E Full Hindi Dubbed Movie In HD With English Subtitles| Horror Movie

E Full Hindi Dubbed Movie In HD With English Subtitles| Horror Movie

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Yes, Mr Centhil.
The show costs 50,000. Anything less than
that is unacceptable. No? So? Hand the phone to Mr Kumar. Yes, Mr Kumar? You have to accept my conditions. Aru, please answer the door. It’s a floor shoot, right? No, that’s not required. 1 keeno and 2 baby lights. Okay. Call me if you need anything. The shoot begins at 7 am. Yes, nothing should go wrong. Okay.
– Yes! Hey, guys! Listen up.
– I’ll call you later. Come here, Kartik. Get up.
– Hey! Get up. Look what I made. See this, buddy. Look. Mahendra Bahubali! If he doesn’t give in to me,
he’ll die. Awesome!
– I know. What’s awesome in that? What good is
using clips from other films? There should be original shots. As if you’ve taken
many original shots! Prove yourself before
you comment on others. Aru, both of us.. ..have argued over this many times. Just leave the topic. That’s what the problem is.
You don’t understand. This is a great time, Kartik. Given that one deception,.. ..you’re wasting your time. I’m of the same opinion. Brother,
girls have the right to betray. Right?
– What? Don’t link this with that incident. This is not because of that. Guys, please forget it.
– Aru, no serious talks, okay? And Kartik, listen. We have to do
something, okay? At least let me get
the right opportunity. Oh! You await an opportunity? Aru, cinema is perhaps just a job
for you. But for me, it’s my passion.
– Passion? What good will watching
and reading classics, Kartik? Execution.. That matters. A good opportunity.. Keep waiting for one. Your dad had offered a project. Why didn’t you accept it? You should at least start. That too was an opportunity. That documentary? The one about Kerala
Health Department? Oh c’mon! Its subject was Alzheimer’s. Tell me this. Should I do that? Do you know what your problem is?
Your attitude. You make excuses for everything. Viewing pictures in
galleries won’t suffice. You have to face the challenge. Forget movies, let’s see if
you can even manage a documentary. What if I do? Okay, let’s do it.
It’ll be fun. Sister, where can I meet Dr Sudha? Go straight and turn right. Okay, thank you. Yes. Just issue the orders
and send over the papers. We have to do this. Madhu, please try to understand. Speak to the collector
that we need time. After all, we’re humans not machines. Yes, okay. Select one from the
list and inform the office. Yes. They’ll arrange the rest. Okay?
– See you. What’s written in it? Mohan Krishnan,
55 years, Kothamangalam. Malati, 46, Haripad. Vimala, 67, Idukki. Idukki. Let’s fix Idukki.
– Show me. Give. Malati, Pallana, Haripad. Malati teacher! Lights, sound, lapel..
I’ll get that. Who’ll get the camera? She will. Some new company? Her name is Aru. Aru. Is that a man or a woman? He’s a flirt. I’m not interested. Who’s the heroine of this short film? Alex..
– Yes? This is no short film. Then?
– It’s a documentary. Oh my God! Get this and a tea.
– Yes, sir. Look, I don’t make.. ..Documentaries. It’s about my image. Do I tell him about your real image? Okay, okay.. Documentary fixed. What’s the subject?
– Alzheimer’s. Nice, I get it. What? The child artist in a film, right? What a pain! Alex, that was Alencier. This is Alzheimers’, a disease. Is it? Oh, it’s an old subject. But I’ll make it creative. Remind me before the shoot, okay?
Let’s leave now. Hello! Don’t you see anyone around?
– Nobody’s here. Nice, right? Work properly, Kunjumoni. What more do I do, madam? Excuse me. We’re here to make a documentary. Who called me? I did. Only you people have come? You said shooting so I assumed many
people would come. This is just a documentary. She doesn’t seem ill. Keep your mouth shut. It’s late now. Can we do this tomorrow? It’ll be dark soon. No problem. Yes. This is my daughter,.. ..Adhira.
– Hi. Ma’am, didn’t you recognise me? I’m Kartik. Hmm?
