Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost | 걱정마세요, 귀신입니다 [2012 Drama  Special / ENG / 2012.07.15]

Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost | 걱정마세요, 귀신입니다 [2012 Drama Special / ENG / 2012.07.15]

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Hey, turn right.ㄴ You’re just going straight? Be quiet, I’ll get there. Too much for a beginner like you. I bet I can drive better. Then, you drive! Oh my God! My God. Call 911! How many? Two. Five. How old are you? Where are you now? At a hospital. Where do you live? – What’s this? / – A bed. – This? / – A blanket. What’s your name? I’m here for identification. Just a minute. You have amnesia. You won’t have problems in life, but will have problems with memories of yourself. We’ll have to see how it goes. Lee Mungi. Age 32, no family, and lives at Guui-dong 821-3. Mr. Lee Mungi. That’s you. Me? Your name is Lee Mungi. Lee Mungi… Lee Mungi? Yes, Mr. Lee Mungi. You’re 32 years old with no family. Lives at Guui-dong 821-3. Guui-dong 821-3? You remember? Where’s the person that was beside me? There was someone with you? I mean a girl was… What I’m saying is… She was sitting here, and… – How? / – I mean, oh my God. She was sitting here with big eyes, and… – She was talking to me. / – Who? I was sitting here, and listening to her… Don’t worry. I’m a ghost I used to live here? Is this a dream? Then… A ghost. It is a dream. Our Father who art in heaven… Hey, you’re not dreaming. I’m having a nightmare. It’s a nightmare. This is how all single men live? It’s too vacant. You should wash this again. It stinks. You… Who are you? Try to remember. Haven’t you seen me before? No, I haven’t… That’s you. Where are you going? I said, where’re you going? Hey. Go away. You must be feeling anxiety and stress. Sir? Yes? You have amnesia. So, try to live a normal life and rely on family and friends. I think I may have a more serious problem. Such as? I see things. – Hey. / – It’s just a temporary thing. – Hey. / – She’ll go away. No, I won’t. I’ll stay right with you. Hold on to the handle. The bus makes a sudden left turn soon. I don’t hear anything. You’ll regret it. Ignore it. This bus is always like this. I told you to hang on. – Who is she? / – “Who is she?” Is she really a ghost? Follow me if you want to find out. Stop the bus! I wonder why funeral homes have spicy beef soup. Aren’t you hungry? I am. What’s your name? Kim Yeonhwa. – How old are you? / – 25. Why did you come to me? Look who’s here. Thank you for coming. Sure. It got cold now. I’ll get you a new one. She used to work with me. What happened to her? She was stabbed with a knife. It’s horrible. I heard there was a robbery. That’s why you came to me? You want justice? Want me to find the killer? Or you want me to get revenge? If you can, that will be great. If not, why did you come to me? I have my reasons. There’s a good reason when the dead visits the living. So, tell me… please. Why do I have to tell you? Find out for yourself as you regain your memories. Why would I do as you say? Or you’re stuck with me forever. Phone will tell who your friends were and what you’re all about. All information is inside the phone. Never mind. You never mind. I’ll be right beside you for a while. The phone damage is severe, so we can’t restore information. Your phone lost its memory as well. You can use the new phone right away, and after the first payment, additional services can be changed at your will. Plus, you’re able to change the type of payment. Lee Mungi, what’s going on? Why did you turn off your phone? Bike courier is a joke to you? One is on vacation, and another is absent without notice. You give me a headache. Call Jinsu to cancel his vacation and get back here. Hello? Yes, sure. Jinsu? This is Jinsu. He’s like a younger brother to you. Kim Jinsu Don’t just stand there. Leave right now. Speed up. Hey, sit still. Just drive. Turn left at the cross road for 813-7. Delivery here. Here’s your delivery. You have a habit when you’re waiting for a green light. You tick your finger. Chuncheon Restaurant You always eat rice set. The convenience store you always stop at for a break. Is this really me? You’re not playing me? A ghost has better things to do than to lie. Whatever you say. Put that phone away. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy. You used to drink this. This? I may have lost my memory, but I still have taste, you know. This. You’re back. I haven’t seen you for a few days. This, right? Don’t you get bored eating the same thing every day? Taste, is it? How do you know so much about me? This is the flower shop where I used to work. I was a regular here? No, you came by once a week to make a delivery. Don’t you remember anything? Not really. No feeling and don’t remember who I am. You said you were the owner of the shop. Did I do something wrong? It’s not my fault that I can’t remember. Not your fault you can’t remember, but not trying is your fault. – I don’t mean to. / – Watch out! Where’s this? My house. I was here. That day was my birthday. Why did you really come to me? What is it that I have to find out for myself? What was I doing here? I think you saw me dying. What? I mean… You’re the witness to my murder. Don’t be so surprised. Literally, you just saw me dying. Tell me specifically. I don’t know, either. I can’t remember what happened. But I saw your face. When I briefly gained consciousness, I saw you. You seemed surprised. Are you okay? There was someone else here. I think he’s the killer. What are you doing there? Let’s get this straight. You remembered and ended up at the crime scene? While I was making a delivery, I saw