Dasa Tirigindi Telugu Full Movie | Sada, Sivaji | Sri Balaji Video

Dasa Tirigindi Telugu Full Movie | Sada, Sivaji | Sri Balaji Video

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You, who buried me here, will
become mad and roam in this place. Your daughter will
get me out from here. You cannot destroy me. You cannot. You are not capable. ‘After 20 years’ Excuse me! Do you know
where the stone bungalow is? What is this? Why isn’t anyone in
this village answering me? What is the matter? Should I ask him or not? Walk half kilometer ahead.
You will reach a tea stall. Turn left from there.
You will reach graveyard. That is the stone bungalow
that you are searching for. No one answered me
when I asked them the way. He told me before I ask him. Don’t know what’s all this. This bungalow is closed
since twenty years. What is in here that everyone
is scared of this place? He is also finished. Okay, sir! Okay. Yes, superb! I can get their dates just
by uttering your name, sir. Okay. He is completely out of his mind. He don’t even have
a story line but.. ..wants to take Ram
Chanran’s dates to act in it. Cut! Hey! Is it okay? Completely okay, sir. Hey, crane down! Pack up! Sir! – Where is the
production manager? He is at the car, sir. Hey, you switch off the generator. Hey, Bala! Coming, sir. Did you fix location for tomorrow? Actually that was a little
bit difficult. But I’ll manage. What will you manage?
You are damaging the dates. Actually..
– I don’t want to listen anything. I want the location to
be finalized in an hour. Go now. Okay, sir. You go. I will bring the
location photos to your house. What is this? Hey! Give me! – What should I give? You know that. Stop it. Try to understand. Please leave me. I am fasting today. You are torturing
me with your worships. Do I have a chance
at least on Sunday? Daddy! Hi, my child! I was looking for you. I think you put on
some wait these days. What is this?
I told you not to eat chocolates. Throw it away. Wait, mom! I cannot throw it since
my miss gave me this to eat. Is today her birthday? No. I showed her my drawing. She said it is very
nice and gave me this. Is it? Show me. This is our house.
– Yes. – This is you. – Okay. And this is me. Where am I? Oh, mommy!
You will be in the worshipping room. How can I draw you here?
– You naughty girl! You are looking a little
bit healthy these days. I mean beautiful. Are you serving them the
food that remained after you ate.. ..or eating what they left
after finishing their meal? – Idiot! Where is sir? In the kitchen. Kitchen?! What is he doing there? Lighting bonfire to burn you alive. She is arrogant.
Should be careful with her. What is it, manager? It’s okay, sit down. Did you feel bad that I
shouted at you in the location? I don’t mind such things, sir. What’s the news? You can know it by watching TV, sir. I mean, there was a traffic
jam while coming here. – I see. I pressed horn and even shouted,
but all in vain. Everyone is seems
to be dumb and deaf. That is what I too was worried. I start off from the house
peacefully in the morning. My mood goes off as
soon as I reach the road. I think you came here
for story discussion. Why don’t you start? Here, I brought some photos. Have a look. Here, confirm this house.
This is really nice. Why are you shocked? Didn’t you get permission
for this building? The person who gave me this
photo said that it is haunted house. Really? – Yes. It’s alright.
Perfect for our concept. Take it. Take that house. Do you have some coffee? This is not the time
to have coffee, sir. Oh, I forgot.
You’ll have a drink at this time. But you don’t get it in my house.
You can go. Do you want me to get this building? Yes, confirm that. Haunted house! Your fate
is going to change for sure! What are you thinking about? Do I look strange to you? But I behave strange
in some matters. You can go. I know. Why would you
chose that building otherwise? Look for a tea stall. There is one ahead, sir.
Little bit ahead. Okay, stop there then. Yes, sir. We will. Hey, stop the bus. Come on, everyone. ‘I keep on following you..’ Give us some water. Hey, move! This look like new brand, sir.
– Yes, it is. I brought it from our last location. If I drink local brand,
it will smell. And our director sir
speaks sitting face to face. With this, no person talking
to me will know that I am drunk. Wonderful, sir. – Keep
it with you carefully. – Okay. You look dull, writer. Person who holds the
camera gets the name but.. ..not the one who wrote the script. You speak well even
when you are sad. It has been long since we heard
your poetry. Give us one, please. Get one cigarette!
– And also one tea. Hey, serve tea for all of us. Cigarette! – And one cigarette. He is over acting.