– I used to be your student. My dad, Jayprakash,
was a bank employee then. Kichu! Kichu? Nice name. Mom, didn’t your recognise him? We were in the same class. 5th garde, right?
– Yeah. Okay.
– Mom… No,.. ..I’ll go. Where are you guys put up? Well.. ..we’ll stay in some hotel.
– Okay. Actually,
we have home stay facilities. If you wish, you may stay here. That will be nice. I like the ambience very much. Yeah, actually. Nice ambience. What? What a beautiful house!
– Yes. Beautiful! Huh?
– Beautiful house! Very beautiful.
– That’s nice. You know.. ..this house is 100 years old. Only foreigners come here. Uncle, these aren’t tourists. Okay.
– Sorry. Usually we have foreigners as guests. Come, I’ll show you your rooms. Excuse me, come. Okay.
– Come. This is Menon sir. Athira’s dad. He passed away when she was 6.
– Where did he go? Come. Listen, why did he get
angry when I asked where he went. Why give me those looks? I’m going. Mr Menon. You guys want to join?
– No, thanks. We’re already high. Get down if you’re high. Sorry?
– What happened? Nothing, guys. You can leave. – Oh yeah. Why did she apologise? Keep your mouth shut. Aru, as Hari said,
we’ll shoot ambience too. And ma’am’s daily routine too. Once she’s comfortable,
we’ll start with the testimonial. Is that okay? Yeah, it’s fine.
No issues. Hari, it’s exactly as instructed. Hey! What did you do?
That lake killed Mr Menon. Come back here. What happened? What are you doing? What happened?
– He got scared. Silly boy! What’s this, Kunjumoni? Why scare the boy? Actually I.. Hello. Don’t go near that
lake even by mistake. Sorry. Hey, no problem. Just don’t have it inside the house. This is an old house. Traditions. That’s it. Please enjoy. Whose the director? I’m the director, ma’am. I’m acting for the first time. Guide me as to what I’ve to do. I have no knowledge about this. I will guide you. Ma’am, don’t you worry. You don’t have to do anything.
Be natural. All right then. What’s your name? Kartik. And yours?
– Aru. And I am..
– Mom? Come, it’s bed time. She’s my mother!
– Oh! She scolds me if I
don’t do things properly. Oh! She’s bad.
– Okay. I’ll take your leave. Okay.
– Good night. Good night. Good night.
– Okay bye. Give it back.
– What are you doing? Don’t fight. She just left. Mom? Hmm? What happened?
What are you looking at? Mom? Won’t you tell me? I’m worried. What’s the matter? They said I’ve to be natural. So, I can’t wear make-up. You’re too much!
You want make-up? I’ll apply it for you. Really?
– Yes. Here. Have your medicines. Mom! Look here. Yes. Have it. Good girl. ”Our eyes met and our hearts too.” Good night.
– Good night. Okay, Hari. Won’t you get scared sleeping alone?
– No. Want a teddy bear? What do I do?
This is nice. This is good.
I’m safe now. Scared you!
Good night. Good night. Kartik! Are you off to bed? In some time.
– Hold this. Why this cotton?
– You might need this. Do you snore? Tell me honestly. I don’t. But you never know what might happen.
Good night. Who is it? Go to sleep. Oh.. What? Go back to sleep. What’s happening? God! God, what’s happening? Bonjour. What?
– You don’t know? It’s good morning in French. Oh, so sweet! What’s your name? I’m Ann. What’s this? May I see it? These are my paintings. Paintings? Will you click my picture with that? Why not? Hold that and pose. Lower the painting.
– Like this? Perfect. – Hello. Don’t trouble the guests.
– Mom! Okay, bye. See you. Bye. Are you a cook?
– No, chef. Sorry. – What will
you have for breakfast? Indian, continental,
American, Russian.. ..Make ‘idli’. Okay.
– Great. They made my job easy.
Continental would.. Oh man! What for breakfast, ma’am? For breakfast? I have this kanekava. Yeah, I’ll have the same. Sir?
– Same. What?
– What they said. Okay but those people
will have ‘idli’. Those are locals.
My style is class apart. Oh no! Sorry. Who’s this?
– This is me and this is Athira. And this? This is a lake,
this a lily and this is a duck. Very good. Very, very, very good. Thank you. Close… It’s very nice.
