Ek Thi Daayan (2013) । Full Movie । Emraan Hashmi, Huma Qureshi

Ek Thi Daayan (2013) । Full Movie । Emraan Hashmi, Huma Qureshi

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“In silent nights.” “In silent nights.” “In silent nights.” “I walk silently.” “In silent nights.” “I walk silently.” “I’ll return for you.” “For you.”“Obeloved…” “In silent nights.” “I walk silently.” “I’ll return for you.” “For you.” Ladies and gentlemen… Kingdom of Dreams presents… India’s most renowned magician… Bobo, the Baffler! For today’s performance
I need a partner… Hi what’s your name? Hi I’m Sangita. Can you please step on to the stage
to assist me? Me? Please.
My assistant hasn’t come today. I need some help. Sure. Give it up for Sangita, guys! Thank you so much.
Thank you. Sangita, I don’t feel well today. If you don’t mind,
can you get that coat? – Sure.
– Thank you. I have a bad cold since morning. I feel sick. Guess I’m coming down with flu. – Can you hold this?
– Sure. And when I have a cold, I often… Sorry Bobo, I’m so sorry. I was caught up in traffic. It just wouldn’t move. Every second person in Mumbai
uses traffic as an excuse. No, Bobo, I swear. Don’t lie to me. Sangita, will lift my head. I’m sorry it is heavy. Please… you can give her the mike. Thank you for keeping
the head on my neck. Do you have a favourite magic trick? After that, I don’t know. Oh, the rope trick. Oh my favorite. Ladies and gentlemen… the great Indian rope trick for
Ms. Sangita… Thank you so much. I want to watch this live. Zubin, you have to
finish your homework! So, Ms. Traffic jam,
why were you delayed? I’m telling the truth. The trains and buses
weren’t running due to heavy rain. Every road was jam packed. You are being very stubborn. I need to teach you a lesson. Bobo, please!
Believe me, I am telling the truth. You still have time to tell the truth. It is the truth. Please don’t set fire. You’re lying. No, I am not lying. Bobo, please… no… Trust me… No, Bobo, no, please stop the fire. Listen to me, Bobo. Now will you tell the truth? Bobo… Will you? No, I won’t. It’s happening again. I’m scared, Bobo.
Please. Come on, Bobo turn. Bobo, look up. Give the signal to Anna. I am telling the truth. Give her the signal now! Bobo, please. Now, will you tell me the truth? I’ll never tell you. Never! What are you doing? Bobo, come on,
get a grip on yourself. Bobo, please give the signal. Bobo… The fire is beyond the red mark. Bobo, just give her the signal. Bobo, give the signal now. Leave! Bobo, she is burnt. Just wrap it up right now! Anna… let me see. It really hurts. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Right, doctor? She burnt her hand. A few more minutes
and her face would’ve burnt. Relax. What is Bobo doing? Don’t make a big deal out of this. Baby you will be fine, okay. So don’t worry. Listen… Take her to the best
possible hospital. I’ll take care of everything. Okay?
Yeah? Do it right now… come. Don’t worry, okay. This is the third accident in
one month. Bobo, you cannot be doing this… It was Misha again. Can anyone else hear her? I heard the voice tool Maybe you saw who it was, big guy. Yes! It was a doll,
floating in the balcony. Oh God, please stop copying Bobo. – No, really…
– Shut up. Bobo, we are lucky. Anna got away with minor burns. Come on, Zubin. Let’s go. Bye Bobo. Hey, Zubs. Come here. You are my best friend,
you know that? Let’s go. Take care. Hi father. Sorry, I know we’re very late! Take Zubin to his dorm. Zubin, kiss? Come upstairs.