– Good boy! Here, take this. Come on, start. I am just a bamboo till yesterday.
– Superb, boss. Just bamboo? – You are
just a makeup man. Bamboo stick. When you looked at me,
I was transformed into a flute. Wow! Wonderful poetry! Superb! Why don’t you try to
say something spicy and hot.. ..with babes in the poetry
that will shake our hearts? He always wants something
else than what you say. Don’t bother about him. What are you telling him? The poetry that he said was superb! I am in the industry
for forty years. I know make-up and
also audience back-up. What do you know? What is this spice and
hot thing you are talking about? It might have forgotten
them long back. Where are you going
in this bus, sir? We are going to
shoot a cinema nearby. Oh, you are movie people? Where is the shooting, sir? We heard that there is a bungalow
if we go straight from here. Shooting is in that building. What?! Are you going there?!
Do you know anything about it? Why? – Is it a place where
famous pictures are shot to know? What is he saying? – Poor fellow! No, but it is a haunted house. Oh, no! People around here are terrorized
to go near that building. People just know the stories
but no one dares to go in. Two or three people dared
to go in but they never returned. You had my tea, so I am warning you. Forget about the picture
that you want to shoot.. ..it is better that you
think of your lives first. You will not come back
alive if you go there. What is he saying?
– About the ghosts, uncle. Hello? Yes, we are coming. Come on,
manager Bala Srinu is calling us. What is this?
We came here for a film shoot.. ..but this fellow already
showed us complete movie. Here, take your money. Why don’t you say anything? Why did they become silent
on hearing about ghosts? Hey, I feel like we are going
to graveyard and not for shooting. Just look at that bungalow. It is a graveyard, uncle. Waiting eagerly to swallow
anyone who comes near it. Hey, writer! Do you think that
building is a girl to write poetry? Idiot! I cannot
tolerate this tension. Get me off this bus. Okay, go! Director will finish you. But that ghost will
kill me if I don’t. Why are you tensed?
I am speaking here. What do you want to say?
Didn’t you hear the story? If we enter the building
then only blood comes out of mouth.. ..and no words. Hey, you are scared and
trying to scare all of us. I think the director
knew about this place already. He is such a sadist
that he fixed shooting here. He will. What does he lose? He has chosen that building
for shooting to kill all of us. Yes, that is movie title
and not director’s name. Hey, where is everyone? Here they are. This is the building.
– I heard that it is haunted. Shut up! – Don’t know about
the ghosts but building is nice. Let us ask him the details. All of you have rooms
at the back of the building. We didn’t get last movie money. Hey, PC! What are you doing there? Let us fix for shoot inside.
Come on. Shiva sir! – Hi, Bharat! Director sir asked me to
tell you that first shot is yours. Continuation of swimming pool shot. Okay, so same costume. Yes, it is.
– Okay. Thank you. I will explain the shot later.
– Okay, alright. Thank you. Hey! Hey, we have to get ready.
There is no one here. You go. I want to take some rest. If you sleep like that, then I.. Hey, move. Hey, Please!
– No! – Just once! Please! Just once! – No, please! I will also see! After the scene,
my buddy will be waiting downstairs. Then I will come to you. Excuse me, sir. Yes, Bharat! I want to explain the scene once,
sir. – Yes, tell me. You doubt your lover’s
character and kill her. After killing her you start repenting
about what you did in anger. Okay. But your lover whom you killed
becomes a ghost and hunts you. You try a lot to escape from her. Okay! Okay! This is the situation.
– Excellent! Excellent, Bharat!
Let us do this. Ready! Give me the scene paper. I will call you when the shot
is ready. Here is the scene paper. Thank you! Everything is ready. PC! Are you ready? Ready, sir! Crane up! Up! Hey, open the lock! Trolley back! Hey, push it properly. Can’t you do this properly? Please..
for.. for.. forgive me.. dear.. For.. for.. forgive me.. Hey, Pandu!
Do you learn dialog like this? Forgive me. It is not important
how I learn the dialog. What matters is whether
it is perfect or not. Yes, that’s it. Just a moment. Priya! Forgive me. Priya! Don’t kill me.
Don’t kill me, Priya! I agree that I did a mistake.
I am sorry. Cut! Hey, what is this? Moving hands is not action. You should keep the
story line in your mind. Here the matter is that you
misunderstood her and killed her. You realized your mistake later. But what is happening now? You are feeling that she became
a ghost and trying to kill you. There isn’t any ghost there.
Just a feeling. Did you understand?