– Thank you. Hey! You’re shooting this too?
– We want some natural shots. So, these are natural shots? I thought.. Go ahead. Go ahead.
Have ‘idli’. Why don’t you eat? No, I don’t eat local stuff. I’ve ordered something else. He has turned Italian!
– Is that all? Yes, he eats less. Kartik?
– Yes. As far as I recall,.. ..Kartik used to finish
two tiffins in school! He used to be plump.
I’d call him fatso. Fatso! Pass me the ‘sambhar’. I’ll take it. That’s enough, ma’am. Enough. That’s enough, ma’am. Mom!
– Enough. Mom, stop it. Eat. Thank you. Pass me the chutney. What this? Sago? I expected something nice. Try it. It’s nutritious. Yeah, it’s very nice. She’s fooling the foreigners! May I have some ‘idli’? Eat what you got. Please begin. Please, give me some ‘idli’. It’s over.
– Don’t do that. I won’t diet perforce. Dr. Alois Alzheimer.. ..was the first to identify
Alzheimer’s disease. Forgetting things,.. ..forgetting people’s names,.. ..places around,.. ..changes in language,.. ..sudden changes in
habits and behaviour.. ..are signs of this disease. That’s it, right? Cut. Ma’am, don’t look into the camera. It’s okay. Let’s take again. No…
– We’ll do it again. Shall we do it a bit later? I’ve never walked so much. Let’s take Athira’s shot until then? Mine?
– Yeah. Let’s take Athira’s.
– I don’t know anything. No problem, I’ll explain. Jenny. Yes? – What a nice shot!
– Thanks. Your 16th take was better than.. ..your last one. Really?
– Yes. Don’t look into the camera.
– Okay. Ready?
– Yes. Okay, roll. Rolling.
– Action. My mother was a teacher in my school.
– Stop! What happened? Keep your hair behind. C’mon! Shouldn’t you look good on camera? You’ll look nice. Go now. Sorry. Action. Ma’am… Sorry. Okay. Okay. Okay. After my father’s demise,.. ..my mom and I were lonely. But mom never let me feel sad. That’s how my mom is. We used to go for outings,… ..for movies,.. She loved reading. She reads less now. When did you learn of this disease? About 3-4 months ago,.. ..mom went to the temple alone. On her way back,.. ..she hailed an auto but.. ..she forgot her way home. She felt she lost her memory. After that, we consulted Dr
Roshan Ramakant from Deepa Hospital. The doctor said.. ..this is the first
stage of Alzheimer’s. Okay, good. Let’s take ma’am’s shot now. Mom? Athira! What happened. Here are you. Mom? Shall we?
– Yes. Kartik.. Hey..
– Kartik! What happened suddenly?
– I think something’s wrong. Mom? Mom? Shall we go? The oldest woman in the world.. ..creates a world record. You’re late today. What happened? You slept in? The others have gone to the beach. Keep reading. Yes. A group of pilgrims.. ..have reached the
planes via the mountains. With the help and
blessings of the locals,.. ..this group will achieve their goal. I want you all to stretch your legs. Lie backwards. Look up and face your palms upwards. Now take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax your body.. ..and listen to the
rhythm of the waves. Okay, guys. That’s it for today.
Get up. Thank you.
– Thank you. Where’s Jenny, the bike, Thailand… We were doing yoga
and you were asleep! Hi. Hi. Kartik, aren’t you coming? Come. – No, I’ll join you later. Kartik, tell me one thing. Do early morning dreams come true?
– What? Morning dreams? Go away.
– Tell me. Jenny! Hi.
– Hi. Are you a yoga instructor? Yeah, you can say that. You got scared last night? Yes. I too got scared
the first time around. So, this has happened before? Once. The doctor told me to beware if this
repeats often. Hey, Kartik!
Coming? No, go ahead.
I’ll see you later. Okay. – Bye. Mom likes.. ..your friends, Kartik. Are you in touch with Rahul? Rahul? No. Shweta is here. I see here some times. The others are on social
networking site. You’re not, right? I looked you up.. ..but I didn’t find you.
