Darna Zaroori Hai Full Hindi Horror Movie | Amitab Bachchan | Mallika Sherawat | Bipasha Basu

Darna Zaroori Hai Full Hindi Horror Movie | Amitab Bachchan | Mallika Sherawat | Bipasha Basu

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Aunty, let those who
want to leaVe, leaVe. You continue reciting the stories. You are right. What to do about the eVening? I don’t think that we will be
able to take Chintu. Tell me. You come here. What are you doing?
– What else! I am making good use
of Sunday afternoon. Chintu is outside. You make pretexts in the afternoons. And you go to sleep early at night. I get tired at night.
– I get tired at night. Go and see who has come. Nothing. He will ring for a
while and then he will go away. Coming! Male elephant wears the bell bottom. Female elephant wears maxi. We haVe come out in the open
street searching for a cab. Chintu! What are you doing!
Go to your room. No, its okay. He is a kid.
I like playing with kids. But who are you? Vishwas Talegaonkar?
– Yes. I am Prabhakar Pundit. Come.
– Thank you. HaVe a seat. Tell me. Tell me, how can I help you? It feels good to know
that you belieVe in helping. How can I help you?
– We will help each other. By insuring your life, I
will help your family. And you will help me in this. Greetings. Can I get water, Bhabhi-ji?
– Yes. Thank you. Bhabhi-ji is nice.
– Yes. Thank you. Sir, I will take only 3
minutes 35 seconds of yours. And your life will be
filled with happiness. And you will giVe a
Valuable gift to your family. Look, haVe you come to sell something? No, sir. This is not so.
– We want to rest. Sir, anything can
happen in life anytime. Life is risky. You are aliVe today.
Tomorrow you might not be. What rubbish!
– What are you saying? No, no, Bhabhi-ji. This is the truth. By the way, who are you? Sir, that is what I am saying.
Please listen to me. I am not saying that eVery
person who leaVes the house.. .. there is no
guarantee that he will return. But you can’t predict accidents. In short, life is risky. But the thing to ponder upon is that.. .. the things that we ignore in life.. .. those are the
greatest truths of our liVes. Meaning safety. But people ignore it
and later they cry. Like safety products sell
the least in our country. Because it is not
important that they will.. .. need this product for
the rest of their liVes. For example. Mummy!
– Look at this! Listen!
– Relax, sir! Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Sir, you didn’t haVe
fire extinguisher, did you? Are you mad! Enough of jesting!
You leaVe now! No, no! I am not its salesman!
– You please go. Sir, I haVe not come
to take something. I haVe come to giVe you something. Just the last line. And you will
come to know the Value of life. Accidents are neVer predicted, sir. Accidents are neVer predicted. Yes. So?
– Life can’t be trusted. But one thing can be trusted.
Life insurance. So you are an insurance agent?
– Yes, sir. Look, we don’t want any policy. Sir, sir, I will giVe you a policy. And I will help you to giVe a
Valuable gift to your family. And by taking this policy, you
will help me to finish my target. Am I right, Bhabhi-ji? Hey! You leaVe! Get up! LeaVe! LeaVe! LeaVe!
– One minute, sir. No, you go.
– Bhabhi-ji, he has any policy? No. – I don’t haVe a
policy and I don’t want one. Is it compulsory!
– Yes. No, am I right? A person dies and later on
the family has to endure. Bhabhi-ji, explain to him.
– Listen.. You sit quietly. You go! LeaVe!
– One minute, sir. I am leaVing. Let me take the bag.
– Yes. What I was saying.
– LeaVe. Thank you! Thank you! You are not listening to me. You.. Who is it?
– Who is it? Hello?
– Who is it? I don’t know. Nobody’s there. I guess, someone just
rang the bell and ran away. Wait! Did you ring the bell before this? No, sir. I had gone down
and it started raining. So, I realized that I haVe
forgotten my umbrella out here. Why? Did anyone ring
the bell before this? Yes. And when we saw,
nobody was outside. See! Sir, I told you before. Life is risky.
Accidents are neVer predicted. Like this one. Somebody rings the bell. And then gets into your
house to estimate you. And then theft, loot
and murder in your house! Sir?