– Yes, sir. You should show the fear
in your eyes. – Okay, sir. Ready?! Hey, PC! Are you ready? Yes. Ready, sir! Crane up! Up! Open it. Action! Priya! Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. I agree that I did a mistake.
I am sorry. I am extremely sorry, Priya. I will never do this again.
Please forgive me. Please leave me! Priya! Please! Cut! What’s up, Pandu?
How was the dialog? Don’t talk about the dialog. What happened? No matter how I say,
everyone tries to find faults. He cannot sleep peacefully
unless he taunts me in public. Oh! Damn! Don’t be disappointed. See that there comes a day when
all your efforts become fruitful. Are you sure? Really! Would my fate
smiles at me as you said? Do you think that
I would become a hero? Definitely you will.
I trust your ability. Believe me!
Don’t get upset like this. Kittu! I want you
to promise me something. What is it? I cannot live without you. Promise me that you will
be with me all your life. I am always yours. I love you, Kittu! – I too love you. I will never miss you in my life. I love you so much. Madam, hold this. Your face looks okay.
Why did he ask for a touch up? Makeup-man!
Bring some hair on to her face. Yes, I did. On the right too. Yes, I did it. A little bit more.
Cover entire face. Okay. This side too.
Cover the entire face. Totally. Tell me something. I worked hard for an
hour to do this make-up. I prepared a ghost
in this haunted house. Director of photography,
take the picture properly. Start sound! Rolling! Action! What’s it? Nothing! Nothing! It is better to take a drink
and be silent than telling him. All lights. Little forward!
Sorry, back! Back! Properly! I am telling wrong,
why do you do wrong? Action! Why isn’t she coming out? On lights! Why did the heroine fall like that? She was scared and blood
is coming out of her mouth. Blood feast has started. What does that mean? You cannot understand
that by looking with your eyes. I just saw it from this third eye. That fellow brought
us to shoot a horror movie. But that ghost is directing
another movie to show us. Do you mean to say
that a ghost did all this? Uncle! Ghosts do not announce
everything like we do. They directly show us the movie. Is this a coincidence
or a work of ghost? Shut up! I am still confused with his words. Stop saying your feeling now. If we try to understand
this ghost character in detail.. I pray to you. You just keep silent.
Come on, let us go. I am very thirsty. Do you want me to get some water? No, I need a drink. Just a moment. Here! Why is it less? I had some out of fear. I think you just
left a little for me. Just a little? Idiot! Hey, PC! Yes, director sir! He is calling. He always thinks about you. I am coming. Hey, I am the one who should
be tensed if liquor prices rise. Why do you look so tensed? My pulse rate is increasing. I am scared thinking who
among us is going to die first. When death is coming for sure.. ..why do you bother
about first and last? Master! I have a small doubt.
Shall I ask? Last doubt! Okay, ask me. People kill for money.
Ghosts don’t need money. Why do they kill people then? To have fun. Hey! – Sir! What is this meeting about? Just counting and not meeting, sir. I mean, that heroine fell like
that with blood coming out of mouth. So what? We think that all this
happened since we came here. You don’t understand
our problem, sir. I feel like death is
standing in front of me, sir. Don’t you feel anything, sir? I feel like digging a pit here. Do you want to shoot
from a low angle, sir? No, to put you in it. Hey, check the focus! Focus is here and not there, master. All lights! – Burning! – Okay. Take! Take! Hey! – Sir? Did you finish?
– Over, sir. Why are you looking as if
someone has stolen your script? I wrote this scene devotedly.
But he didn’t care to have a look. These directors are
a little bit showoff people. They try to show
their supremacy to us. Why did he ask for us then? Go and ask him that. He will be finished. Did you finish? Sir! See how tall he is! The scene is you misunderstood
your lover. – Okay. And then killed her. Okay, sir. After that you came to
know that she is innocent. Now the twist is that she became
a ghost and trying to kill you. Okay. You should plead to her that
you are sorry for your mistake. This is the scene. Okay? Yes! I will say the dialog once.
Watch me. – Okay, sir. She is standing there. Priya! Please forgive me. I made a mistake.
I am sorry for what I did. I misunderstood you thinking
that what I saw was true. I killed you with my hands, Priya. What I did was wrong.
Please forgive me. Please leave me. This should be the feel.
– Okay, sir. – Okay? Ready! Writer! What if he
didn’t read your lines? Why did you open
your mouth like that? He was saying exactly
the dialogs I wrote, sir. But you said that
he didn’t read them. That is what I didn’t understand. He said exactly the
dialogs I wrote here. How did he do that, sir?