– I am. But I’m not active. You remember everyone then? Yes, most of them. You know, Sanya’s wedding failed. Sanya who? Forget it if you don’t remember her. Sanya! Don’t tell them about the past. Alex, sound okay?
– Yes. Ma’am, ready? Action. Sometimes, forgetting
things seems like a blessing. It feels as if.. ..God has given me a gift.. ..in disguise. Malati is my patient since 4 months. She’s dealing with
the situation very well. She’s a sensible patient. Well,.. ..she faces no other problems.
Just that she has aged. But she’s young at heart. I’m forgetful. Once I turned on the gas and forgot
to the light the burner. We survived that day.
Otherwise there’s no problem. I feel, if someone else
is facing the same situation,.. ..ma’am proves to
be a role model for him. There’s lots to learn from her.
– My life.. ..seems like a battle now. A battle to remember everything. I know, I will lose in
the end and yet I have to fight. I fear.. ..not losing.. ..but the moment.. ..when I’ll forget my daughter Athira. I don’t want to see that day. I pray, may that day.. ..Never dawn. Hence, I’ll have to keep fighting. Listen, dear.
Tomorrow’s ‘panchami’. We’ve to visit the temple
tomorrow evening. On our way back.. Are you listening? Mom, I’m replying to the last mail. Enough. Go to sleep. Good night. Why are we going to the temple today?
Anything special? You’d said today’s ‘panchami’
and we’ve to visit the temple. Oh! I said that? Yes. See, how pretty my mom looks! Shall we? Okay. Mom, why are you here?
Let’s go. Will you go home
before going to Chennai? How can we go home yet?
I have things pending. Well, I was thinking.. Why did you quit your job? You could’ve continued. And leave mom in this state? This is not a serious situation. Your cook and gardener can look after
her. Or you can hire a home nurse. Even though she has a daughter? Actually.. It’s okay. Okay sir. Thank you. Thank you, sir.
Bye. I will surely come back. I will take revenge. I won’t spare that person. I will get revenge. Athira, your mom.. She is asleep. No, she’s out. What? Where is she, Aru? Here. Where? She was right here. I saw her.
– What? She was talking.
There was someone in the mirror. Believe me, there was! I swear, I saw her. Hello. Hello.
– This is for you. Thank you.
– Thank you so much for coming.. ..See you again. Yeah, sure. Okay.
– Bye. You’re leaving? Yeah.
– Okay, bye. Bye.
– Bye. I will miss you. I will miss you! Jenny!
– Okay, bye. What the hell was he doing! I don’t know. Jenny, you’re jumping
high to get mangoes! Need help? How? Here’s my chance. Like this. I’m holding you, go ahead. Get one more. Put me down.
– Look.. ..what’s happening here.
– For me. Madam! Who are you? What do you want? Didn’t you recognise me?
I’m Arvind. Arvind who? The supplier. What do you supply? Vegetables, madam. You look like a thief. No, I’m not a thief.
– Eliza. Yeah.. Eliza! Eliza!
– Why are you calling Eliza? Eliza?
– What wrong have I done? Nice?
– Hmm. It’s really nice. 2400 and 2500. Where’s my scooter? I parked it here. Where did it go? I remember parking it here. Watchman! Where’s my scooter I parked here? Watchman! I’m coming. Madam, you! What happened? Stop!
– Okay. Come. Where’s mom?
– She’s inside. But she won’t say anything.
– My bike is here. Mom? Grandpa, your stick. Mom. What happened, dear?
– Nothing, mom. Let’s go. Are we shooting here too? Not here, ma’am.
Let’s leave. That’s the problem. They lack discipline. I must leave now. I’ll take your leave. Okay. – See you. Bye. Ta-ta.
– Ta-ta. Come. Okay, dear. Good she left. Thank God. This.. Keep it here. Now orange. Fine. What if she had met with an accident? It scares me! Nothing happened. Why be scared? We’ve to be careful with ma’am around. What do we do now? I have an idea.
– You better keep quiet. Hari. What?
– Go ahead, Alex. Mom, give me your hand. Why do I need a watch? This is no ordinary watch?
– Then? This watch will tell me.. ..if you go far from me. Got it. Whose idea is this?