the site of my accident, and was led to that house. What did you see exactly? There was a lady on the floor… And she was Kim Yeonhwa, and you saw someone else? Yes. You think he’s the suspect? Probably. I remember being chased. Describe him. I don’t know. Why were you at Kim Yeonhwa’s house? Well, I make deliveries. What delivery was it? I don’t remember. It’s hard to make a statement from this. Call me if your memories get clearer. We’ll look into it also. If you saw the suspect, he may pay you a visit. Be careful. Boss, my service record seems neglected. Really? Come on. You left early that day, silly. Left early, meaning I didn’t make deliveries. That’s strange. Why was I there? My memories aren’t completely blank, but they aren’t clear, either. It’s driving me crazy. Don’t worry. You’re not involved. You’re just a witness. You know why I was at your house, don’t you? Can’t you just tell me? You really want to know? Then, do me a favor. Are you kidding? This is my favor. I thought you wanted to remember. – You want me to go in there? / – Yes. Not a bad idea, but let’s look for another way. I think this is the best idea. Stop! I want to live. People don’t die that easily. That’s supposed to make me feel better? You can’t go in by yourself? Okay, fine. Stand right there. Hey… Hey, stop! I don’t know how to swim. You know how to swim. How do you know? You’ve fallen into water before. Dad. Are you happy to have left me alone? Hey, wake up. You’re embarrassed, right? So, why do something embarrassing? You get older for nothing? What did the Han River do to you? It’s not a trash can. What’s wrong with people? Are they thinking only of themselves? They don’t care about those left behind? You owe me your life, so don’t die on your own. Get a life! I wondered if he was doing well, but he was, fortunately. Hello, I opened a flower shop across the street. – Wish me luck. / – Good luck. – Thank you. / – Thanks. It’s for opening my flower shop. You don’t like flowers? Just take it. It’s for opening the flower shop. How could you not recognize me? I recognized you at first sight. You’re sorry now? You should be. How could you not recognize me? This pretty girl saved your life. More. Don’t you know how to smile properly? Do as I do. Like this. A bigger smile. Why always stop there? Give me a bigger smile. Smile as much as you like. I liked it when you smiled like that. You were lovely. You wanted to know why you were at my house, right? I invited you. Why me? Because… I liked you. Why didn’t you tell me from the beginning? I hoped you’d remember before telling you myself. I hoped you’d recognize me. I’m thirsty. I need water. Let’s have this. Cheers! Ghosts get drunk, too. You really thought so? Hey. Do you want to date with me? What’s wrong? I’m not so bad myself. Only you can see me, so I can’t have an affair. Where are you going? Calm down. Don’t be possessed by a ghost. It’s an aftereffect of the accident. That’s right. Right. Hello. Oh, hi. Is someone here? No. Anyway, what brought you here? I stopped by to check a few things. Pardon me? You didn’t make a delivery that day, but left early. So, why were you there? Oh, I was invited for her birthday. Invited by Kim Yeonhwa? You said you went there on a delivery. I was just starting to remember things. Were you two involved? No, I was invited for the first time. Mr. Lee Mungi, do you remember anything else? Your close relatives or friends. Why can’t you remember anyone except her? When you two weren’t not exactly a lover or anything. Isn’t it strange? Well, I hope your memories come back soon. I called to order a delivery. I’m closing the shop. I just saw this, so busy with the funeral. I see. He asked for delivery for a year, not missing one week. He’s a regular, so please tell them it’s her last work. I always wanted to meet him. – Hello. / – Hey. We’ve been waiting for this. – So pretty! / – I’m sorry to ask, but who sends you the flowers? It’s you. No, I mean who orders them. I deliver them. What’s with the serious face? We want to meet him, too. Or how could we get flowers like this? – I see. / – Go on, then. Hey, flower shop lady is pretty, isn’t she? Pardon? You like her, right? Let me tell you about love letters. You fall in love with the delivery guy, not the person who writes them. That’s a real love story. My husband confessed me that he was the one who wrote the letters. Kim… Yeon… Hwa… Lee Mungi has logged in successfully Order history and tracking Order history and tracking Flower Basket A Please make it with your favorite flowers. Order delivered Delivery pending Please make it with your favorite flowers. You know the tragedy of a flower shop girl? No. They like flowers, but don’t get to receive them. – Let’s go. / – Okay. Hurry up, or you’ll be late. I’m taking some time off. I called the office. Something wrong? I just want to change who I am. Let’s go. I like this one. It looks like you. Scrub it gently using your tongue, not too rough. Isn’t this empty seat? I have company. I’ll move it when someone comes. Did your bag pay? I did. I’m fine, actually. I’m not fine. Why watch the movie with a bag? Outside Source Outside Source How come a ghost gets so scared? I may be dead, but still human. He’s smiling. Spaghetti. Fish cake. I want coke. I love peach. No fruits with hair. Because they’re expensive? Special Sale: Peaches $24 – Delicious. / – Delicious? Jinx. Seems delicious. Stop eating. You’ll drool. Fish is to the east? East is left or right? Place favorites closer. Thank you. Blow out the candles. Don’t pretend to be weak. Try again. Happy birthday. Sorry for the late celebration. Don’t be too nice to me. You’re