I really wonder. Does he have this talent too? He has every talent in him. He understands everything
except my troubles. Scene, take one! Action! Priya! Please forgive me, Priya. I made a mistake.
I am sorry for what I did. I misunderstood you thinking
that what I saw was true. I killed you..
I killed with my hands, Priya. Okay. She is perfect. Hey, make-up! Get the girl ready. Kittu! Kittu! Where is she? Where is she?
Why is she standing in the dark? Kittu! No! Leave! Kittu! Kittu! Where is she? Kittu! Kittu! At this time? I just saw her. Where is she? Kittu! Hey, Pandu! Where are you? You.. where are you? Where else I would be? Inside. Come here, my darling! I am standing behind this building. Did you come here just a while back? I didn’t. Fool! Come inside quickly. I am coming. Stay there. Ready! Clap in! Start sound! Action! You feel tensed for everything. I am tired a bit.
I’ll take bath and come. Okay, baby. Carry on! This is confusing. I don’t understand anything. Why are you here? Why are you here? What do you mean by that? Who was with me till now if not you? Am I with you? – O God! Didn’t I tell you that
I am going for a bath? Please, this is not fun. You were with me till now. What happened to you? You are speaking strangely. How should I.. just now you.. What happened to you, Pandu? You look disturbed since a while. Actually, just a while ago..
you and me.. our clothes.. Aren’t you really with
me just a while back? How many times should I tell you? Okay. Relax! Relax! Calm down, baby! Did you come? I have to go, urgent. Please give her company.
I am coming. Why did you take such a risk, Bujji? Why didn’t you take some rest? No. This character is my life. My soul will not rest
in peace unless I finish this. ‘No. This character is my life.’ ‘My soul will not rest
in peace unless I finish this.’ What is this? What’s happening? Pack up! No! We shouldn’t stay here anymore. No matter what the director
say or the producer. We shouldn’t stay here. What kind of a film is this? Listen! Silence! Why are you shouting
without knowing the matter? We cannot stay here thinking
about what’s happening. Already heroine is out. Hey, come on. All of you
come with me. – Yes, come on. Hey, listen to me. Hey! Just wait!
– We won’t wait! Hey, sound! Hey, please stop all of you. Wait! Uncle! Didn’t you hear what she said? Yes, we did. So what? She said that her soul
will not rest in peace.. ..unless her character is finished. If we do not go and
finish the scene urgently.. ..then she will chase
us and then kills all of us. Why should we fear about her? Hey! What is this?
Why you all are gathered here? We are discussing
about the shot, sir. Shot should be inside and not here.
– That’s what I said. Come on. Let us go and discuss this inside. It is our bad luck. Come inside. Let’s go. My next movie’s title
will be four foot from death. Why is he taking us inside again? Ready? No! Where is she? Hey, PC! Go inside and
look for the girl. – Sir! Girl! Hey, go and see! Who will assist you if I go? Ask the writer to go. Go! Who will handle the trolley if I go?
Send the photo! Hey, sound! Go and have a look. No way! Who will do this if I go? Your pay will be
cut if you don’t go. Let it be. Send this photo. Why don’t you? Hey, go and have a look. Go! Go now. Stop shooting. Who appointed him
as assistant director? Alas! Oh, no! What happened? What’s going on? What is it? Oh, no! – What happened to lights?
Lights on! Join the cable!
Switch on the set light! Not on my face.
Show it to the field. Are you trying to
kill us with this movie? Priya! Come, this side. Wonderful acting!
– Acting?! Yes. Entire concept of
this shooting is based on this. By the way,
he is the cameraman and not you. They aren’t the artists but you are. Yes. Did that tea stall owner tell
you that this is a haunted house? Yes, he did. From that moment to this,
all this is my planning. What about the smoke? My arrangement. What about those opening doors? My set-up! Why did you play
with us like this, sir? I have used your fear and not you. Why? Why not? You don’t know what fear
is till you reach the tea stall. Yes. You started to fear after
he spoke about the ghosts. – Yes. That means your fear is
the ghost and ghost is your fear. That is the concept
of this movie. – Oh! Did you understand? Go and take rest. Pack up! What a man is he? You and your action! You acted better than him. What took you so
long to open the door? Had I knew that it is you,
I would never open the door. Her arrogance is
increasing everyday. Come quickly in the evening.