– Mine. Good. You turned me into a patient finally. Mom! Just saying. Don’t be upset. Stop whistling. And lock the gate properly. Open the gate in the morning. I can’t jump over the gate.
– I’ll open it. You’ll wake up for sure? Oh yes, I will.
Don’t worry. Don’t forget to open the gate. Hey! Go to sleep or you won’t wake up. I’ll go in 2 minutes. What a bother! Jenny, it’s you!
– Scared? You scared me. You’re an expert with smoking.
How many years of experience? Pass it to me. Ma’am, you? Open the gate. Now? Please go and sleep. After 12 years.. Please go. It’s late. I will seek revenge. No, ma’am. Let’s go inside.
– I won’t spare that person. I will seek revenge. Ma’am, relented at once. Open the gate. Open the gate. What are you doing? Open the gate. Open it. I said open the gate. Give me the key. Key! I said open the gate. Open it. Open… Open the gate. She was right here. Where is she?
– She was here. Where?
– Let’s look there. This way. The gate is locked. Then she must be around.
– Athira. Don’t leave my hand.
I’m scared. Mom! Ma’am!
– Mom? Why fear? I’m with you. What happened?
– Kartik? Look there. Where? – Look,
the teacher had that rod. She’s must be around. Oh God! Kartik! Kartik! Kartik! Kartik! Come. Athira.
– Mom! Ma’am? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Ma’am? Ma’am… Mom, are you okay? Sit. Give.
– I’ll feed her. You’ll eat, right? Mom said she doesn’t recall anything. Athira,… ..ma’am is perfectly fine now. Don’t worry. How can I not worry? The doctor said
unpredictable behaviour.. ..And violence are
symptoms of this disease. Such things happen.
– But she’s turning dangerous. You saw how violent she was. We just have to keep an eye on her. We better move all sharp
objects from this house. Somebody pushed me. Somebody pushed me. Pushed me. Somebody pushed me.
– Mom! Who pushed me? Who, mom? Pushed me. Pushed me. Mom? Who pushed you? Somebody pushed me.
– Come. Somebody pushed me. Who could push her? Aru, Alex is a nice guy. Yeah. No, not in that sense. I mean.. He’s a funny guy. Who is it? Who is it? Aru! What happened? It’s ma’am. What? Hey! Mom? Have you seen my mom? She isn’t around, Kartik. Mom! Kartik! Kartik, there she is. Where? There. Ma’am.. Enough. Ma’am. I said enough. If you keep doing this,
I’ll have to tie you up. Athira!
– What else do I do? I have an idea. What was that noise? Where’s mom?
– Noise. Why are you all here? Come. Move back. Mom? Athira! Are you okay? I’ll be back after 12 years. I will seek revenge. I won’t spare anyone. Get up, Athira. Ma’am.. Ma’am.. Kartik! Kartik! Ma’am… Kartik, how’s she? She’s unconscious. The doctor she isn’t critical. We didn’t think of all this. It’s become a headache now. Kartik, why should
we endanger our lives? I think we should leave. Are you scared? It’s not fear, Kartik.
This has to end someday, right? Look Kartik, our task is almost done. We understand your feelings but.. Kartik?
– Yes. The doctor is calling. Coming. I understand what you’re saying. But I can’t leave her in this state. But Kartik.. Look, I won’t force you. You decide. Athira, such things happen with
some patients with Alzheimer’s. They get angry.
Throwing things, screaming… Everything that you said. There’s no other reason behind it all. Even if there is some other reason,
we can’t detect it at this stage. Usually such things.. ..become evident
at the advanced stage.. ..Why is it happening early then? There’s no reason to fear. Let her be here some days. Wait till we get all the reports. Okay. I got all the medicines. – Okay.
– Wow. I’ll show you. Like this. Hi, Kartik. Wow! You made this? Lovely.
– Hi, Kartik. You guys didn’t leave? What? You thought
we’d leave you alone? Hi, Jenny. I will surely seek revenge. I won’t spare anyone. I will come back after 12 years. Do we really have to go? Just come. Let’s call the others too. No? Oh God! Oh my! Listen. Don’t be scared. I’m with you. What’s this? Be careful. It was a stick. Alex, move this. Okay. Help me. Kartik, what are you doing? Be careful. Hey.. Help me move this. I’ll visit home. I’ll be back soon.