– What! Insurance should be done. Here he goes with his rubbish again. Go, please go.
– Sir? Sir! Sir, I’m leaVing but what
about the person whose outside? Why? Who is there outside? How am I supposed to know? I
haVen’t called him, right? That is why I’m saying
that there should be a policy. Because there are
Various sources to death! Look, sir! Why did you get afraid? I’m just giVing an example. I’m not any kind of a
thief or a dacoit, sir. I was just showing
you this as an example. And I was saying that these
are Various sources to death. I haVe loads of stuff, sir. Poison. Rope. Dagger. All these are sources of death, sir. Don’t think that you are safe at home. Death can come here as well! A man comes home on
a Sunday afternoon. And suggests you to take a policy. Who knows you are all right? What will you do? You can’t do anything about it. Because accidents don’t
inform before they happen. You’Ve really turned serious! I’m sorry, sorry. Sorry! And these objects? Don’t be afraid of this. See, this is a dagger. Hello? You got scared! There’s nothing to worry about. Look, this is a dagger with a spring. Look at it. This was just to make you realize. That death can come nearer in moments. Sir, there’s nothing you
can trust in this world. But there’s one thing
one can trust upon, sir. Life insurance. That is why I’m
requesting you to take the policy. Please leaVe from here. Go. Get out! Please, sir. I don’t want to make
my future protectiVe! I don’t want a policy. Why don’t you want a policy! Will my life get secured or yours? How do you go to office? By train? HaVe you seen the
massiVe crowd in the trains! One traVels by hanging
on two fingers. Like this! Where are the legs,
hands nobody knows! One gets down from behind
and the other falls down! Why don’t you understand what.. .. I’m trying to make you understand! That, accidents do not
inform you before they happen! Yes, yes, I know. I
don’t haVe to learn from you. You please leaVe from here. I’m trying to make the
future of your family secure. And you don’t eVen haVe the
humanity to offer me a glass of water. My throat has dried up while
explaining you again and again. What kind of a man are you! I don’t want to secure my future. And eVen if I take a policy someday. I wouldn’t take it from
a fighter cock like you! I’m not a fighter cock! You’re a fighter
cock and irritating too. LeaVe or I’ll call the police.
I’m warning you! Please, please do not call the police. I apologize to you, sir. Please take a policy from me, sir. Sir, my job wouldn’t be at stake. Sir, I’m begging you, sir! Stop all this nonsense.
– Please, sir! You’Ve driVen me crazy! Please go away from here.
– Think about Bhabhi. Think about your daughter. Let it be, please.
– You moVe back. A fighter cock like him
should be thrown down from aboVe! What! What did you say! See..
– I’m not a fighter a cock! I’m not a fighter a cock! I’Ve been blabbering
since a long time. And thinking for the
benefit of your family. And you’re counter
attacking me yourself! A guest is like God. I haVen’t eaten
anything since yesterday. Bananas are kept there.
But you didn’t eVen offer me! That kid has been eating them
and I’m just staring at her! If you wish, you haVe
the bananas. I’ll get.. I’ll get something for you.. Accidents are neVer predicted. Life is risky. Oh God! Why hasn’t Rohan come yet? See, here comes Rohan. Should we go ahead with
the fourth story? – Yes. Grandmother, one minute. Can I haVe some water please? There’s an urn on the
right side downstairs, dear. Downstairs? Aunty? Story number 4? I’Ve got tired by speaking so much. Didn’t you get tired by listening? Okay then. As you wish for. Now, I’ll tell you the story about.. .. the film director, Karan Chopra. One beautifuI girI is standing
on the highway asking for a lift. NormaI kind of a girI. NormaI talks. But those poor men don’t know
what is behind that pretty face. Suddenly, her Voice changes. Turns heaVier. HeaVy Voice. As if someone else is speaking. And then she turns her face. And we see a face of a ghost! Let me go for an
extreme tight close up. That’s what I call an idea. Hitchcock, Kapola, Cuberick. All haVe explored
the subject of horror. What is the need of
making a horror film, sir? ‘Kabhi Apne Kabhi Paraye’ is ahead. It has done a phenomenaI
business in U.P. and Bihar. Family audience is
crazy behind this moVie! Chopra, I’m tired of
making such family films. I’m a filmmaker. I can make a
film on any kind of subject! Let’s explore. Right, Dharma? Yes, sir. As it is the news has
been spread in the market. That Karan Chopra is
making a horror film.. .. after three super hit family films. Various girls haVe
already started calling. And harassing us. EVeryone knows that the main
character belongs to a girI. Dharma? Dharma, listen to me. Till I finish writing the
climax portion of the film. I do not want to dilute
my energy anywhere else. And I don’t eVen want to meet anybody. Okay?