Let us go to a movie. Good morning, sir!
Good morning, madam. Good morning, manager.
– Good morning. What is the matter? What did you find? I have enquired
about that house, sir. But I didn’t find anything, sir. I spoke to the registrar. He said he’ll check
with the documents. I’ll take care about
the other things. But.. But?! Don’t think that I am saying
the same thing repeatedly.. ..people call it haunted
house since there are ghosts in it. What is this, manager? Didn’t
you forget that ghosts matter? Generally people die
in the house or on streets. Would anyone go to
the graveyard and die? After death.. They will be taken to graveyard. Have some tea. Why should we take
that haunted house? What are you saying, Gauri?
Are you crazy? Why do you too speak like him? There is nothing there. I don’t know. It is true, Gauri. Don’t be tensed. Everything will be fine there.
Trust me. Mommy! I think Chinnu is calling you. Go. Okay. Bala! This God and devil is a trash. There are only two things
in this world. Good and bad. Think good as God and bad as devil. Go and confirm the house deal. Okay? Okay, sir. He too is a puzzle
like his direction. Here, cook! Cook madam!
I am going. Close the doors. Dogs might come inside otherwise. You get out first. How dare she asks me to get out! She is eating my brain. Hello, are there any ghosts? My dear! My dear! What is this bad omen? Why did it die on my car! This is bad omen and that
too while shifting the house, madam. You shut your mouth. When our car is running at 70kmph,
if a crow hits it.. ..then it is sure to die.
There is nothing to fear, Gauri. Nothing! Nothing! Don’t worry. Hey, go away. Ranga! Take him away.
– Okay, sir. Hey, come on! Come on! Gauri! He is a madman. He always roams around here. When we came for
shooting last time.. ..he kept on disturbing us.
Don’t worry, Gauri. My dear! Hey, stop scaring her. Go away. Take him away. Quick! Come on! What is this? What is this? Why do so many crows live here? This is dining hall
and that is kitchen. Do you like it? Come. This is our bedroom. Today is Thursday. Oh! Did you like it? Okay? Come on. The house is very nice. Hey, what happened? I heard the swing sound, sir. It makes sound if it swings. But it is making
a lot of noise, sir. Did that disturb your sleep? Why didn’t you put a drop of oil? You don’t know that. Go and sleep. Everyone tried to
point out something. What is this? Hey, madman!
What are you doing here? Are you the one swinging till now? He talks like a fool
and you behave like a lunatic. Both of you are torturing me.
Go away from here. Go. Go! Go away! Move! Go away! Go! Why did all madmen assemble here? No! My dear! Gauri! What happened? My dear! There.. – What? – There.. Where? What is there? There is something there. There is nothing there.
– I saw it. There is nothing.
Might be your dream. Nothing. Come on, sleep! Sleep! Sleep! Nothing! Just a dream, Gauri! My dear! – Sleep now. I saw something.
There is something there. I saw it. What are you doing, sir? What? This door is troubling me. I am trying all the keys,
but it is not opening. You like to eat fried rice.
Don’t you? If you stop eating in excess,
then your tummy will reduce.. ..and your brain will develop.
Give them to me. This cannot be done by you.
Call a carpenter. Okay, sir. – Smile! You will know only if you
try to do and not by just watching. Where am I going
to get a carpenter now? Chinnu! Chinnu! Chinnu! Come here! Don’t you want to play with me? Chinnu! Come, Chinnu! Come to me. Come and play with me. I have brought a
lot of toys for you. Come, Chinnu! This side. I am here, Chinnu! I am here, Chinnu! I am here, Chinnu! What might be hidden in this box? Why were so many sacred
threads rapped around it? Why were these shells kept here? Mommy! Doll! Doll?! It’s alright. Come on, let us go. Chinnu! You go and play.
I’ll be back in a moment. What is this? I hear someone’s cry. Who? Gauri! I am coming, my dear! I am tired. What is it, dear?
You appear to be dull. Actually.. Forget about all those things. You always doubt everything. Here, see! What papers are these? Our house papers. What happened? I don’t know.
I don’t understand a thing. From the moment we came to
this house, I have this bad feeling. I am not able to understand
or think about anything. I feel confused about everything. Listen to me, honey!
There is nothing to fear here. This bungalow is
closed for 20 years. That is why you are feeling
that there is something here. But there is nothing here. This house is very good one. Don’t get tensed.
