Dinosaur Dracula Fun Pack- May 2015 – Summer Fun! Unboxing by Bin’s Toy Bin

Dinosaur Dracula Fun Pack- May 2015 – Summer Fun! Unboxing by Bin’s Toy Bin

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>>Jon: This is from 1980>>Bin: Are you going to open it? (Gasps) [Intro Music]>>Jon: Hi everyone it’s Jon
>>Bin: And Bin>>Jon: Summer is almost here. It’s practically
here. Feels like it!>>Bin: It’s here. Just go with it. It’s summer
time>>Jon: It’s May 2015
>>Bin: And it is Dinosaur Dracula time!>>Jon: The May 2015 Dino Drac Box. We love
unboxing these>>Bin: Yes. They are so much fun.>>Jon: Okay Bin, how about you open it up.
Without further ado let’s see what’s in the box this month.
>>Bin: Okay.>>Jon: As always we try to avoid spoilers
so, it’s as much a surprise to us as it is to you guys.>>Bin: And I want to thank Matt this time
because, on his Instagram he did not post any spoilers. So I appreciate that. (Laughs)
Okay. We have our stickers.>>Jon: Looks like you have a snack right on
the top.>>Bin: I have a snack! Good thing, cause I’m
getting hungry. Nacho Twisters. Nacho cheese flavored corn
chips. Yum!>>Jon: You’re going to share those right?
>>Bin: No.>>Jon: They have the tissue paper you like
so much.>>Bin: Oh, I love the tissue paper.>>Jon: Oh we have a Dino Drac mystery bag.>>Bin: Inside a few things of debatable value
that just may brighten your day. He included a blind bag! (Laughs)>>Jon: Let’s see who we got first. We have
a little ninja.>>Bin: A little ninja! Do you see that? Awe!>>Jon: We have a pack of Star Ship Trooper
cards. We got a pack of those a couple months ago.
>>Bin: We did. Blueprints of the future.>>Jon: Oh, what’s this?
>>Bin: Apollo thirteen mission pog milk caps.>>Jon: Oh we got to open those.
>>Bin: Oh yea, we will. Anything else in there?
>>Jon: Yep>>Bin: Alf! ‘My earth family doesn’t understand
me Doctor’. Not surprised Alf.>>Bin: Oh! We have the beetle’s mini beast
book.>>Jon: We have a Dino Drac sticker.
>>Bin: Yay!>>Jon: And this little Squishy, is that a
ring? What is that?>>Bin: Throw it to me.
Ah-ha! I got him. It’s like a little splat hand. So our little ninja. Let’s take that out.
No maybe we won’t.>>Jon: Is he stuck in his egg?
>>Bin: He’s stuck in his egg. (Laughs) You can see him though. Okay, you want to open up the Star Ship Troopers
or the Apollo 13 pog?>>Jon: Well, I’m more excited to see the Apollo
13 pogs. I never knew these ever existed. I never knew there was Apollo 13 anything.
So we will open up the Star Ship Troopers real quick. The light is reflecting over these glossy
cards like crazy. Behind the scenes. See before we had behind
the scenes extras on DVD’s, you had to rely on trading cards.
>>Bin: Yep. Back in the day. (Laughs)>>Jon: And last but not least another behind
the scenes, look at that thing.>>Bin: Ugh.
Okay. Pogs!>>Jon: Oh!
>>Bin: Wow! Shiny! That’s like a quarter. A big quarter.
>>Jon: It’s like the big pog you throw at the little pogs. Does anyone out there still have pogs?
>>Bin: I’m sure they do. I don’t even know how to play. How do you
play? I’ve never played. All right, what’s next?>>Jon: I can’t believe there’s more.>>Bin: Oh, this is in bubble wrap. It must
be important. G.I Joe!
This is Cobra.>>Jon: So we have this Cobra Commander figure
and I guess it was specially packed for Pepsodent.>>Bin: Well you got to get kids to brush their
teeth somehow. (Laughs)>>Jon: For some reason I always associate
Pepsodent with like ‘Grandma’ toothpaste.>>Bin: Well maybe it is but grandparents like
G.I Joe too and they need to be told to brush their teeth just as much as kids.
This is from 2002.>>Jon: Oh we have a drink to go with your
nacho twisters.>>Bin: Oh cool
>>Jon: We have Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid.>>Bin: Oooh.