getting my hopes up. You just came to my birthday, right? I wanted to know how you felt. But I’m asking for too much when you have no memories. Amnesia is a scary sickness. No memory means losing everything, including the time and people. I’m sorry. You’re dead… But I don’t know how sad I should be. You can start remembering, little by little. I’m sorry, but I want to return it to whom it really originally belonged. I’m doing well. I’m alive. You saved me, but how could I forget you? What’s wrong with you? It’s me, Jinsu. Jinsu? Kim Jinsu You have the police here again? What’s the matter with you? Why hang out with cops and why avoid me? Hey… Aren’t you on vacation? What are you talking about? What’s wrong with you? I don’t know what’s been happening to you for the past couple of days, but get this straight. I’m wanted for robbery. If this adds up, I’m done. Nothing happened that day, got it? It’s a secret between us. Understand? Keep it quiet. If we get over this, we can live like humans. Understand, Mungi? Say something! Bear it in mind. If you do something stupid, we’re both finished. Hope Orphanage
Mungi and Jinsu I was about to call you. Jinsu stopped by. He seemed nervous. He did something, right? I heard loan sharks are after him. I hope it’s not serious. When will he go straight? It must be hard, but look after him. He lives thanks to you. Brothers don’t have to share the same blood. You’re each other’s only family. Three people were here. The victim, the witness, and the suspect. What promise did I make to him? What kind of life have I been living? Nothing happened that day, got it? You know nothing, okay? It’s a secret between us. Understand, Mungi? Why didn’t I know when I was alive? Life is so beautiful and stunning. Being alive itself is a thankful thing. Now I can leave. I think I should go. I just wanted to stay a bit longer. I hoped you’d remember me. I wanted to share good memories… But that seems selfish of me. I’ll catch the guy who did this to you. That’s what I should do. That’s the only thing I can do for you. No. You’ve already done plenty. It’s enough. Don’t go. Not yet. I don’t know you yet. I just got to know you. I don’t care about other things. But I want to remember everything about you. Hello? Yes. I’ll be right there. Who was it? Where were you? I was here the whole time. Who was it? They want me to verify the suspect’s face. I’ll be quick, so stay right here. I want to go. I don’t want you to have any more bad memories I’ll do it on my own. He was a suspect in another robbery case. We found a connection while investigating her missing checks. He’s your colleague and from the same orphanage. Ringing any bells? You still don’t remember the suspect’s face? It’s him. I think it’s him. Would he be okay? He wants to catch this guy. – It’s good if he helps. / – I agree. It’s freezing in here. Kim Jinsu’s here. Let go! Did you tell? What were you thinking? Who are you? why did you do it? What’s wrong with you? Do you know what you’ve done? What insane thing you did? Let me go! I could have been happy if it weren’t for you. We could have had a start. Are you crazy? You ruined everything. Why did you have to kill her? What? She was someone I liked. What are you talking about? You killed her. It’s you who killed her! You ruined everything! I didn’t give you up. How dare you pin this on me? – Lee Mungi, and Kim Jinsu. / – Let go. You’re under arrest for the murder of Kim Yeonhwa. You know why we conduct a spot inspection? Ideas and speech can lie, but the body can’t. Plans for tomorrow? Come by my place after work. It’s my birthday. Why me? Who knows? Maybe I like you. Mungi, when will you take the flowers? I’m on my way. Okay, I’ll be waiting. Mungi. You’re not on vacation? I had a few things to take care of, so delayed a bit. Where are you going, leaving early? I want to live differently. Good, I had the same idea. But I need your help. – Next time. / – It’ll just take a minute. Okay, next time. I have an appointment. It won’t take long. I can’t go on my own. Please come with me. It’s the last favor I’ll ask. I won’t stand in your way anymore. Sure it just takes a minute? Whose house is this? Don’t worry, come in. What are you doing? It’s okay. I have to find something. Find what? Whose place is this? Whose house? Tell me! Whose house? A young girl who has her flower shop just because she has nice parents. She wouldn’t even know her keys are missing. I’m just borrowing. I’ll payback later. Seoul Seodaemun-gu Hongje-dong 203-5 Come to my place after work. Bingo. You’re my lucky charm. – Get out. / – Let go. If you want to see me again, leave it and get out. Why? You feel bad because you see her every day? I don’t like her. She smiles too much and makes me feel small. She won’t get depressed about losing this money, so don’t worry. Are you crazy? Did you just hit me? Don’t come near me. I need this money. Get out of my way. Hey. Kim Yeonhwa. You’re holding on to a student ID card? Thank you. Who left it? Let’s go. Why did you follow him? You should have just come to me. If I knew… I wouldn’t have come to you. Goodbye. He still believes that he saw the deceased. You mean a ghost, right? It seems he liked her very much. So much that he wanted to erase the memory that he killed her. But why did he try to remember again? He couldn’t erase memories of her. So what did he actually see? Probably an image of the memory. Ghost or delusion, he couldn’t let go of her. Yeonhwa, are you there? I just want to see you one last time. You’re doing well, right? Don’t worry, I’m a ghost. Give me a bigger smile. You look lovely when you smile like that. See you next time…


