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okay Alex I don’t think I wanna ask you what it is but is it dangerous oh yeah on a scale of one to ten how dangerous i’m pretty much risking my life in front of you guys are a little best of luck thank you very much he’s going to Palm are you doing like dangerous stunts and and how long have you been doing this not with this change that this will be the first time are you being serious I’m hundred percent serious so how dangerous is this particular actor we’re going to see I could I don’t try it at home don’t try this anyplace but you’re gonna try it now go ahead we wish you the best of luck thank you I’m already nervous it’s mine ok oh my god good luck thank you guys thank you we see anything flaming anywhere around close to your vehicle we’re going to get in there and suppress it first off okay and then the extraction team will come in home waters co2 the fact that you need that many firefighters were you do anything this is a bad idea what it’s time to go let’s get this we going I ladies and gentlemen we are standing in harm’s way because that rush right they’re gonna come speeding down the track the way with crazy people drive the guys yeah yeah dr. dangers making its way around the track tents out here job like the dead not dead paramedics are going to try to cut him out of the bus because it’s very things yeah she’s risking her life sometimes this samurai sword is an antique a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship as you can see it is extremely sharp at very dangerous please do not try anything like this at all I don’t think to maybe little samurai swords of it I’m take a deep breath I need you to focus my volunteering for this you literally putting your life and let’s get him strapped up go ahead i also need someone to verify that i will be doing this blind come up what’s your near Emma give her began come on take a look at the spine can you see anything no to the other side Emma site is tightly as you can racing nice and tighter stop the killer his head thank you very much the second safe distance that already let’s go really going to do this then don’t move it’s not gonna move still pretty bad we want to eliminate competition like this it’s gonna be under the water for 1 minute 25 seconds go to be longer than that the medical tricks to this one ok $OPERAND seconds flat ok you okay never seen that ok ask how we did join me onstage for something spectacular welder hear your safe don’t want person almost have a blindfold made of solid metal I just want you to examine this please and verify that it’s a real piece of metal hold it to the light make sure you can’t see through it you know that it’s a solid in an old blind it is a solid piece of metal that you cannot see don’t try to that perfect we also have some firecrackers AKA explosives here so while I put this on right I want you to mix them up all right all right now like I said ladies and gentlemen one of these is a live fire cracker a real explosive with multiple charges built-in two of them duds and will not explode now how we are you finished mixing them up now it’s happening i’ll take that as a no yeah haha and having your work here is done for your safety I’d like you to make your way back to the judge’s table let’s give it up for a ladies and gentlemen about my favorite now here’s the deal when how he came up initially i noticed that uh he was dominant with his left hand and handling the blindfold which leads me to believe that how he is left-handed how are left-handed is correct that is correct you are yeah i’m going to say that you left one of the duds on my far left the one far this down here so what I’m going to do is have one of the crew come out take that fire vector place it in my mouth and light the fuse you now how we just from the time that it took you if I have to calculate this out i’m going to say you left the live explosive on the far right so we’re gonna like the last two at the same time I’m going to ask the one on the far right gets placed in that box over there and the other one goes in my mouth I feel responsible please welcome Alex makalah that’s it you’re still young gentlemen please welcome they say that time is of the essence that’s especially true tonight this is not a trick the concept is very simple a regulation straitjacket five buckles down the back one across the arms hanging above the stage is a human bear trap 16 serrated blades all held open by a single rope in a moment I’ll be suspended by my ankles and raised 20 feet into the air the rope which holds the trap open will be set on fire the rope burns through and approximately fifty-three seconds leaving me 52 seconds to make my escape before the trap come slamming shut tonight could and catastrophic Lee let’s begin what would you think about if you had 60 seconds left to live it’s been said your entire life flashes before your eyes the most important moments ago by an instant the people you love the people you lost the people who made a difference tonight I see it for myself


  1. I am even scared eating fish that has those thin sharp bones( I don't exactly know what do we call them)🐟🐟🐟🐟

  2. Me: watches 2 minutes of this video
    My brain: I can't take this any longer, get outta here as fast as possible!!! Waahh so scary!

  3. The black katana is fake it rolls up when you put it in your mouth but when it comes out you hold your lips really together and then it comes out normal

  4. Well….lets seeee lets list all the things that I've done that have been dangerous
    1) when I was little I road my little kid bike down the stairs and I hit the front door. Then I did it again
    2. Drove my dads car and almost crashed it
    3. Not to long ago..I was in a quad accident…witch should have killed me but obviously it diddnt cuz I'm still here…I was driving on a dirt road and a person on another quad was getting to close for comfort..I looked over my shoulder..he swerved and it scared me…so I swerved and the quad started to slide…I overcorected it and it slammed into the ditch and flipped…it rolled on me 2 times and then sent me flying and the quad landed a couple inches from me……but…yeah I should be dead lol…but I'm not…..

  5. hmm i hd 1 mel and was eating it and wen i was done eating i watched this… then i had a second mean right in front of me how???

  6. Wow omg 😮 the last once that u hace shown the num 1. !! Was crazy!!! I would beber Risi to use my Life for talent…..

  7. Call me crazy but the shot on 13:08 didnt have risk.
    I'll explain but excuse my english:
    All the arrows are perfectly studied where have to be and with what inclination that when they are shooted their target is exactly what has to be, that is the activation of the next arrow.
    Finally, in the same way, the last "gun" (sorry, idk how is it called in english) is studied the position so when it is activated, the arrow goes exactly to the point that was designed, the apple.
    I mean that the women only thing has to do us to shot to the first target and then the "chain reaction" will end exactly where designed.
    But she doesnt need a perfect shoot, just to hit the firts target, and if she fails, nothing happens, only the chain doesnt start and any arrow would be shoted.
    I hope u have understand me. If u want i could explain better in spanish.
    Have a good day !!

  8. ALL OF THIS SCARED ME TO DEATH !!!! ×dies× AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OOF!!!! ×runs into wall× CRAP NOW MY FACE HURTS, NOT MY FEARS!!!!! ×goes to bathroom× OWWWW!!! MY BUTTHOLE HURTS FOR POOPING!!!!! OOF!!! ×runs into millions of wall× HOW MANY FREAKIN' WALLS ARE THERE!?!?!?!? ×faints and comes up after 2 hours× anyway what was……HOLY CRAP THE GUY ALMOST CUT HIS NOSE OFF AND DIDN'T CARE!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OPPS! ×pees pants× OH MI GOSH!!! MY PANTS IS WET!!!!! ×gets mad× ×siser comes in room× ×sister spills water on my face× WHAT THE HELL DUDE!!!!!! ×dies of a lot of things that happen×

  9. 5:42– 8:22
    Me: stacks one chair on the couch
    My mom: "hey get down from there right now!!!"
    Me*shows her the video (5:42 – 8:22)*
    My mom: "oh ok, keep going, but only two chairs"
    Me:*stands on one chair, falls down and breaks arm*

    Anyway this guy is REALLY GOOD!!!

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