>>Jon: That’s an old school flavor that they brought back recently.
>>Bin: Yea! It’s still good. November 2016>>Jon: More cards. We have Nasty Tricks. ‘Fool
your friends’ I wonder what this is.>>Bin: Don’t be fooling me. Does it have the yummy gum?
Oh, it’s all in one piece! Wow! I dare you! I double dog dare you!>>Jon: Copyright 1990.
So the gum is how many years old?>>Bin: Twenty-five years old.>>Jon: So these are stickers that you can
put on things. This says dirty book. There’s a bloody ear, and eyeball and bug.
More bugs. I guess you can put these on your eyes, make
it look like your awake.>>Bin: Yea. What’s that? ‘Who ya gonna call? Pest control! And you
get rid of annoying people!’>>Jon: Then there’s PTA the Pay Toilet Attendant.
I guess these are fake business cards you can hand out.
>>Bin: Yes.>>Jon: Video game addict hotline.
Grape Stompers. Here’s a coupon for a free ride. You’re suppose
to give this to somebody and make them look silly when they try to hand this to somebody
I suppose. This card signifies that “Your name here”
is a squid in good standing. This student is indefinitely excused from
English.>>Bin: That would come in handy. I’m sure
that any English teacher would not fall for that.>>Jon: The pig out dining club. Here’s to
the belching society of America. Pocket gum reminder. You know, you put your
used gum in there and pull it out.>>Bin: That’s actually pretty handy.>>Jon: Chicken pluckers INC. Our customers
never squawk.>>Bin: Okay, what else do we have? Power Rangers!>>Jon: A Power Ranger Power Coin from McDonalds.
Another pog you can add to your pile.>>Bin: 1994.
Come on. Come out!>>Jon: Hey look at his name.>>Bin: Ryan.
I guess we know who’s going to have this.>>Jon: Okay, next up more trading cards. We
have battle cards. ‘Fight the battle solve the quest win the treasure!’ Sounds like a
Dungeons and Dragons>>Bin: It does!>>Jon: No. Not necessarily Dungeons and Dragons,
but>>Bin: One of those games. Role-playing game
card things.>>Jon: Oh interesting, there little scratch
cards.>>Bin: Oh cool.
>>Jon: Wolf man, Goblin. This is not what I had in mind at all.>>Bin: Scratch and slay combat rules. ‘Battle
cards are designed with a unique scratch off combat system. Here’s how to fight battles
with a friend.’ Neat ‘How much is in his purse? Scratch off and
find out;’ So you don’t know what they’re worth until
you scratch them off. We have a film cell from Ghostbusters!>>Jon: I’m going to try to zoom in. It’s Bill Murray.>>Bin: It’s Bill Murray going “Ahhh!”>>Jon: You know I thought that would have
been Dino Drac specimen for the month, but it looks like this is actually the Dino Drac
specimen. It’s a Nintendo sticker. This is the Dino Drac specimen number ten. And I’d
like to point out that we have opened up all ten Dino Drac boxes so far.
>>Bin: Yes we have!>>Jon: I think we should get a special medal
or something.>>Bin: I think so too. Some sort of a certificate
or something.>>Jon: These sticker dispensing boxes came
and went in a flash back in 1993. Now you can own a piece of Nintendo history. We have
this little picture of, or sticker rather, of Mario riding Yoshi from Super Mario World.
>>Bin: Cool!>>Jon: Got the newsletter, but we’ll get to
that last.>>Bin: Yes.>>Jon: Here’s this months Dino Drac mini poster.
This is Dino Drac Goes Shopping at an old mall.
>>Bin: KB Toys! (Laughs)>>Jon: Spencer’s.
>>Bin: ‘I bought shoes and also a candle that smells like bananas’>>Jon: I thought that was everything, but
we still have a couple more things in there. We have another Dino Drac sticker, and what’s
this? Empire Strikes Back Giant Full Color Photo
cards.>>Bin: What is this from?>>Jon: This is from 1980.