Just sleep peacefully. Okay. – Take these papers. Take care! Gauri! What are you doing here? I heard some sound inside. Sound?! – Yes. Did you hear that? What is this? I am serious
and you think this is some joke. No one is inside. Nothing. No. I heard someone calling me. Believe me. Since this is lonely place,
you hear strange sounds. You don’t get tensed
and don’t make me tensed. Okay? Come on. Okay! Hi, baby! What are you doing? I am doing my home work, daddy. You are doing home work so
that you may come first in class. Good! Good! Would that door gets open or not? What are you looking at, my child? I am seeing whether that
door is going to open and close.. ..automatically again. What do you mean?
That door doesn’t open. It’s true, daddy.
That door opened and I went down. Mommy came behind me. You can ask mother if you want. Gauri! Is what Chinnu said true? No. That door didn’t
open and I didn’t go there. Are you trying to fool dad? Why isn’t this door opening now? Why doesn’t daddy believe me? Gauri! I am getting late. Hurry up! Not for me. Our girl! Sir! I brought the carpenter. Oh, bring him here so that
he too will have breakfast! Idiot! Go and get that door opened. Why do you come here? Okay, sir. Isn’t this fellow strange? He shouts at me if I tell
him or not about anything. Even we tried to
unlock it like that. If you have brains
find a way to open it. I have to check
this to find the way. Do whatever you want
but open this door. Hey, Yadagiri! There, he calls again. You try to open it.
I will be back in a moment. There is no use. Let me check!
I’ll put the plug here. Now I will do testing. With this rod the
door will surely open. Yes, this is correct. That baldy made so much
fuss about an opened door. He advised me to
put my head into it. Okay, I will do that. Let him come.
I will teach him a lesson. Hey, did you open it? Yes, work is finished. You are wonderful person. Come on, I will get you your money. You have to pay me a lot. Come on. Come. – Let’s go.
– You are wonderful. Let’s go. What are you doing? I am playing the pencil game, daddy. See, I keep this pencil here.. Did you see how it went?
Isn’t this wonderful? Yes. Should I show you another game? What game is that? Ball game. Watch now. This is wonderful, daddy. Yes. Your pencil or the ball,
do you know why they roll there? Because floor is slope that side.
This is science. Where is your mommy? Don’t you know? Okay, come on. Let us find her. Chinnu! Are you ready? I am ready. You were late. Yes, I am. Some times
I won’t understand myself. Sir! – What is it? He opened it. Give him money. – Okay, sir. Daddy! I heard that you
are making a ghost movie. Yes, my child. ‘If the sky becomes a girl,
it will look like you..’ Rangamma! – Yes, madam? Wash these clothes
after you finish this. Okay, madam. If your husband gifts you anklets,
what is the need.. ..to roam around the
house at night wearing them? What are you saying, madam? I lost the hope of getting
any gifts from him.. ..on the third day of marriage. He took away the anklets
I already have and sold them. See my legs if you want. But you moved here and there
in the house sounding anklets. How strange!
I thought that it was you. How strange is this?! Then who was making
that sound at night? Why is Chinnu’s doll here? Chinnu! She was here just now. What is this confusion?
I don’t understand anything. What’s happening here? Everything looks strange here. Rangi! – Yes, madam? Did you clean outside? Yes, I did. Tell Yadagiri to change
he water in the swimming pool. Okay. Madam! What is it, Rangi? Last night you shouted loudly.
What happened? Nothing.
I had a nightmare. That’s all. Go on with your chores.
– Okay. ‘I never heard her saying
that she had a nightmare.’ ‘That too such a one
that she shouted loudly.’ ‘I don’t understand this.’ I can give you a couple of blows. But I cannot do that by phone. So I will come there and do it.
Hang up! I am coming there, fool. Are you going?
– Gauri! I am going out. I will be late tonight. You and
child have your dinner and sleep. Okay? – Okay. – Bye! Hey, what are you doing? Nothing, sir!
Last night madam had a bad dream. When I went to the priest,
he told me to tie this. That is why I am tying it here. Would madam stop
shouting if you tie this? Why don’t you speak? Hey, throw these things away. If you do such things again,
I will tie you to this door. Go now. What is it, Gauri?
Didn’t you like this house? Shall we vacate it?
I am seriously asking you. We will shift from here. Okay? You go inside. Bye! Chinnu! No. You are seeing, mommy.
