Dracula (4/10) Movie CLIP – Children of the Night (1931) HD

Dracula (4/10) Movie CLIP – Children of the Night (1931) HD

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l am Dracula. lt’s really good to seeyou. l don’t know what happened
to the driver and my luggage and– Well, and with all this, l– l thought
l was in the wrong place. l bid you welcome. [Animal Howling ] Listen to them. Children ofthe night. What music they make. The spider spinning his web
for the unway fly. _
The blood is the life
Mr. Renfield.


  1. The greatest film of all time, and this clip has my favourite quote from it. "Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make."

  2. Bella Lugosi, is DRACULA. Till this day I can't watch this alone. My parents, allowed me to see this with them late at night. I was left scared for months, what we're thinking. This movie is not for kids.

  3. What message were they sending with Dracula wearing the Star of David? Look out for those Blood Sucking Jews?.."To Life, to life Lechiem!"

  4. Often accused of being a scenery-chewing over-actor, I've always found the Lugosi of the '30's to be remarkably subtle…
    What an entrance.

  5. When I was a kid: "Cool, a vampire!"

    As an adult: "…Where the fuck did Dracula find a tailor to make his designer suits in Transylvania?"

    Still one of the best films ever.

  6. This will BE Herr Romanov's actual Visitation to INMENDHAM'S ABODE in MENDHAM!!!! Ho! Ho! HO! AWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Hohohoho!

  7. Listen to them, children of the night, what music they make. Paint your face. Tonight we terrorize this town.
    MIW m/

  8. One! One child of the night! Two! Two children of the night! Three! Three children of the night! Hahaha!

  9. With the greatest respect to Bela Lugosi and the fans of the ''Classic'' film, I have seen this film more than once. For me, the film, particularly this scene lacks a certain essence, very little atmosphere with out the creepy music to lead up to Dracula's first scene. I find the film quite boring and slow paced, and it takes a lot for me to say that as I have watched many a 1930's classic, including the excellent 1931 Frankenstein (Karloff) Bela was a good actor, but for me Dracula will always be Christopher Lee from the hammer films, they may not be faithful to the book like this one but Christopher had a certain presence, even when he wasn't in the scene.

  10. Dracula gets the hell crap out of Renfield.He just kicks the hell out of him by doing nothing but by his gazing eyes and by his great personality.

  11. Count Dracula: The blood is the life Mr. Renfield.
    Me: И тут вдруг прозвучал мой голос из-под одинокой сломанной табуретки: "…только строго наблюдай, чтобы не есть крови, потому что кровь – есть душа…" (и потом я понеслась к графу с диким радостным криком с целью затискать и зацеловать его.)
    Count Dracula: What the hell?!

  12. For prog fans here: the quote from 0:45 about the Children of the Night appears in the first part of the song "From the Outside In" by IQ

  13. Nothing can top Bela Lugosi he is Dracula and when I was a kid I loved him! Alucard is Dracula's son spelled backwards!

  14. Bela Lugosi was the perfect Dracula. And the lines that were written for him are now a legend: " Children of the night, listen…" and "I never drink…wine". Sadly the next movies Mr. Lugosi made were bad. No director as Tod Browning knew how to exploit his potencial genius.

  15. This is my favorite line in this movie I love Bela Lugosi saying and I quote “listen to them the children of the night what music they make “ too bad no other Dracula movie had this line in their movies as this was in the novel Dracula

  16. "I Am Dracula." Whoosh, chills up and down the spine. Who needs Hollywood with it's multi-million dollar "special effects?"

  17. Bela Lugosi  was such a handsome man…I would let him bite and suck on me…… long as I can repay the favor.

  18. 1:05 No one ever talks about how badass and creepy it is that Dracula just phases through a huge spider web and it freaks Renfield out. I love how the film doesn't make a deal out of it on the Count's side but only on Renfield's reaction to it.

  19. Alternate Ending

    Drac:I am…….. becomes twilight sparkle O_O



    (THE END…..)


  20. Lugosi's Dracula was very handsome, sinister, dark, elegant and charismatic, there is none like him, he is the best Dracula

  21. I don't recall the dinner scenario in this movie where Renfield asks: "Count Dracula….. you're not dining?"

    "I have already…. dined…"

    I do remember it from other film versions and the novel by Bram Stoker.

    Not too hard to figure that one out!

  22. Bela Lugosi's performance as Dracula still holds up nearly 88 years later. That man was born to play Dracula.

  23. Imagine hearing Alucard from Hellsing saying that line. And Crispin Freeman who did the voice of Alucard read that line.

  24. Can't beat these old movies. So atmospheric. Being in black and white makes it seem like a dream. Nightmare to be exact.

  25. Its long past due that this knucklehead start screaming at the top of his lungs and run for all hes worth. Salesman. Oh boy.

  26. While I still prefer the 1922 Nosferatu because I think it captures the horror of Dracula better, this remains the best sound version ever made of Dracula and probably the most iconic.

  27. Did I see a scene where there are some weird creatures 'gamboling' in a pasture, seen from a cottage/castle window? Coulda sworn I saw it in Dracula. Not 2 weeks ago in Chicago, though. Maybe cut/lost?

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