>>Bin: And you’re going to open it? (Gasps)>>Jon: Well we have to see who we get!
Oh we got this. Check this out.>>Bin: Oh, a Storm Trooper.>>Jon: If we ever run into somebody who played
a Storm Trooper from Star Wars, this would be the perfect thing for them to autograph
>>Bin: That would be so cool. That’s awesome.>>Jon: We have this months Dino Drac newsletter
from Matt He gives us a rundown of everything that was
in the box, but this month’s art project, get your pencils ready Bin.
>>Bin: Okay, I got them.>>Jon: Because, it says ‘the weather’s getting
warmer and we all have our sites set on summer. On the back of this sheet of paper draw and
color something, anything that screams summer to you. Then give that something a cowboy
hat. Have fun!’>>Bin: Where do you come up with these things?
>>Jon: I think he just wants to see if we’ll draw it.
>>Bin: I think so. [Music Plays]>>Jon: Okay, here is our summer cowboy hat
drawing. I drew the sun wearing shades and a cowboy hat. I also drew a giant ice cream
cone>>Bin: Jon is addicted to ice cream cones.>>Jon: What did you draw?>>Bin: I drew a guy sitting on a chair with
an umbrella drinking out of a little cup, with the waves crashing down over his feet,
and he’s wearing a cowboy hat.>>Jon: I would have had the sun holding the
ice cream cone, but it would have melted.>>Bin: (Laughing) It’s going to melt anyway.>>Jon: Another super fun box. Can’t wait to
see what’s in store for June.>>Bin: I know. I don’t know how he keeps filling
these boxes up.>>Jon: So Bin what was your favorite thing
out of this box?>>Bin: I think I liked the Mario sticker with
Mario riding on Yoshi.>>Jon: The specimen?
>>Bin: Yes.>>Jon: That was pretty cool.
The G.I Joe figure I think was the star of this month. That and the vintage 1980 giant
glossy Empire Strikes back card.>>Bin: That’s going on the wall.>>Jon: You guys will have to let us know,
down there in the comments what your favorite out of all this was. For more information about Dinosaur Dracula
the link is, point to it Bin, it’s right there Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram
>>Bin: on Facebook>>Jon: and Twitter. We’ll see you next time
everybody>>Bin: Bye!>>Jon: Happy Summer!


  1. My favorite videos that you guys make are these ones! I really like this summer Dino drac unboxing
    (Just saying my birthdays tomorrow!)

  2. Every month I get so excited when you guys open a Dino Drac box! This month's stuff was really cool! It might be my favourite box… so far! X

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  4. Slammer….. The big pog that you throw at the stack! ๐Ÿ˜€ used to play and have a huge collection when I was a kid!

  5. um just for the record the power coin you got not from power rangers its from another show called VR troopers

  6. In Australia it's winter
    Love u guys soo much and cute little Teagan .

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  8. Ryan isn't even a Power Ranger , he's from a bad knockoff called V.R.Troopers , and those big heavy Pogs are called Slammers.

  9. Ummm… I'm not very sure that the weather is getting better here in the UK, It's pouring down with rain (or raining cats and dogs, as we say ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  10. Y u open vintage cards my face when u do dat ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ข those cards have been preserved for years just for you to kill them

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  14. Ryan is a character from VR Troopers, which was created by Saban, who created Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and just like Power Rangers, VR Troopers uses stock footage from a Japanese show.

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