Tuck me in. Please. Good night. Can I ask you something personal,
if you don’t mind? Sure. The adoption board had
advised you that… if both of you want to adopt Zubin… you should get married. Yeah… Then… is there a problem between
the two of you? No, father. Bobo loves me and Zubin very much. Actually… Actually, I don’t know father. You, know how Bobo is. You know sometimes… sometimes he’s just very closed. Where’s Bobo? He’s outside, in the car. This lift doesn’t work, sir. Didn’t you read the notice? Why don’t you add
“Since 25 years”? Bobo… – Tamara…
– What happened? Misha’s dead body… a lizard… Where? There. In that chest. This is Misha’s doll. I just don’t know how I saw… What made you come here? I don’t know. How old were you? When your sister died? Well, Misha was6,
so I must have been 11… How did she die? In an accident, I think. Well… Bobo… We’ve been together for a year
and you still keep secrets from me. But I really
don’t remember Misha’s death. Just her voice… and face. Will you listen to me for once? Please sell that old apartment. It’s time to move on. I know you have bad memories
attached to that apartment. I understand your dilemma. But… If you don’t let go of your past,
we can’t have a happy future. I can’t figure out one thing, though. How did a lizard get
into a closed chest? Shall I show you how? This way… Tamara… This way… This way… Tamara… stop it… “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “Even today
I have a desire of passion.” “Let me yearn.” “Let the tears flow.” “Your eyes are sometimes dew drops
and sometimes fragrance.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “Deep ocean and two islands.” “There are so many ships that
have drowned. Look for them.” “Open the pearls of
the tears from the shell.” “When it drops from the eyelids,
then let it see.” “Then let it see.” “Let it fall drop by drop
and let me pick it one by one.” “I don’t want to keep it little,
let me keep some.” “The shine of your eyes is like
a firefly in the darkness.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” Ball please. Bobo?I Wow! You know, who the devil this is? The wonder boy,
Bobo the baffler. How’s it going? You think if everything was fine,
I’d come here? Let me finish this set.
Where’s the ball? Ball… Here! I’ll be back in 5 minutes. Thank you. Bobo, I’m retired now. I know… Most of my former assistants
are renowned doctors now. Let me find one for you. No. Only you can help me. But why? The problem is related to my past. And you have witnessed everything. Okay. Please… Relax Bobo. Relax. Relax and tell yourself… you are going deeper
and deeper into a state of hypnosis. Picture yourself… walking down a passage… towards an open door. Further and further… beyond which is bright light. Relax. Relax. Now you are at the time
that you want to relive. Would you like to tell me? Where are you now? I am in Dad’s study… reading a book. In secret. Which book? Time, Witchcraft and the Devil: A Cultural History. Where is your Dad? In his chemistry lab. I read in the book that
the number of the Devil is666.So, the easiest way
to reach hell was pressing…6-6-6.What are you doing here? Daddy told you never
to enter this lift. I know.
Go and do your homework. I want to be with you. Okay, but if you tell Daddy, I’ll
never ever show you another trick. Is this a new one? Yeah… What is it? Keep quiet and watch. Yes. Oh, you fixed the lift? But what’s the trick? Just see. Yes! I did it. Where is the lift going? To hell. Where? Hell. Bobo. – Bobo.
– Don’t be afraid. Stop the lift. I am afraid. Don’t be afraid. See this. Is this hell? Yes. Who lives here? Bad folks. From the whole world? No, only from this building. Every high-rise has its own hell. All the bad people from this building
are sent here after they die. Lazy watchmen,
grumpy old men who hate kids… the building secretary,
cruel step moms… Are there any good step moms? There could be, but most are not. Thank god, we don’t have step mom. Will you be quiet now?
We’ve got the door open. Daddy! Are you alright? There is no limit to
your everyday pranks. What… what were you doing in that lift? Nothing wrong with the lift,
Bobo can make it work. Really? How? When he pressed
all the buttons together… lift started shaking heavily. And then the lift
took us down to hell. Where? Misha, you want
a piece of my chicken? Thank you. Where did it take you? Hell, Daddy, hell. Oh. Where is hell? Below the ground floor. Every high-rise has its own hell. All the bad people from this building
are sent there after they die. Lazy watchmen,
grumpy old men who hate kids… the building secretary,
cruel step moms… Bobo what… Now stop this. Would you stop? A gift has come for you… a gift from another dimension. Bobo, stop all this. Mom’s favorite flowers!