You are seeing. Okay! Okay! Sorry! Sorry! Close your eyes. Okay, go. There you are. You opened your eyes. Okay, I won’t see now. Go. Chinnu! Where are you? Where is she hiding? Chinnu! Chinnu! Chinnu! Are you hiding down here? Chinnu! Chinnu! Chinnu! Chinnu! Chinnu! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! There is no use of telling you. I want to talk to your master.
– Please go away, sir. Please listen to me. Listen
to me first. – No, sir! Please! Nothing will happen to you.
Call your master. Don’t worry. Hey! Hey! Listen to me, sir. Hey, why are you shouting? Don’t you have time sense? Is this a time to beg? What are you doing? Send him away. Don’t get angry.
I came here to stop the chaos. You are thinking that
you bought a nice building. But this is a place
where evil spirits live. Oh! They are eagerly
waiting to kill you. Listen to me and leave this place. Do you want me to believe
in your nonsense.. ..and runaway from
here with my family? Hey, What are you waiting for? Listen to me, my child. People will laugh at
you if you say such things. What is the need
to discuss with him? Send him away. Immediately. Listen.. – Go away! – Wait! Please go. Go away from here. At least you try to tell your sir. Tell him to leave this house. How are you feeling now, Gauri? Gauri! I think she is taking a bath. Gauri! Why are you
taking bath for this long? Ten people can finish
their bath in this time. Rangamma! – Yes, sir? Where is your mistress? Don’t know, sir.
I didn’t see her since morning. Go and see where she is. Okay. Where did she go? Where is she?
I searched the entire house. Is she down here? Madam! Where are you? This place is dark and fearsome. Madam! Alas! How strange this is! Why am I so scared? Madam! She is not here. Madam! Are you here? Sir and I were searching
all over for you. Madam! What are you doing here? Madam! Madam! What happened? Sir! There madam.. What happened to her? Madam! Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Why are you sitting here? Aren’t you feeling normal? Come on. Why did you shout like that? You and your husband
are behaving strangely. Better that you reduce that. Gauri! Wait! Why are you standing like that? Bring some water. Okay, sir. Why are you shivering?
Are you feeling cold? No, sir. Gauri! Take the tablet. What is it? Why are you
staring me as if I am a ghost? Nothing, madam! Nothing at all. Nothing, madam. Hey, what happened?
Why did you shout like that? I think I am going
to die out of fear. What do you mean? Yes. I saw madam in the cellar. I went there to call her.
She was sitting there. She looked at me as if
some spirit has taken over her. Don’t speak like that. If there is some spirit it might
takeover me or sir but not madam. Don’t you know how much
worships she perform each day? Rangamma! Rangamma! – O God! Madam is calling you. Go! I am really scared. I won’t go. You go inside if you want to. Why are you so scared? That is why I told you not
to watch those serials at night. I will go and find out.
You go away from here. Go now. Where are they? Rangamma! Rangamma! Rangamma! Where did she go? He.. He is.. Hey, madman!
Don’t you have any other work? Why are you roaming here? Go away. Where is Yadagiri? I came here in search of him. “Enjoy!” “Enjoy!” Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Chinnu! Are you here? Chinnu! What happened? Uncle! Mommy..
– What happened to mommy? I am scared when I
looked at mommy, uncle. Sis-in-law!
What is this? Why did you scare her? She is a little child. I didn’t scare her. She saw those pictures
and got scared. What is this, dear?
Are you afraid of pictures? Come! No, uncle. Mommy really scared me. There is a cellar
door in mom’s bedroom. It gets open automatically everyday. Mommy and I went downstairs. But when daddy asked her,
she lied to him that she didn’t go. That door opens daily
and mom lies daily. Okay, you go inside.
I will talk to your mom. No! Yadagiri! Rangamma! Oh, no! Brother! Brother! Sis-in-law! Sis-in-law! Brother! Brother! Hey, when did you come? Come with me. – What happened? You just come with me. I saw dead body in the cellar. There, come with me. Who was it and what are you saying? Yadagiri and Rangamma!
I saw their dead bodies. They were here.
I saw them lying here, brother. Exactly here.. Where are they? Come on, show me. No, they were here. I saw the dead bodies of
Yadagiri and Rangamma just here. There was blood all around. Where are they then? Brother, I swear!
They were here just a while ago. Blood was everywhere.
Please believe me, brother. If so, then where are they now? It’s true, brother.
Please believe me. I will break your head, idiot.
Why don’t you listen? Come on! Brother! Please believe me. I told you to come out. Trust me! I really saw them. Shut up and come with me. Hey, brother!