– Okay, sir. Till I come back from Khandala. Get a nice girI short listed. Sure! Yeah! Well, I’m driVing at the moment. And I’ll be out of
Mumbai for fiVe days. I’ll see you when I come back. Okay? Excuse me. My car
has been broken down. And I wanted to go to Khandala. And there’s no Taxi nearby. Okay, okay ma’am. Nowadays one liner’s are in fashion! You want a lift, come
and sit into the car. What happened? Wow! You’re Karan Chopra! Are you asking me or telling me? Of course, telling you. I don’t belieVe this. I mean,
I know you Very well. I mean, I know you are.. I’Ve seen you Various times. And I..
– Are you going to sit in the car! Sorry. Thank you. Thanks to all this 24/7 channels. They want spice. And we also get a
chance to get popular. By the way, I’m interested in
you more than any other hero. I mean your films. I’m not flattering you but I’m
really a Very big fan of yours. I don’t eVen miss one film of yours. You won’t belieVe it. Sometimes I’Ve seen them
completely for nine times! And four times in the theatre. I loVe.. I loVed that film. It seems that you
haVen’t seen my new film.. .. ‘Kabhi Apne Kabhi Paraye’. Or probably you didn’t like it. Nowadays, people are
just talking about that. People liVe in the present. And It seems that you liVe
a liVe a lot in the past. I liVe only in the past.
I don’t haVe any present. I haVen’t seen
‘Kabhi Apne Kabhi Paraye’. Just a while ago you were saying
that you’re a big fan of mine. I wanted to see it. And I had booked the
ticket in adVance too. Look at this. But before the film released..
well, forget it. Are you going to
Khandala to search a location? I’m going there to
write about my new film. Wow! LoVe triangle? No. I’m thinking to do
something different this time. Why?
– What why! EVerybody is doing
something different. So I thought what sin haVe I done? I should also do something different. Here. What different are you thinking about? Horror film. Horror film? Do you belieVe in ghosts? Not at all. Why
should I belieVe in them? They aren’t going to come
and watch my film, are they? And eVen if they do, they
wouldn’t buy the ticket, right? Still you’re making a film on ghosts? I don’t belieVe in true loVe either. But I haVe earned a
lot by making films.. .. on those subjects. This car, a bungalow in Khandala. Just a while ago you
said you’Ve seen it 9 times. Probably one tire of this
car is giVen by you only! Very funny. By the way what
title haVe you kept for the film? I haVen’t thought much about it. But the working title ‘Bhootni’
or ‘ChudaiI’ is also in option. By the way, do you belieVe in ghosts? Do you get afraid of them? I belieVe in ghosts. I haVe no choice. But I’m not afraid of them. That’s quite wrong, ma’am. It is necessary to get scared a bit. Or else it wouldn’t be fun, right? By the way, what’s
the story of your film? The story is that a
beautifuI girI who is a ghost. Takes lifts from men who
are alone on the highway. And then kills them, brutally. This seems to be my story!
– What? Yes. My death took place here itself. In this tunneI itself. Exactly 15 days ago. And since then this series started. Taking lifts from alone men. And then killing them. Brutally! Relax! I was just kidding. Well, I know. As it is, ghosts aren’t so gorgeous. Tell me one thing, you
haVe your story with you. Then why are you
heading towards Khandala? I’m not able to
achieVe the story’s end. I’m going there to write that only. You’ll receiVe your end
when you reach Khandala. I’m sure. Here you go, ma’am. Khandala is here. Tell me, where should I drop you? By the way, my
bungalow is quite nearby. If you want, you can rest for a while. Tea. Coffee. You know what I mean. Thanks I don’t mind, really! I knew that you wouldn’t mind it. SerVant!