See, Daddy? Bobo can do anything! I really don’t know,
how lo handle you two. The only solution is… Boarding school! I know everything that’s going on
in your mind. Now, I will tell you
what’s going in your mind. Dad, stop! Here I am. Come on, Bobo. Hurry UP! Okay. Come. Oh! Hi. Hello. Misha. No, actually,
I was going down. Maybe you pressed the
button before me. No. Never mind.
It’s a little weird lift. What’s the matter with you two?
Get in. Come on. Hurry up. What’s the matter with you two?
Get in. Get in. Somebody is waiting. Get in. So sweet! Yeah… She’s Misha. Hi Misha. Say hello. And he is Bobo. Hello, Bobo. We didn’t press the lift button. Bobo… Where did you come from? I came from down under. In the lift? Yeah. From hell? Misha! It’s fine. South Africa is hell at least
for Indians and blacks. Wait I’m coming. Wait. Wait I’m coming. Hey gramps… Wait. Do you want to see a trick? No, Bobo no.
Don’t disturb him. Where are you parked? Actually, I came by taxi. Is there a taxi stand close by? Right outside their school. I’ll drop you.
Please come. Are you sure? Yes… no problem at all.
Please come. Thank you. By the way, I’m Diana. Hi, I’m Sharan. I feel sure that
Diana is a witch… and that she came up
from hell in the lift. I was getting angry on Daddy… I feel like punching him
on his stomach… and shoving the witch
out of the car. I love children. I just love children. Thank you, thank you so much. Okay kids, bye. Thanks. I am praying that this will be our
first and last encounter with Diana… but Daddy had some other plans. Bye. He was hearing wedding bells. Let’s go. Yes. Win! Open it fast. Win! I want to go in first. Open it fast. That’s cheating. I came first. Daddy, didn’t you go to college? No… but how come you two
are back so early? We had tests and
then we were let off. And how did they go? The tests? Remember me, in the lift? From hell. So sweet. I could just eat you up. Come on, I’ve made some sandwiches
and milk shakes for you guys. You want? Here… Come on. Have it. Bobo, come here. Bobo, the good news is
Diana has agreed to look after you. So I can concentrate
on my research work. She’s a trained governess, you know. No? Why? What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she wearing a cross? What do you mean? It’s the Church’s rule. Every Christian has to wear a cross. If anyone breaks that rule,
they go straight to hell. You mean you don’t like Diana. Why Bobo… what’s wrong with her? She’s a witch from hell. Bobo! Bobo, come back here! It’s okay. Here it is. To preserve her evil powers,
a witch has to sacrifice a child. Every leap year. It’s every fourth year
that has an extra day. Means? Leap year. Is this a leap year? Yes. Has she come to kill us? Yes, but don’t worry. As long as I’m around,
I won’t let her do anything. Let’s tell Daddy. No. It’s pointless telling him anything. Please tell Daddy. No. Unless he sees it with his own eyes,
he won’t accept it. We have to collect proof. We have to watch the
witch all the time. And remember, always be alert. In the beginning, Diana used to come
by just in the mornings and evenings. But little by little, she started
hanging around all the time. This is your lunch… What happened, Bobo? Diana would spend hours
in dad’s study after dinner. She’d play loud music. So that their voices couldn’t
be heard outside. Diana is constantly trying to win us
over with all kinds of devices. According to the book… a demon lords over the day… and a witch is
the empress of the night. The real form of
a witch is beautiful and scary. Dense hair like clouds
over angle like face. Twisted legs and hands
longer than the body. Ancient scholars said“ …that a witch’s strength
lies in her braid. And a demon’s power lies in his neck. Bye-bye. The book also said that a witch… can perform evil activities between
midnight and 4 am. That’s why Diana was
never home at night. I had to catch her red-handed. Let’s end the meetings of
coming and going daily. Let’s get married then. What? Don’t be silly, Sharan. Bye.
– Bye. After that night,
the witch grew alert and wary. A cat and mouse game
began between us. The moot question, however… was which one of us was the hunter
and which one the hunted.Swamps…you need lo improve
your acting skills on playing old. Last time I showed you a trick,
I caught your eyes moving. Bobo, come on, let’s go. Lisa… Lisa Dutt. Weren’t you in Arthur Road jail? You were supposed to be hanged. They let you go?
