.  Enjoy.

    Galaxy of Terror (1981)
    Forbidden World (1982)
    The Being (1983)  
    Night Shadows (1984)
    Blue Monkey (1987)  
    The Brain (1988)
    Playroom (1989)
    The Dead Pit (1989)
    Demon Wind (1990)
    The Boneyard (1991)

  4. Oddly, had this been a MUPPETS Halloween* Special, most of this nonsense would have been perfectly acceptable!*Or All Hallow's Eve, if you're more European

  5. The Blue Brothers joke falls flat when one knows that Chicago (home of BB) is in the State is Illinois, y'know… in the MidWest. Psst… and Nashville isn't the MidWest, either, but the South.

  6. I saw this with 2 other losers in our downtown theater.I made the mistake of seeing all of it,which is why I've been seeing a psychiatrist ever since.

  7. Jed Clampett looking out dar window: "Owwww Doggie. Granny! It looks likin' we got Hillbilly Folk come a vistin' to our house. Best be puttin' up more viddals.
    Granny: Okay Jed. and I made up a fresh batch of my Moonshine. I mean my special tonic. That outta put a fire in their bellies.
    Jethro: "Hey Uncle Jed. Can we have a how down right here in the foyer. Dah yah think they be bringing any big busted babes with 'em?"
    Ellie Mae: "Geeee Pahh. Can I bring my critters to dah party. I'll go en fetch them. They is over by the Ceee ment Pond."

  8. For a moment I thought the beautiful blonde might be actress Pat Priest from The Munsters since the movie features other character actors. What a tragic tragic shame that with three monster icon actors that this film was shite not even recognized as the typical B movie and not even comparable to the wild Teen movies of Frankie and Annette. I wish it had been a Frankie and Annette movie then it would have had more 60's fun. John Carridane always looked just old in everything I have seen him in. I did not, not like him at all as Dracula, maybe as Dracula's grandfather instead.
    Basil Rathbone: "Anyone can play a guitar. That does not make them entertainers."
    …………….. you got that right. Anyone can be in a movie but it does not make them a good actor neither.

  9. It's actually funny. Just roll with it. Ferlin Husky and Don Bowman were both talented singers while Joi Lansing was sexy and a capable singer. Go, Boots.

  10. So they mixed the 60s Munsters/Adams Family craze with that ever popular Beverly Hillbillys/Green Acres/Pettycoat Junction/Grand Ol Opry craze.

    …well, at least they got it out of their system

  11. Ugh…Poor Basil Rathbone. He was probably thinking "Twenty years ago I received a Tony nomination for my performance in 'The Heiress' on Broadway. And now…this."

  12. Yeah, when something isn't actually horror the potential for the badness of it to have redeeming qualities plummets.

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