– Sir! Listen. Take madam’s
bag and take it upstairs. It’s okay. And is there anything to eat at home? Sir, I’ll haVe to make something. Okay. Go to the
market and get something. But it’ll take some time. Yes, no problem. Take it easy. It’s nice. Yeah. Nice and quiet. I do all my writing here only. Where’s the toilet? Go straight and then right. That way. Don’t be afraid, ma’am. It keeps happening out here. It’ll come back in a while. I told you that I’m not afraid, right? And as it is, I like darkness more. What will anybody take from me? I’Ve already lost my life. You started with that again. It seems like you took me jokingly. That I’m a ghost. What do you think? That I’m
going to take this seriously? Come on, paI. Don’t bore me. I asked you for lift by saying
that my car has broken down. But was there any car out there? I wanted to reach Khandala soon. I was in a hurry. I reached Khandala
and I’m here with you. And it’s getting late in the night. Neither hurry nor any fear. Which kind of girI can do this? Look, you. I don’t know who you are. But I gaVe you a lift to help you. One girI who’s car is spoilt
in the middle of the road. And you don’t haVe any
worries to drop her home? You got her to your place. Sent the watchman outside too? What do you think of me? Look, I didn’t haVe
any such intentions. I’ll drop you whereVer you want to go. Once someone gaVe me a
lift exactly like this. And he acted fresh with me in the car. When I couldn’t do it. He
threw me out of the car. Left me alone to die. And I died with great torment. But I didn’t turn immortaI. I was roaming there
itself by waiting for him. Taking lifts from
Various people in his search. Then I realized that
he was not the only one. But you all are alike! That is why I killed each one of you. EVerything will happen
as it always did happen. Taking lifts and then killing them. Now, the second part of
your story will appear. You were finding the
climax for your story, right? The ending of this story
will be with your ending. With your death. Sir! Sir! I’m not any ghost, sir! I’m a normaI girI, sir. Look at this, sir. I’m a normaI girI. Sir, please sir. I had got a call from your
staff for auditions, sir. ‘Till I come back from Khandala. ‘ ‘Get a nice girI short listed. ‘ Anybody there outside? I’m not any ghost, sir. I was actually scaring you, sir. Please sir, don’t get scared, sir. Please speak up, sir. Anybody there? Watchman! Aditi, you missed it. It was a good story. Good she missed it! Or else, she
would’Ve been really scared. What scared! I went downstairs alone. Do you haVe the guts to do that? Excuse me? I was about
to go down before you did. Grandmother, I’ll just go
down and haVe some water. I don’t know what
she thinks of herself. Be carefuI.
– Yes, grandmother. Lights are off? Oh no! EVen that went by? Saw that? She came back, right! Aunty, continue with
the stories please? We listen to stories
with our ears, right? How does it matter if it’s dark!
You continue with the stories. The next story is of Ajay Doshi. ‘On Red FM 92. But thank you Aniket. ‘ ‘He asked for this song. ‘ ‘EVen you ask for your songs till 12.’ ‘That means you still
haVe one more hour to go. ‘ ‘By the way, Katrina has
said about Boom that.. ‘ Hi, dear. Yeah of course. I’m on my way. I’m still driVing. Well, that’s not in my hands, baby. Too good. Yeah. Of course not. I’m
not drinking at all. Yup! What? Hey! Are you okay? Can’t you listen to me? I’m talking to you. What are you doing
standing in between of the road? Don’t you understand that
you shouldn’t do all this? Why did you do it? Tell me, why you did it! What? What did I do, sir? You say, what I haVe done! What haVe I done? Tell me! What was your enmity with him?
– Who? How did I get here,
sir? How did I get here? Stop this charade and
tell me why did you do it?! What haVe I done, sir? You ask me what you haVe done! You think that you can
escape after committing a murder! Murder? I? You.. what.. That girI!
– What! Where did that girI go?
– Who? Sir, highway.. in the rain.. No! I will listen to your
drama about the girI tomorrow. But..
– GirI on the highway. But, sir! I.. I.. did not do anything! Sir, I did not do anything! HaVe you met a girI on the highway? What are you saying, sir? What are you saying! You didn’t meet a girI or you didn’t.. .. meet a girI on the highway? You can think whateVer you want, sir. If there is anything..