Or did you escape? Sorry, madam. It’s his senility acting up.
He’s past ninety. It’s okay. – Come Bobo.
– Come Bobo. Gramps, who is Lisa? Please tell me
who is Lisa Dutt? Witch! Finally I had a strong lead. Next day at school,
I was desperate to get back home. I wanted to ask
Gramps about Lisa Dutt. Dad. Dad. Bobo, what happened? Bobo. Bobo, what happened? Bobo, what happened? She became a lizard
and attacked me! Bobo, what happened? Who did this? The witch did it. What happened? A lizard fell on him
and he got spooked. You okay, dear? Good boy. Now I’m sure you’ll become
a great magician when you grow up. A lizard falling is
a sign of good luck. It was you who fell on me.
Not a lizard. Bobo! You killed the old man on the third
floor and now you want to kill me! That’s enough, Bobo. Mind your language. Let me handle this. Bobo. Bobo, why do you hate me so much? You are a witch. Who has come up
from hell. I have seen you change
into a lizard. Is this the way you speak to elders? Say sorry, come on. No. Say sorry. No, I won’t. Say sorry. Time, Witchcraft and the Devil. Where did he get this? From a waste paper vendor. Wow! And his ambition is to
become a magician? Why don’t you ask him? Bobo? I’ve been hypnotized
to another dimension. Very nice. Why on earth would a professor’s son
want to become a magician? To be honest, Doc, he’s very good. Look Sharan… I’m sorry but what should I say… it’s quite a crazy book… it’s feeding his fantasies
and anxieties. Let’s just keep it out
of reach for now. He’s at a sensitive age,
he is just 11. It’s not advisable to
start a therapy now. May be… he still can’t forget
the loss of his mother. That is why… he’s inventing all kinds of reasons
to avoid accepting you in his life. I’m sure, your love and
time will win him over.Like daddy even Dr. Pam dismissed
my side of the story…
he arranged for counseling“ I’m in school with the counselor. Everyday I am told that it’s all a
figment of my imagination. Everything, even the lift going
below the ground floor and… Diana transforming into a lizard. Gradually I started doubting myself. Was it all really a
figment of my imagination? A hallucination? Daddy gave us a surprise,
he got married. Very special. We were supposed to be
a happy family now. See this, a very old one… – Mostly from 13th or 14th century.
– Show. Careful, it’s very sharp. It can behead your enemy
in one stroke. Careful… Just joking. I’ve started pretending to like Diana. Happy birthday to you. Today is Diana’s birthday… which comes only once in four years. February 29th. Bobo. Happy birthday to you. Listen… I’m taking a taxi for the meeting. Why don’t you bring the kids straight
to the restaurant? 9:30 should be good. Many happy returns of the day. Thank you. Bye. Bobo, you want to play hide and seek? No, I’m watching the eclipse. Please. Please Bobo. Wow, the moon is turning into red. Only one game. Please. Please. Yes. You have to play the thief. That’s who I am. You go and hide. Come. I’ll start counting. Ready. 17.3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 197.021 22 23 24 25 Ready or not, here I come. Bobo. Where are you? I’m coming. Misha. You can’t hide from me. I will find you. And then I’ll eat you. Misha. I’m coming. Where are you? I forgot my files. We’re playing hide and seek. Okay, sorry. Can I go inside? Thank you. Misha. Misha open the door. Misha. Misha. Misha open the door. Misha. Misha. Bobo, what happened? Misha is locked inside. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha open the door. Misha open the door. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. Misha. What did you do? Sorry. What? You witch! I will kill you. Why did you… But I said I am sorry. Bobo… You belong to our world. Help me. Come Bobo… Don’t be afraid. You don’t remember. I’ve come hereto remind you. Come. No. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy… Daddy. Daddy. All the powers of
a witch reside in her braid. What have you done, Bobo? What did you do? I was doing this for both of us. I swear on the Devil… I will return. I will return. I will come back for you. 4… 3… 2… 1. So doctor, do you believe
in witches and spirits? Yes, I do. My grandma used to say that the
witch was the empress of the night. And grandpa used to say
that once you slept with her… you would never want to sleep
with anyone else. So if you bump into a witch,
think of me. All of my girlfriends
are getting old. What about my visions when
I was hypnotized? During hypnosis you saw everything
from your memory when your were 11. And you were
psychologically unfit then. I had said way back then that… you didn’t want to accept
Diana as your mother. And you would
make up stories about her. What about Misha’s death? She died because of suffocation.That’s what the
post-mortar“ report said.
