DO NOT Explore A Haunted Castle at 3AM! *SCARY*

DO NOT Explore A Haunted Castle at 3AM! *SCARY*

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Nope, there’s nothing in here. Tyler, I’m going to throw up. Wait, it’s actually dead empty. I’m going to throw up right now. No! Right now, we’re at
Frankensteins castle, and the events that
took place here is actually what inspired Mary
Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein. The character of
Victor Frankenstein was based on Johann Dippel,
who like robbed graves and would perform all these
experiments on people. And he would actually
do his experiments up in the top room
of the tower where his ghost is said to also lie. And it also goes
everywhere else, but that’s where it’s
the most least seen. And there’s a girl ghost
of Anne Marie, where she flies in the window butt
naked and she just cries. And then there’s also
this tower over here where rocks are
thrown at people. So fun. Also when you look over here– you can’t really see it– there. There’s a chapel that
actually is haunted by what the last night of Frankenstein. And he apparently talks
to you about how it’s so sad that he died so young. So it’s obviously
day time right now, and there’s not much going on. So it’s pretty safe. So that’s why we’re
going to come at night. Haunted. Haunted! This just really seems
like a dumb move. Oh what is that? What the– no! What? No. What is it? Signs. Yeah. Probably saying Frankenstein’s
castle this way. Yeah, it’s something
about kindergarten. I think we’re safe. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Which means kindergartens
read always fried, meinungs running
information and– Nothing ghost related. I don’t think Ghost
know how to laminate. OK, we’re back right now. It’s very cold here. It’s freezing. It’s like 3AM, 2:58 ish. It’s supposed to be like 3 AM is
when all the ghosts supposedly come out, so we’re going
to see how that goes. That’d be cool. Saw a ghost. So let’s not ruin it. Let’s go up by the–
let’s go by the place where the rocks are
supposedly suppose to hit us. That’s right here. Through here. It’s literally right here. It’s from this tower. They’re suppose to
get thrown down. I do not like the lights
that are slightly coming out. So if we hear
rocks, that would– If you want to
throw rocks at us. Just don’t hit us. OK not at us. You could throw a rock down. Boulder just comes down. Do it. You won’t. I really want to see a ghost. Ghost, if you are here,
can you go ahead and just like– was that you? Did you just throw a rock? Did you just throw a rock? No. You’re such a bad liar. That one was definitely me. I will not lie. My fault. That is so rude. I tried to stay
serious and I couldn’t. And I couldn’t. That’s like the most haunted
places, isn’t very haunted. Yeah honestly. Put my flashlight up. Apparently super haunted. Really? Right there? It better be. Oh no, but I don’t really
want to be here anymore. Do it for the vlog. Nah. Yeah. This is the part that’s
supposedly super haunted. But I mean, I can’t
really go home. We’re in Germany. Oh this is beautiful. Oh it’s really windy up here. It’s so pretty though. We’re off. OK. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll have to do a
little conclusion. Trying to go up to– Were they actually
to be experiments? Where they did–
Yeah, the experiments. That’s where we’re going? Want to go up? The ghosts had sharpies. Look. No way. The ghosts had sharpies. Oh my God. Yo, a girl named Kim was here. Crazy. This ghosts name is Violet. This one’s name is
Alex and he loves Erin. Oh my god. Oh that’s unsettling. Oh my gosh. I know someone named Alex Aaron. Well these ghosts have
terrible handwriting. So isn’t this where
Ann Marie comes? All right, so I
think we had to sit. Yeah let’s sit down. Let’s sit down and look. Oh. Oh OK. The camera guy. Don’t do that. Wait guys. Guys let’s see if she comes. Let’s sit. All right. So where are we sitting? Here. Just on the ground. Why, why, why. Why don’t we sit in corners. Corners? Is that where we’re
supposed to sit? Well I mean, she’s suppose
to fly to the middle. Oh, sorry man. If the naked ghost
slides on me, it’s cheating so I have
to be careful. Ann Marie. Do you know what