I am happy that you are here. But don’t try to scare
your sis-in-law and the child.. ..talking nonsense like this. Do you understand? Remember that. Come on. Hey! What are you doing here? Brother! You be careful.
Take care of your daughter. Take care of sis-in-law. Did you come here to tell me this? What is the time now?
It’s 12 o’clock. Go and sleep now. Listen to me. I told you to go and sleep. Go! Who is calling so early? Hello! What?! We do not understand whether
this is a murder or accident. Do you have any idea? I don’t, sir. Someone called us this morning
informing about the accident. How did this happen, sir? What are you doing here? I am asking her to come
but she isn’t coming out. Who? – Chinnu! Where is she? – Here.. She was here till now. Didn’t I tell you
that they won’t come? They won’t come, dear. They are asleep. Okay, come on. Daddy! Today’s pencil game was nice. Have a look. Science! This too is science! Is this science too? There is no God or evil! The fear inside us is the evil. All this is just an illusion. Then who am I, you fool? This body is mine.
Do you think there are no ghosts? Do you think there are no ghosts? Hey, do you think
there are no ghosts? I have waited long for this moment.. ..when I will kill
you with my hands. You have to die in my hands someday. Hey, look at me. I made you come here
so that I can kill you. I will stay in this body and I
will not spare anyone in this house. I will kill all of you.
I will scare you all to death. I was buried in ground for
20 years because of that saint. All these years I waited
to obtain this body. Now I will take my revenge. I will destroy everything. I will see who will
come to your rescue! Who is going to
save you from me now? I will kill all of you.
I will scare you all to death. I will destroy that saint,
who wished to save this world.. ..and also his entire family. No one is capable
of destroying me. No one! Greetings, sir! If you tried to listen
to what I was telling that day.. ..you wouldn’t have faced this day. Your wife is suffering
for your mistake. But there is something
that you don’t know. You didn’t come here on your own.
It made you come here. What actually happened is.. This happened twenty years back. There was a great magician.
He fought with an evil spirit.. ..that was troubling
the people of a village.. ..and became successful
in trapping it in a black pot. He worked hard and
traveled a long distance.. ..found a lonely place
and buried it there. Then that spirit said.. You, who buried me here, will
become mad and roam in this place. Your daughter will
get me out from here. You cannot destroy me. You cannot. You are not capable. After a few years real estate
business man named Tiwari.. ..built this stone bungalow on that
place where that evil is buried. Four days after he
entered that house.. ..his wife and servant
died in a suspicious manner. Then Kalikeswar came there and.. Tiwari! The biggest mistake of
your life is building this bungalow. You built it far from
the village to stay peacefully. But this will destroy
you and your family. What?! By building this house here.. ..did I invite destruction
to me and my family? I don’t understand anything, swami. Hail, Kali! Hail goddess Kali! Tiwari! Forty feet below my hand,
a dangerous evil was buried. That is the reason
behind these deaths. You stay outside till I come out. Tiwari! – Swami? – Close the doors. Okay, sir. Many years after that you
bought this stone bungalow.. Swami! It made you come
here with your family. To intimate you about its presence,
on the way.. But many times you were
warned by him so that.. ..you are safe and out of danger. This madman is the person
who buried that evil. He was that great magician. But that evil spirit used
its spells from underground. At that time it killed your
servants and also your brother. It used its spell on your
daughter and made her come to it. But the Goddess’s locket
in your daughter’s neck.. ..prevented it to
go anywhere near her. That evil used its powers and
made your wife Gauri come to it.. ..and then taken control
over her body completely. Thus it made her release
it from the burial. I hope now you understood
whose daughter your wife is. The spirits of the people
killed by that evil tried a lot.. ..to prevent your wife from
going there and releasing it. Please tell me a way
to save my wife. Please! Normal human cannot achieve this. Only the heavenly grace
can make you achieve this feat. My student, who possess
the power to invite good souls.. ..will do the penance
and make them fight the evil. But there is something
you have to do. Hail Goddess Kalika!
Hail Goddess Kalika! Om! Om! Hail Goddess Kalika! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Kalika! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Kalika! Hail Goddess Kalika! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Hail Goddess Bhadrakali! Stop laughing. Get up and get ready. No need to tell that.
Go and do your work. My dear! Please wake up. What is it? Are you listening? Today is Thursday. So what? What do you mean by so what? We have to go to Baba’s temple. You.. How dare you.. Did you see how she
is telling your dialogues? Not only the God, you should
think about your husband also.


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