What about dad? Cardiac arrest after the shock. And Diana vanished without a trace? What do you have to say about that? She must be a con woman. An impostor, a criminal. Before she could get your father’s
wealth she escaped. Police tried to look for her… but you know our police. So after a while the case was shut. Bobo, calm down. Leave her. Leave me! Why did you come back? What are you doing? Why did you come back? Calm down. Bobo, Bobo… Somebody call for
an ambulance, please. Bobo… Tamara? Yes. Hi. I am Dr. Ranjan Palit,
Bobo’s psychiatrist. What? – What is going over here?
– Step out? Don’t worry. He is okay now. You did not trust me… or else you wouldn’t
keep it from me. For the past two weeks you
are going through this hell. Yet you didn’t tell me. Because you get worried. And now I’m not! Tamara,
you are getting it all wrong. No, I get it very well. Mr. Bijoy Sharan Mathur,
you are superstitious. Give up magic and
take up witchcraft! Try to drive out the
evil spirits from people. Psychiatry, hypnosis…
What nonsense! Hey, relax!
Calm down. I am absolutely fine now. At least look at me. I’m listening! Let us start a new life. Let’s get married. Give me one reason why
I should marry you. I love you. Yes. You proved it too. You love me. You know, I’m not so sure anymore. Okay, here are three reasons. I don’t snore at night… I don’t fart… and I am a tiger in bed. I hate you. I hate you. Don’t ever do that again. Never! “My heart was Miyan Mithoo.
He did as he pleased.” “My heart was Miyan Mithoo.
He did as he pleased.” “He never listened to me.
He did what he liked.” “My heart was Miyan Mithoo.” “Mister, walk carefully.
This world is betrayer.” “The grass is greener
on the other side.” “The one who has experienced it.” “The parrots flew away.” “The parrots flew away.” “Miyan fell in love
and he went crazy.” “The parrots flew away.” “The parrots flew away.” “My heart was Miyan Mithoo.
He did as he pleased.” “It hold my hands and took me away.” “My heart was Miyan Mithoo.” “Mister, don’t turn and look at me.” “Mister, don’t turn and look at me.
There’s no one in Mathura.” “Since I fell in love,
I haven’t slept peacefully.” “The dreams slipped away.” “The parrots flew away.” “Miyan fell in love and he
went crazy.” “The parrots flew away.” “The parrots flew away.” “The parrots flew away.” “The parrots flew away.” Friends… my next and final act. And the name is…
The Living Ghost. In this act in front of everyone… I will transform
a living person into a ghost. So… is there anyone among you… who is fearless
enough to die for a few minutes? I will ask thrice. Only thrice. Is anyone ready? Is anyone ready? Is anyone ready? Yeah! Brave girl, what is your name? Lisa. Lisa what? Lisa Dutt from Canada. Lisa. Lisa Dutt. Weren’t you in Arthur Road jail? You were supposed to be hanged. They let you go?
