Dayz SA Gameplay Story EP 1 – Alone and Hunted

Dayz SA Gameplay Story EP 1 – Alone and Hunted

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The die had been cast. I was able to meet
up with tutt in a small village west of where all this began, only to find ourselves in
a more precarious position then we had been before. Out most immediate need was food,
and while eating alone does not require much nutrients; feeding two hungry stomachs will
prove to be a daunting task. After establishing ourselves as a two man
crew we made quick work of the small town where we currently presided in before setting
off on our new mission. Upon reaching the woods I felt a strong sense of relief. Far
from town, ment far from the zombies that roamed the empty streets, the tree cast strong
shadows providing us with abundant amounts of concealments. The world had changed and
so had I. The town where now the wilderness and the woods my new home. While the woods
provided a temporary safe haven where we could relax and strategize, our focus quickly turned
back to our despriet need for food. We would stick to the woods running off our
reserves before re-approaching the town Electro from the north. With tutts guidance we located
high value buildings where we would score valuable treasures. As we moved through the town we quickly found
ourselves armed and dangerous. Through a violent fury of ferocious melee combat we conquered
the local zombie population. However zombies would soon turn to be the least of our worries. Unbenounced to us we had stumbled across a
haunted house. Within this house lay a dimension stuck between the world as we
know it and a vast nothingness. We were imprisoned between invisible walls with no way out. As
this evil house taunted us with food while we slowly withered away. Trapped and hungry
the clock was ticking, we had to escape, there was simply no other option! After surviving the haunted house our spirits
where high. Topping off our water supplies at the local well we planned our next move.
We knew that we had gathered a decent amount of gear and acquired small amount of food.
We figured it was enough to hold us over till morning, so our next mission was
to find shelter. Tutt knew of
a place called Rog due north of electro. He
quickly warned me that this place was dangerous, however would provide excellent shelter from
the cold night and a defensible position if we could take the main tower. Arriving at Rog with our senses sharp and
our weapons were
at the ready. All seemed quiet from
the outside so we swiftly made our move on the main tower. Throughout the night we can conquered great
trials that could have crushed a lesser team. It was time for some much needed rest. Tomorrow we
shall travel by daylight.


  1. After 4 hours of editing I got the next Episode Done! YES It may be even better then the first. Look for it in the next 48 hours. @murfgubben majs @NaturalGaming @sly13141 @cotie depree @SneekingGamer @Yaser Matrook @TheDivineNemisis 

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