– Then I will call you, sir. Don’t call me. I am going to attend
‘Dandiya’ function with my family. Yes, sir. Come on. Okay. Check its air. We will do it. They are our kids and
you are their mother. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Daniya.
– Come in. I will hang up now. Come. Here. Hey!
– Hey! What haVe you done!
What haVe you done! Hey! Hey! LeaVe him! Tell me! What.. Why did you do it! Tell me! Sit here!
– Don’t spare him! – Hey! Sit here! How had my son harmed you!
– What is this? Why! Why! Calm down! Calm down! What happened? I am there. Enough. Where is your husband? He is in Pune. Was your son married?
– Yes. Where is his wife?
– She.. Now what do I tell you! She eloped with somebody else. Characterless woman!
She was trapping my son! What was the need.. You are Iying! You are Iying! Forgot my screams, mother? I used to call you mother. WeaVing so many dreams,
I entered your house. What had I done to you all? I implored so much to you. You took no pity on me! You burnt me. ‘No!’ ‘Mother, don’t do this!
Don’t do this!’ ‘Mother!’ I was screaming in my agony. And you.. you were watching the show. It was a good show, wasn’t it? When I slowly cut your
son into small pieces.. .. then eVen he suffered a lot. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Why are you killing me? Why?’ ‘No! No! Don’t kill me!’ I wish.. I wish.. you were there. Since so many days I
was searching for a body. This man was passing from there. I clasped to his body. What is this? These are
old tricks of lawyers. Murderer is mentally unstable.
Say this in the court. And they escape from the noose. Don’t I know this? It is eVery day’s.. What! I am not Ajay. I am Sandhya. What rubbish is this man talking! Sandhya? Fine. I agree that you are
not Ajay. You are Sandhya-ji. Greetings, Sandhya-ji. Greetings. But explain to us mad people that.. .. how will your lawyer
proVe in the court.. .. that this murder was
committed by Sandhya-ji, not Ajay? Who will be called in the witness box? Ajay or Sandhya-ji’s spirit? How will he say it?
How will he say it? Sandhya’s spirit enter!
Sandhya’s spirit enter! Sandhya’s spirit enter! Mother. Now how will this
inspector’s lawyer proVe it? That.. not inspector.. but
Sandhya’s spirit has killed her. How will he say it? Sandhya’s spirit enter! You don’t be scared. The pistoI is in his hand.
And your hands are tied. Now let us see.. how he doesn’t agree. That not you, but I had
committed the first murder. Let’s see how he doesn’t agree. He will agree. This.. this.. No, no. I.. You were going to Pune,
weren’t you? Hurry up. His father is still aliVe.
You don’t worry. Now I will clasp to somebody else. Just escort me to Pune. I am tired. Thank God,
all the stories are oVer. See this, grandma. Ashu is
still not afraid. Am I right, Ashu? No matter how
frightening the story is.. .. it is not important to be scared. Fine, you won. And I lose. But aunty, you haVe
recited only 5 stories. 1 story is still left. Dear, you haVe heard 6 stories, not 5. How come? Try to recollect. No, I am sure. You haVe
recited only 5 stories. Dear, I haVe already
recited the scariest story.. .. downstairs near the door. What story is this? It is my and Sukhia’s story. Your and Sukhia’s story.
Aunty, I don’t understand. Aunty, the rain has stopped.
We should make a moVe. We haVe not eVen informed sir. Are you afraid of your sir? I told you, I am not
afraid of anybody. Why is this not opening!
Open the door! Open the door! Open the door! I had not locked it! Open it!
Who is it! I had not locked it! Open the door! Open the door! Open the door! Don’t be scared,
dear. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. Are you the caretaker of
this bungalow? – Yes, sir. Who resides in this bungalow? Sir, the bungalow is
Vacant since many years. Vacant?
– Yes, sir. My old ma’am used to
reside here once upon a time. So where does she reside now? Sir.. she passed away long time back. But.. how did she die? Sir.. once she had
sent me to bring medicine. But by the time I returned..
she was dead. And her children..
don’t they reside here? No, sir. She had none. She was fond of children.
– Thank you, boss.


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