DEADPOOL 2 Official Teaser Trailer (2018) Ryan Reynolds, Stan Lee Marvel Movie HD

DEADPOOL 2 Official Teaser Trailer (2018) Ryan Reynolds, Stan Lee Marvel Movie HD

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*Music Playing* *Distant Fighting* “Do you want to end up dead?” “Oh please don’t hurt me!” “Not on my watch mother-fucker.” *John Williams’ “Superman” Theme Music* *Constant fighting and arguing in alley* *Still fighting and arguing in alley* *Deadpool taking his sweet ass time to help* *Still arguing and fighting. This robber has lots of free time.* *While you’re waiting, go see LOGAN. It’s fucking awesome!* *We’re still hoping Keira Knightley wins the role as Cable. How dope would that be?* *Making a phone call…seriously Wade?* *Fighting and arguing in alley continues* *GUN SHOT* “Okay, okay okay…here we go.” Stan Lee: “Wow..nice suit!” “Zip it Stan Lee!” *John Parr – St. Elmo’s Fire Music* *Record screech* “Oh Jesus.” “Oh that’s not good.” “No no no.” “Oh you’re not gonna walk that one off. That’s so gross.” *Exhales* “I am so sorry.” “You know I spent way too long in the phone booth.” “If I’m being honest with myself, I should have just called 911.” “Well…. “…none of that matters now.” “Cause I think we’re both missing the real point here.” *Hans Zimmer’s “True Romance” Music Theme* “The fuck is a phone booth doing in a street corner?” “Didn’t those disappear in ’98?” “Suppose I could have just used my cell.” “Ohhh… “Cherry Garcia ice cream.” “You gonna eat this?” “Don’t answer now.” “Just rest.” *Exhales* “Actually I made a call. It was to the costumer.” “He usually helps me put the suit on.” “I don’t know how the other guys do it so quickly.” “You probably wouldn’t be dead if it was Logan.” “What does he have to change into? *Laughs* “The guy wears a fucking tank-top and a pair of jeans.” “Yeah.” *Australian accent* “Like to get my tank-top on.” *Australian accent* “Bit of perspiration. Have a nice little crime-fighting spree. Yeah. ” *Australian accent* “Happy Hug-A-Koala Day!”


  1. This is it folks! The trailer that was secretly released in front of #Logan in North America is finally online and with an extra added bonus of STAN LEE! #Deadpool2

  2. Just acquired 7 volumes of cable and deadpool, deadpool vs marvel universe, deadpool deadhead redemption, the hardback deadpool merc with a mouth/head trip and deadpool pulp issue 1, lol I'm already swamped with that gigantic marvel zombies zombnibus, but I must finish that before headtrip, need to finish the cable and deadpool before deadpool 2 comes out too.

  3. Incompetant bumbling wicked detestable selfish witless bafoon what an embarrassment & all you fools who accept this "hero" shame on you YOU deserve this

  4. motto of this movie is to kill everyone who stands between the path of "Deadpool-2" and that villain in black suit just to spare his life to show that "Deadpool-2" is better than them !!! that's f-cked up!!! hahahahaha!!!!

  5. Saw it – eh…
    Not near as good as the first.
    Tons of Easter eggs, more Easter eggs than story actually. I wouldn't see it again like I did the first.

  6. Deadpool 2 Marvel filimlerini hep iyi oluyor ama hayatımda bukadar pislik seslendirilmiş bukadar kötü anlatılmaz derece kötü bir filim görmedim 15 dakika sonra çıktım adam yaklaşmayın taşaklarınızı yakarım diyorya hay sikeyim diyor bu ne abi ya verdiğim parada haram zıkkım olsun birde sinema puanı yüksek buna puan veren gerizekalılarıda merak ediyorum

  7. This is why u shouldn’t complain about being old and wanting to go back to your childhood, I freaking hate being 13 now I just wanna watch this movie

  8. How can be Deadpool, a stupid, moron, a romantic and lovely man at the same time…
    What the truth of the matter?

  9. tll brian he don't got the power, and numbers isn't it.  or get his kids.  or what. he is an inscescent winerlike his old man…but this is deathsville, these have reason…and the kids??

  10. What Garbage! Full of political B.S. and gay sexually innuendos, I almost puked when I saw the hairy underarms of the black chic lol sure went downhill from the 1st one!

  11. So they made light of pedophilia? Child rape? I spent from ages 9 to 16 being introduced to sick men that liked boy's. The icing on the fucking cake? I got beat up at home enough to be removed from my home and put into the arms of those fucks. I didn't hate the movie, I hated the dismissive attitude towards childhood abuse. I may not be an active victim anymore, but my whole life is fucked nonetheless. Fuck all of you that hurt children

  12. That's an Airlight Outdoor Telephone Booth manufactured exclusively for AT&T in the late 1950's. It is kind of pathetic that I know this.

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