– Okay. Kartik, be careful. What’s this? Hold this. Hold. What is it? Keep. Bring that here. Be careful. Kartik. I.. I will surely seek revenge. I won’t spare anybody. What’s in this? Mom? Move! Run. Leave from here quickly. Run quickly. Hari! Hari! What happened? Hari.. Get up quickly. C’mon! Careful. Hurry up. Hurry up. Come. Leave it, Kartik.
Don’t open it. No, Kartik. Eliza! Make some sago for lunch. Where were you? Why?
– Those kids.. The went to that room and there was
a storm. Huh? – They retrieved a
trunk from there. I was scared. Okay. I’ll check. What’s this? – No idea. Look at this. Look, this is ma’am’s photo.
– Where? Look. Yes. Who’s this? This is.. This is Bhargavan sir. He used to teach
Sanskrit in my school. How did this come here? Uncle! What’s going on here? That room..
– Why did you go there? But… – There are
many things in that room. Why did you get stuff out? We simply… Just finish your task and leave. Or you’ll face the consequences. What happened to him? What happened, dear? Nobody knows Bhargavan sir’s
whereabouts for the last 12 years. We’d heard that time.. ..that he left with
all his belongings. Didn’t you look for him? Listen to me carefully. You mightn’t like this but
madam is suffering this since.. ..those kids came here. I think they’re
responsible for all this. Send them back soon. Else, I’ll have to send them away. You won’t do that. In Mangalore, the police learnt.. ..he left that house long ago. His behaviour was weird. He wouldn’t mingle easily. But people used to get
attracted to him quickly. Hari! Athira. Go and freshen up. Ritual… ..black magic.. ..sacrifice.. ..snake worship.. What are you. What are you doing? What’s this? We found it in that box. What is this? I don’t know. Sister! My paintings! Sister! Give them back to me. My paintings!
– Wait a minute. Wait. My paintings. Wait a minute, dear. My paintings.
– Why are you crying? Aru! What are you doing? Listen.. ..you drew this, right? Yes. This.. Ma’am instructed. I told you I have no idea. The one in the hospital.. ..can’t be my mother. I’m convinced.. ..this isn’t what the doctors
diagnosed. It’s something else. If the hospital staff
hadn’t come on time,.. ..mom would’ve killed me! Did Bhargavan sir live here? What do you mean? How else did this land here?
– Exactly. Uncle Kunujumoni might have some idea. We asked him but.. ..he reprimanded us. I think, there’s some connection
among all this. Somebody should translate this book. Yes. Listen Kartik, look. What’s this? How will he help? Dr Krishnamurty is
an expert in these things. He has researched parapsychology and
has authored books too. He has received awards too.
– He must be good then. Shall we speak to him? Yes, do that. Where is he from? Kartik! What happened?
– Come. Come.
– Athira! Athira, what happened? Tell me. Our society has many
myths about snake worship. And negative worship too. Negative worship? Yes. Prayer rituals have
both good and bad effects. Things are different in this case. This is ‘Indriya Veda Sanhita’. In every age and civilisation.. ..humans tried their
best to beat death. Modern science is doing the same. This book is based on ancient
Indian historical aspects.. ..after much research. This book is so engaging
that anybody who reads it.. ..gets lost in it.
Who wouldn’t want to me immortal? In other words,
this is a brilliant piece of work… ..especially for people like me. It must’ve taken him
a lot of time and effort. But at the same time,.. ..let me tell you,
it’s far from the truth. We can say.. ..this a crazy man’s imagination
after extensive research. You’re confusing me. Don’t be confused.
It’s like a fantasy novel. The writer gave his best
while writing this.- Sir! What’s this? As I said, this is a
process to attain immortality. It requires years of penance,.. ..prayers and fasts. The end of the process
requires 3 sacrifices. 3 young girls.. ..who haven’t attained adolescence.
This sign.. ..is engraved on the body
of the girl meant to be sacrificed. Sir, I have it on my back. Mom said, it was engraved on my back
after I fell ill. Hmm.