that sounded like? Do you believe in
life after love. What if she just comes
down and she’s just like– I don’t think she was
alive in that time period. No way. I don’t know, but
I’m kind of scared. Do you feel any– God, screw this. That actually wasn’t me. No. What was that? I don’t know but like
I’m ready to leave. Guys stop, I want her to come. After all that, you
want her to still come. Yes. Well she’s not evil. OK. Just because there’s
light noises, OK that could be nature. This is also a
really old building. Rocks could be falling down. We’re by trees. It’s actually freezing. Kinda scary. Who wants to jump with me? No. Time out. What? What’s that? What’s what? Wait. Look at the– look at the– What? Look at the bottom window. Oh! Whoa! What was that? What was that? Look at the bottom window. Yo! Can you See What is going on? Oh my god. What is that? Like legitimately. Wait, there’s no
stairs to that place. There’s nothing down there. You can’t– Oh my God, there’s no way. You can’t access that. There’s actually no way. Literally this place closes at
9 PM and we snuck in at 3 AM. Should we go back there now? I think we have to. Let’s go back there. Let’s see if we can get
closer and pick it up. Eww. I don’t like this. Where’s Tyler? Tyler? I don’t know. I just blinded myself. Tyler screw off. I’m sorry, I’m paranoid. Can I go look for
Tyler because– No. That’s called bad decision. OK. The bad decision was he’s not
here and we’re continuing. We can all look for him. I just feel like he may be going
to the bathroom or something. Tyler. Can we go find
Tyler actually now. I’m a little concerned. Because it’s been like
at least 10 minutes. Hang on. Don’t hurt yourself. Boo! [SCREAMS] I hate you! Tyler come here. I just want to talk about– I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Stop attacking my boyfriend. I couldn’t help it. Oh my god. What? Nothing. What? Nothing. Tell me. No. Oh no. I thought that was hilarious. That’s because Quiva
has somebody else– To pull my joke off, I
had to have no flashlight and had to go through this
entire freaking place. Know what happened? Nothing. Hit me, momma,
like a wagon wheel. Oh his arms falling off. What if something knocked back? No. No. Can we go back up there? Up where? Back to where the girls– Wait guys, T02. Wait, what is that? Listen. Nope. Nope. Wait, what? Nope. Nope. There’s nothing in here. Tyler I’m going to throw up. Wait it’s actually dead empty. I’m going to throw up right now. No! I’m not going– I’m done. I’m done. Oh my God, it’s so dark. Oh, this is a bad decision. Hello? Can you hold this Tyler? Here. And now we wait. Maybe it’s because
we’re not German. I guess the– I guess he was– I guess the ghost would
speak German, right. Yeah. All right. [SPEAKING GERMAN] Nate. Nate speak German to them. Guten Tag. To who? To the ghost. Nate, speak German to this. [SPEAKING GERMAN] What’d he say? Well he didn’t say anything. Wait, what happens if the
logs just start picking– [LOUD BANG] OK. I’m over this. I don’t want to die. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. At 9:12 there is shut with a white face and blue jeans in the background does anyone know who that is cause they never move and everyone is there so it’s very creepy and weird

  2. In class I did research on that castle it was hand built by Frank for his daughter Annie her bedroom and the potion tower were know as the most haunted places in the castle in potion tower some people say that they saw green water coming from the ceiling people think it was his position being porn in something

  3. 1:54 I see someone with five arms and dressed in all black but it can't find me cause I'm seeking shelter in the comments if u find me give a like

  4. Who saw a white man right after they went in the room with the candles….there was a white man with a black hoodie and the hoodie on……..

  5. kinderrechte
    Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung Information und Gehör

    children's rights
    Freedom of expression Information and hearing

  6. For meh it almost midnight and now I’m might have nightmares when I go to sleep WHY AM I WATCHING DIS

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