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what’s up guys and welcome to project
fredbear this is a upcoming demo for a game that looks pretty cool I don’t
really know what it’s about I guess obviously it’s gonna have fredbear and
spring bonnie in it and yeah as you guys can see his titled literally project for
a bear non-canon bonnie demo so it looks pretty awesome I saw my friend
IULTIM play this and I figured you know what let’s give it a go and see
what it has in store for us but of course if you guys want a chance to win
any fights for his game completely for free
all I have to do is leave a like on the video right now leave a comment down
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let’s go ahead and hop back into this so like I said this is a demo it’s a non
cannon demo at-bat and it’s got fredbear and spring bonnie in it so I figure you
know what let’s give it a try I mean how could this be bad you know woo okay let
me put on my headset here this looks cool so I don’t think we’re actually
being hunted right now I might be wrong about that but I think it’s just like
you know you can kind of look around and see what the world is gonna look whoa oh
my god what who’s oh my god when we’re actually being hunted holy crap I did
not know that oh my god did not know we were actually being I said holy what
that is so cool he looks awesome I literally I did not I I thought we
were alone that’s freaky okay so we have fredbear right there
spring Bonnie I wish we could jump up there and Bonnie himself who’s like he
looks rabid like he has big teeth he’s really freaky looking what is this the
office I’m guessing that’s like an unfinished office okay wait we have to
hide right here dude I don’t know do that bonnie is out there
and he’s he’s fast okay where is he at there he is there he is right there
talking light travel light you see him he’s over there guys okay we’re gonna
crawl over to here I really hope there’s like a sneaking mechanic in this game
cuz I’d be really cool I always wanted like a fine phrase fangamer you can
sneak around like you don’t have to actually be spotted by the animatronics
okay wait where is this door at where did he come from turn on the light
it’s right there okay we need to get in here quick quick quick he’s
– I see foxy – he’s in that room okay get up get up we’re gonna run no he
heard me he heard me I think hide hide hide oh my god what whoa what are you
doing is he coming I don’t think oh no we’re dead yep I’m
dead up dude this demos pretty crazy so far like okay we got a hide over here
again I think that’s the strategy okay so apparently he can hear us I think cuz
I’m pretty sure he heard me whatever I ran so we’re gonna have to like sneak
around or like walk I guess cuz I mean I don’t know how she could’ve seen me
right there he had to have heard me this is some advanced you know technology
here that these robots have that’s for sure that he was able to see be like
that or hear me from that far away all right we need away from the walk-by
come on Bonnie where are you Bonnie I need you to walk I thought I just saw
him in this room like for a second I thought that was like a dark room I was
gonna be like oh crap he’s been here this whole time
where is he he’s literally gone I mean all we did last time was go over here we
looked here and then he was over there already but now he’s taking a while to
come out of that room oh there he’s there he’s there he’s hide I died okay
wait he’s about to walk why where is he oh no did he see me
no he didn’t see me I don’t know what is he doing
I literally I’m worried about going out there he’s got to be like right there I
want to turn the light to this light doesn’t help at all I literally could
not see over there at all this light only lights up what’s like directly in
front of me where did he go is there is there I think there’s a room right there
and I think he went inside of it this is not like any other animatronics I went
up against because like you can’t outrun this thing he is really fast all right
we’re gonna try to get in here I don’t see anything oh there is there is oh no
you see me no all right get in here let’s walk I don’t want to run okay we
don’t want to attract him alright now what did we see in this
bathroom there is something in this bathroom
I think it’s Jacko chica oh my god what kind of chica is that some weird creepy
chica back there that’s weird okay I should have run alright so we’re gonna
go out here now stop the light I don’t know where this guy is okay we’re gonna
check out this side this is what’s that noise
this is definitely creepy though oh it’s the TV’s okay so look we have oh this is
just like in the other game we played well I was out of the game we play like
there’s a little plushies here that’s cool oh we can actually we can peek