Or did you escape? Thank you. So Lisa,
Lisa Dutt what do you do? Love you. Actually,
I studied music in the U.S. And I’m a big fan of yours. So that is why you wish
to die at my hands. Come. Please stand here. I need you to assist me,
so don’t move. Lisa, are you ready
to become a ghost? You can’t transform me into a ghost. Oh. But you could try
making me into a witch. So Lisa,
how does it feel to be a witch? Feeling great. Loving it. Do you want to
become human again? No. I hate human beings. You got one thing wrong. What? My feet aren’t reversed. I am here for you. I will ask thrice. Is anyone ready? Is anyone ready? Yeah! Brave girl, what is your name? Lisa Dutt from Canada. What were you up to
with the computer all night? Porn? There’s an offer on
your dad’s apartment. Twenty million rupees. They want to finalize
the deal today. I’ve agreed to a 400 p.m. meeting. I’ll come directly, okay? You’ll reach on time? Are you listening? No. Bye. See you. What the hell! Hey… nice view, don’t you think? How did you get here? By the lift. From where? From hell. I called her here. We met last night after the show
and became friends. Absolutely. She plays every instrument
known to man. – Not true.
– Genius. All right, a few. She’s a huge fan of yours and… she’s loaded with money. Also true. Coffee, guys? Yes, please. And she’s the one offering to
buy this apartment? Wow, Bobo! You should be a detective,
not a magician. The thing is… she’s looking for something close
to the school. And I told her about this apartment. I also told her how
attached you are to it. Thank you so much. If she agrees to
become the buyer… coffee. Firstly, you can visit as often
as you like. And secondly we can
save on the brokerage fees. So Lisa, here’s the deal. Are you willing to pay
twenty million rupees by cheque? Yes. Alright, sir? No. Thirty million rupees. You must be joking. No, I’m serious. But Bobo, the market
value is twenty million. I know. But for her
it’s thirty million rupees. I don’t know… Lisa… I’ll talk to… Lisa… Lisa, listen to me… Bobo, what’s going on? – I did a Google check last night.
– Google? There was a Lisa Dutt here
in Mumbai in 1960… who was sentenced to life
imprisonment for killing a child. Volunteering for a
dangerous act in my show… then wanting to buy my apartment out
of the tens of thousands in this city. It’s bit of a coincidence,
don’t you think? She’s teaching at Zubin’s school! A dozen highly-qualified applicants
and they picked her! She was the best. Exactly! Another coincidence? You’ve lost your mind. Tamara, talk to me… No, I don’t want to. You know, you’re just… Tamara… Tamara, listen to me. Tamara, think about it… how such a young NRI girl,
on her first visit to India ever… can suddenly want to buy
an apartment in India? And an expensive apartment! Come on…
Twenty million is a lot of money. Don’t you think? She is just a teacher. So this is the Lisa Dutt of 1960,
somehow reincarnated. Perhaps. By this reckoning, every
Lisa Dutt in this world is a witch? Did I say this? But there is something unusual
about this Lisa Dutt. I had all her documents checked. She’s legit. She is not fine, Tamara. Wait, let me show you. Look at you, Bobo? What is wrong with you? Why did you go to that quack doctor? I’ll make him pay for this. Let me call thatbastardright now. Tamara… Tamara, please, don’t do that. Why? Tamara! Listen to me. Why? For turning normal person crazy. Tamara, don’t overdo it. And you’ll do as you wish? Taxi. Tamara… Tamara… Let’s go. I’m sorry. Your apartment is responsible
for all the problems. If you don’t sell it… we will never be happy. I apologized, didn’t I? It’s not me who needs an apology. Hi Lisa. One black coffee, please. May I? How many sachets? One. Maybe you are just too sweet. Let me try again. I’ll do it. This is your first time in India? Why? I had never heard of you. One day, out of the blue… I had a dream about you. It was so real I Googled
you the following morning. And there you were on YouTube!
I was shocked. That’s crazy. Everything was just
as I had seen it. Honestly, I mean I got so
obsessed with you that… that… Let’s drop it. No, Please I want to know. Please… You really want my apartment? Well, because of you,
my boyfriend of four years left me. Thank you. Anything else, ma’am? Do you have any chocolate cake? Yes ma’am. Thanks. I’m sorry. You can buy the apartment
at Tamara’s price. No. That’s not enough. I’ll make amends any way you want. Sure? Yeah. Okay. I want to hang around
you, a bit. Watch rehearsals and
be at back stage during the shows. I just…
I love your world of magic. I thought you might
ask me to marry you. No, somebody else got there first. Hi gulls- For you. For me, thank you. So we can make
beautiful music together! Your child is a genius! Come on, let’s play something.What we harm’?Happy birthday. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday… Happy birthday to you. Wow. Please… Witnesses… I’ll sign one. You sign the other. Come… Congratulations. All yours. Wow, thank you so much. Why don’t you keep this?
