Dracula Scene. Acting workshop.

Dracula Scene. Acting workshop.

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Tell me prince, tell me of your home the most beautiful place in all creation yes, it must be a land beyond a great vast forest surrounded by majestic mountains lush vineyards and flowers of such, frailty and beauty as to be found nowhere else. DRACULA: You, ve described my home as if you had seen it firsthand It,s your voice perhaps, it,s so familiar, it,s it,s like a voice in a dream I can not place and it,s comforts me, when I am alone… DRACULA: When you are alone (Dracula at the same time) And what of the princess? DRACULA: Princess…? There is always a princess with gowns flowing white and… her face oh God! her face is a river the princess she is a river filled with tears of sadness and heartbreak DRACULA:
There was a princess, Elisabetta She was the most radiant woman in all the empires of the world, man,s deceit took her form her ancient prince, She leapt to her death, into the river that you spoke of, in my mothers tongue it is called Argesh, river princess


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