around corners that’s cool too so like if he’s like over here we can like peek
and look that’s awesome alright let’s go this way can we use the
door at all showing oh we can okay so there’s no power so if we wanted to we
could just lock ourselves in here or we could lock the animatronic out on that
side and then run this way and try to survive but I don’t exactly know how
that’s gonna work out it’s open this okay oh don’t close close close close oh
my god oh my gosh dude I couldn’t figure out how to get the door to work he’s
right there oh my gosh that was so lucky look at that he was right there he was
about to kill us over this we got to run this way why is he gonna come around oh
he’s still there okay let’s go this way we have to that is so creepy
I don’t know if he’s gonna continue to follow us oh my god there’s foxy there
he is okay don’t know if he’s gonna continue
to follow us or not he’s over there somewhere you got the arcade machines
right here like I’m trying to explore but I’m also trying to survive you know
he’s gone he’s gone close it close it close it he’s gone he was right here now
he’s gone I’m not opening that door dude I don’t want to open either of these
doors right now this is guaranteed death – dude if we
open these doors I can’t dude I’m just gonna wobble back
and forth like this alright I don’t know what else to do I don’t want to open
that door alright let’s open this one okay no sign of them let’s take it nice
and slow I kind of feel like it’s more helpful to not use the flashlight okay I
don’t see him this is genuinely like creepy though and scary Oh run run run I’m dead I am absolutely
dead go go go go go oh my god closer oh no I’m running I’m running I’m not
stopping nope that is creepy he is so fast go this way he was in here okay we
have chica Freddy and then Bonnie who’s supposed to be right here but no he’s
not he’s too busy hunting me down right now oh my gosh that is so freaky this is
gonna be really cool with like the full game is out I don’t know this is really
cool but yeah this reminds me I never actually looked at the Creator for this
I don’t know if it’s the same person but the game that we played with fredbear
and spring bonnie like a few weeks ago that was really fun and like had all
those secrets that you like fly outside the map and stuff like that it reminds
me of that like even the map layout and the animatronics that’s all what this
reminds me of but I don’t know if it’s the same person or not I kind of doubt
it but this is still really cool like it’s only add a Bonnie demo to which is
pretty crazy I want to see like one with fredbear and spring bonnie though that’s
gonna be fun alright is he come on look up okay I
don’t see him he’s either still at the door oh did he see me what is he doing
he’s walking I don’t think he saw me oh he did he did I’m dead I’m dead I can’t
move oh he’s Safi through the wall or not through the let me see the chair
dang it man this game is actually pretty intense that like I really like it
there’s an extra to which I don’t know Wow okay they really want you to know
it’s locked so this is made by the slipper epic gamer I think that’s the
name unless I’m reading that wrong I think it’s the slipper epic gamer so
yeah definitely not who I thought it was in dev cake games so yeah that’s not who
I thought it was at all all right let’s hop in one more time and
I just want to see if it’s actually possible to outrun this thing because
where does it okay it spawns on it’s on it’s a stage over there and then it
makes its way over to here so we could actually run this way if we wanted to
does foxy activate at all now you can’t even like go up to them that’s a really
cool model that I’m wondering if they created these or if they downloaded them
I don’t know how it works but these are really nice-looking models let’s go over
here is there anything else to really explore I think we kind of got
everything what is this why is there a table sideways on the wall like packing
it up why is that wood sideways okay he should be coming where is he it’s so
creepy I like where this game is going though I do wish it had more mechanics
like this where you can like sneak around and like because I want like a
fine sprays fan game where there’s an objective that you have to get to you
and every night and new animatronic like enters the scene and there’s like new
puzzles and stuff like that you got like sneak past them I think that’d be so fun
look at that he saw me so whenever he puts his head alright let’s see if we
can outrun this thing I do not think we can no we can’t we can’t outrun that
thing oh that is freaky it’s got a weird that the game is called Project fredbear
though but the first demo has Bonnie in it but I’m also interested to see like
what’s up with this bathroom thing over here also the posters are a little up