Just in case I loose one. Next week,
if I have a housewarming party… would you all be able to come? Yeah, sure. Great, perfect. I’ll see you both there, then. See you bye. Bye. “See it again and again.” “My heart is worth seeing.” “Darling, oh.” “Darling, oh.” Thank you. Mad girl. Okay. This next one… is from… the heart. And it’s dedicated 10.. …Bobo.“Ofriend, I’m very worthy.” “O friend, test me anytime.”“Ofriend, I’m very worthy.” “I’ll wake you before
the sun rises.” “I’ll read out
the news headlines to you.” “Will give you hot tea.” “if you don’t like any news,
I’ll turn the page.” “When you yawn,
I’ll snap my fingers.” “Will open the umbrella
to save you from the sun.” “Will follow you to the office.” “Your files, your dairy,
car keys, your goggles“ …your laptop, your cap,
phone, and my heart.” “My lonely heart.” “Broken poor heart.” “My lonely heart.” “Broken poor heart.” Sing along… I don’t know the lyrics.“Ofriend, there’s risk
in telling this.” “O friend, don’t get angry,
this is love.” “Night, morning,
evening or afternoon..” …will keep you in closed eyes.” “The bedspreads and
the pillows are fragrant.” “When you leave,
I’ll smell your fragrance.” “I’ll take out your earrings that
are stuck in your hair.” “if your ear gels pulled,
you’ll scold me sweetly.” “There are footsteps,
no one should walk on it.” “Your heartbeat and
the warmth of your breaths.” “We made garlands with jasmine
and sometimes with heart.” “Our heart.” “Lonely broken heart.” “Our heart.” “Lonely broken heart.” “Our heart.” “Lonely broken heart.” “Our heart.” “Our heart.” “Lonely broken heart.” “Our heart.” “Lonely broken heart.” “Our heart.”Bobo…help! Bobo… Give me your hand. Bobo… Tamara… Bobo… Hold on! Bobo! Please turn on the monitor. Yes, sir. Looks like a femur fracture. Check the pulse rate. It’s dropping“- Keep checking blood pressure. Hello… Hello Doctor. Tamara met with a terrible accident. Oh my god! What happened? She was out in the balcony
and the railing just broke. Believe me, doctor,
this is not normal. I think someone
is out to kill Tamara. I feel so helpless. I feel so helpless. Bobo…H?!”How’re you feeling? Ready to dance, as you can see. Did you drop Zubin off to school? No, today his class went
for science city visit. I have to pick him up. How’re you feeling? I am scared… Why? I… I think… It was as if someone had pushed me. I don’t believe… I don’t believe it. I remember she was behind me… Lisa… Lisa Dull. Bobo, I am scared. They let you go?
Or did you escape? I will return. I will return. What the– Hi Bobo. What are you doing here? The IV bottle is empty. Get the hell out of here. Have you lost it? – Let me go.
– You wanted to remove the bottle. It is empty! You are trying to kill her. I’m here to see Tamara.
Are you mad or what? Bobo… I’ll cut your braid! Oh my God! Help… What’s going on? Get out of here. Please, calm down. Get out! Please… calm down. Bobo… Relax… it’s okay. Bobo… You were right and I was wrong. I found your book. According to the book
your lives are in danger. Come to my clinic immediately. Okay. Who is it? Who is there? Who is there? Who are you? The empress of the night. Don’t you remember? Your grandpa used to say that once
you’ve slept with a witch… you would never want
lo sleep with anyone else. Come to me. Doctor… Doctor… Connect me to the
trauma section please. I want to talk to Tamara Mathur.