– But I don’t recall anything. If you don’t recall anything,.. ..you surely were hypnotised. Kartik.
– Sir? That mad man is really
living with his fantasy. Sir, nothing will
happen to Athira, right? Come with me. Athira is a lucky girl. This tattoo was made on
her body before the sacrifice. That means.. Something surely happened
during that time. So, he has killed 2 girls? It seems so. Sir, this happened years ago. Why the after effects now? How is your ma’am now? She’s unconscious most of the times. Why, sir? Nothing much. Anyway,.. ..let me just go through these things. Then I will call you back. Don’t worry. Okay sir.
– Okay, move on. What do you want? You’re here? What happened? I can’t find Athira. Look that way. Athira! I’ll come back after
12 years on full moon night… ..to seek revenge.
I won’t spare anyone. Hello, Kartik?
– Yes, sir. I want to meet you. To seek revenge. I won’t spare anyone. After 12 years,.. ..I have come back. For my revenge…
Saying such things.. It wasn’t your mom but
Bhargavan who said that. I’ve heard Bhargavan
didn’t die a natural death. That means,.. ..he has possessed your
mom’s body as she killed him. It’s a kind of revenge. If my intuitions are correct,
she’s in danger. But why after all these years? The day Bhargavan died,.. ..the planetary and astral
positions were exactly like they are.. ..today. It’s full moon night. Such alignment has
occurred after 12 years. I don’t know if you’ll believe me. But this has to be solved and ended.. ..today. After the night ends, Bhargavan will
possess your mother’s body forever. You might lose her forever. Sir, is there no
way to save my mother? There is. But I don’t know if it’ll work. As per scriptures,
we have to destroy.. ..whatever part of
Bhargavan’s body has remained. How do we do that?
– By burning it. Tonight, before midnight,.. ..Every part of Bhargavan’s
body has to be burnt.. ..That will destroy the evil spirit. Ma’am wasn’t digging
here but covering it. Eliza, where’s Athira? She went downstairs. I’m really thirsty. Get me some water. Now?
– Yes, get some water. Ann, I’ll be back.
– Okay, mom. Madam, are you listening? You took him away, right? Where to? Where? Our..
– Our? Tell me. Madam! I want revenge! Revenge! Look that way. Hello. Be careful. What?
– Huh? What happened? Ma’am is missing. What?
– Ann too. What happened?
– What? Ann is missing? The third sacrifice will be of Ann. Athira, find your mother soon. No! No! Chants. Chants. Chants. Are you sure you searched everywhere
-Yes. Kartik. mom! Chants. Chants. Chants. Mom! Chants. Chants. Chants. Hurry up. Fast. Mom! Mom! Ann! Are you all right? Ann! Mom? Sister!
– Get up, mom. Thank God, you’re fine. Mom! Uncle Kunjumoni, we’re leaving. Yes. See you, ma’am. Who among you is the director? C’mon, ma’am! It’s me, ma’am. If you leave now, how will you shoot? We’ll come back, ma’am. He will have to come back here. Okay. Ma’am. Yes, dear? Very good. Hey! Very good. Sorry, ma’am. Take this. Good. Ma’am, bye. Bye, ma’am. Bye.
– Take care. Bye, Athira.
– Bye. Athira, that director
reminds me of Kichu. Bye! Bye. Ta-ta.


  1. Movie Dekho acchi Lagegi faltu Kaise comment mat karo movie e Dekh Lo Bas Ek Hi Baat Ho Rehte Rehte Ho comment Kaun padh raha hai kaun kaun like kar raha hai bhai movie Dekho Jisko aur pasand hai Na Aayegi

  2. Dont waste ur time… Mind gets disturbed after watching this movie… Psycho type movie

  3. Wahh yr kamaal kr diya movie ny koi jawab nai tum sbka… Kisii ko pta chle toh mjy b btaye k yeh kb ja rhi hai OSCAR k liyee… Mjy pura barossa hai k OSCAR ici ka hai

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  5. horror movie ka ma bahan kar diya….horror movie ka matlab nahi jante is director….fucking asshole….bakwas 3rd class movie….so cheap

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