now he saw me hello Bonnie how are you are you okay yeah yeah you look great
bro you look great have you been doing squats or something look good bro thanks
man for killing me but that’s kind of weird like I was saying these posters
don’t really match the rest of the game to be honest because like if you look at
the poster I know we’re probably gonna die here like look at that poster
alright fazbear’s funtime you ready like it doesn’t I don’t know I feel like I
don’t even know if that’s the same model I’m assuming it is but yeah I don’t know
it doesn’t really match the the theme of like the rest of the restaurant to be
honest like the pink oh my dude what I’m stuck on these stars that’s weird it
doesn’t really matter it’s the restaurant
though and also what’s up with this guy in here like chica why is she in there
this is like some kind of secret animatronic it’s gonna be cool if it has
like you know secret animatronics I’ve never seen before but wondering what
she’s doing in there and if we’re gonna see her in the main game I’m assuming we
are though oh look there he is he saw me run run run to the office
we’re not gonna make it we’re not gonna make it
close it whoa we actually made it and also yeah I don’t I don’t know man I
don’t know how to feel about this demo because it it feels very like that the
head looks weird to plate I’m like that doesn’t even that looks like maybe a kid
room like that like I don’t know I feel like an establishment wouldn’t really
have like these kind of things in the offices and stuff like that
and also just like the office desk is really strange because it these are like
monitors but they’re not like vents it’s really weird they look like TVs but
their vents and the desk is just kind of strange to you I don’t know everything
about this is just a little strange but I mean it does give me a good vibe to it
cuz I do feel like it’s pretty cool like I can I can dig it alright to say the
least alright let’s see if he’s still out here
though how long does he stay is he gone yeah he’s gone I wonder where he goes I
like to him a tronic though overall like they look really cool where did he go
bonnie bonnie where’d you go buddy you just don’t crap piece on me let’s
see if we can fake it i like play this game where we just like we get them on
us and we see if we can make it back to the office before he catches up oh how
close susie that is pretty far alright well guys I think I’m gonna end this
video here though let’s see if he yeah he sticks on you so yeah but in this
video here though eliminated thoughts on project Fred bear in the comment section
down below I think it’s pretty fun I mean I don’t know here’s the thing like
we’ve played so many demos for these Fred bear family diner like fan games
but you’ve never actually played the actual games like they always have demos
but never the full game comes out so I’m hoping that this is something unique
like I remember we played a long time ago angus made it i want to say whatever
game you play oh is the sister location like reboot which i’m not sure what ever
happened with that but yeah like it had like these different areas that you can
go to i had a whole new setting and stuff like that and that’s what i would
like to see with Fred bear and spring Bonnie I think a brand new setting would
be awesome you know not just the same old diner and stuff like that you know
like let’s go into the basement of the pizzeria
let’s go into the Attic of the pizzeria let’s go and like places that you know
we’ve never seen before and that would be actually you know fun
to explore that so I’m kind of hoping you know we get eventually with a
fredbear fan game but still this one overall I enjoyed it I mean like I said
let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below and like I said if
you enjoyed the video leave a like on it and of course if new try hit that
subscribe button and that Bell icon you want to make sure you get that battle
icon so you get videos before anyone else and I’ll see you guys in the next
one peace out guys


  1. Fushion if you respond I will be happy. Can make another project fredbear game plz. This is a good game to play in 7 months ago but it’s awesome! Bye!

  2. Omg my headphones are broken so the audio is really low but the actual sounds of the game are really high ( more than normal )
    I had it on full volume so i cold hear his voice


  3. If you look closer at the teeth you can see that its foxy's jaw, so that wasn't chica that was in the bathroom, it was foxy

  4. There rlly is a feddy fazbear pizza in Spain well I'm going there bonnie usually never scares me try to hide under the desk

  5. I would like you to play New creepy night's at Freddy's also are you still passing out $25 gift card s just email the code if you want

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