  1. 18 August 2019, I always Love Park Shin Hye and suddenly saw her on the recommendations. Happy to see her after Long time 😂😂
    I stopped watching kdrama since dramania stopped working 1 month ago.
    Did the bag pay?? I did 😂😂😂
    Very true and funny

  2. Omg park shyn pretty much.and this guy gave such a wonderful acting am really cryed when park died…in this movie. Nice movie…thank u

  3. Congratulation, you just see a story of creepy stalkers who kill his target. All the romantic bullshit is just in his head. The girl probably never knew about him, never invited him. She only smile him once just because she want to promote her flower shop. But he take it very differently. He think she like him. So he barging to her house and kill her. Again all the romantic stuff is just in his head. To the girl he is no one. She doesn't remember anything about him even that she save him from suicide once. I mean. Look at his face. Would a girl like that can really like an ugly broke ass like him?

  4. im here in commnent section to know if the movie is good. but dang it all comments are 'who's watching 2018, 2019???? achuchuchuchu like who cares dang it.

  5. 계속보고 울고 박신혜가 좋아 연기가 대단하다
    I am from indonesia
    Sumpah bikin aku terharu liat film ini sangat terharu sampe meneteskan air mata karena liat si kim yeon ha (park shin hye) nya sedih saya juga ikut sedih pokonya saya gk akan lupa sama ending ini film😢😢

  6. Its September 20 , 2019 . I just gOt done watching it and I'm crying like a baby . Oh my , Im drowned with this kdrama 😭😭

  7. Wow full video … Nice one
    But if the ghost is so pretty like her, im just shock for a minute then i'll ask her a few question like why are you pretty etc.

  8. Stupid movie. The main guy is stupid for not doing the right thing from the beginning. Plus the actor can't even shed real tears while crying in jail. Poor acting.

  9. In San Francisco, I got KBS for free with an antenna. So sad I moved away and I have to watch it on youtube. Hey KBS! Stream your channel for international viewers!!!

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