This is her husband. It is urgent. She is sleeping right now. Any message? Damn! No, but until I get back to
the hospital… I want an attendant in her room. All the time, do you understand? Of course, sir. Just give her the message that
I’ve gone to pick up our son, Zubin. Okay. Okay, sir. Why does the moon turn red,
during the lunar eclipse? Because of the scattering of light. As we can see everyday… light scatters at sunset due to
the spherical shape of the earth. And only longer wavelength colours
like red and orange are visible. There’s something significant about
today’s lunar eclipse. The moon’s red colour. Another important fact
is today is 29th February. – Meaning?
– Leap year! It’s a leap year. It’s every fourth year
that has an extra day. In some time we will witness
a complete lunar eclipse. Live! Even today, witnessing
it is a special experience. Imagine how excited
our ancestors would’ve been. To preserve her evil powers,
a witch has to sacrifice a child. Zubin. Zubin! Zubin! What’s happening here? Sir, please don’t
disturb the session. Zubin was right here. Where is Zubin? Sir, can I help you in any way? Zubin… Zubin… Zubin… Zubin… Lisa… Lisa… Zubin… Lisa? HI… Tamara? Yes. Tamara… Witch. Empress of the night. You know… It’s my birthday today. Thank the Devil. You finally know the truth. I’m not afraid anymore. Come closer. This is your ultimate test. Zubin’s sacrifice. Don’t be afraid. He won’t feel a thing. He is unconscious. But I am wide awake. Evil witch! All this time… you pretended to love us. No, Bobo. I really love you. I really do. I swear on the Devil. But I love… Zubin more. And that’s why you’re killing him? I’m not killing him… I am sacrificing him. This is our ultimate test. We are called to sacrifice
the person we love the most. Look at you… living among mortal humans
you’ve forgotten everything. You are one of us, Bobo. You seem to have forgotten again. You’re lost in the
ordeal of human life. Come closer. The Devil wants his disciple
to return to him. No, I don’t belong to your world. I’m not a demon. Come back. You think you can get here by merely
pressing some buttons in the lift? You think it’s your magic? This is the temple of Satan. No one can come here
unless he wants you to. Your being here proves that
you are one of us. It wasn’t coincidence that
Lisa came here looking for you. It was the Devil’s miracle. He planted you in Lisa’s dream. Now the world above will
believe that Lisa killed Zubin. And you… and me… will be together. How beautiful that would be! We’ll be happy forever. Here, Bobo… Best of luck. What are you doing? I have the same
power that you have… but I don’t have an evil heart. Don’t be a fool. Don’t do that, Bobo. I had to wait 20 long years
to be reincarnated. Bobo… Bobo, you can do anything you want. You are special. You seem to have forgotten. I have come to remind you. Your being here proves that
you are one of us. The Devil wants his
disciple to return to him. There are two types of demons. Good and evil demons. The extra day in a leap
year belongs to the demons. So, if during an eclipse on
29th February the moon turns red… the demons can reclaim their power. You cannot destroy me, Bobo. Never. A witch’s power
resides in her braid. But… she can only be destroyed by
someone innocent with a pure heart. But you’re not innocent anymore. I know you are craving… to become a demon again. A demon’s power is in his neck. And his neck is caught
in a witch’s braid. You have refused
Devil’s benevolence. You will die for this. You will die. You stood up to a witch! Zubin, cut the braid. I will… I will come back for you. Madam, is everything okay? Yes. Now do you believe that I live here? Why don’t you come up
and check my apartment too? No, it’s fine. Madam… Henceforth remember that
this is India, not Canada. So? Canada and India are very different. How so? There are no lizards in Canada,
but there are in India. You think this is some kind of joke? No, sorry. All I had was one drink. I am not drunk. Why don’t you believe me? I saw a lizard in
the bathroom and… I don’t remember
anything after that. Didn’t you find me unconscious? Yes. Bobo, the baffler. Lisa, I’m sorry. I really am. How did you do it? What? Was it magic or… Or? Witchcraft? We possess both. The good and the bad. It’s up to us what
we choose and defend. Get it? Why didn’t you like me before? I thought you are a witch. “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “Even today I have
a desire of passion.” “Let me yearn.” “Let the tears flow.” “Your eyes are sometimes dew drops
and sometimes fragrance.” “It is black magic of black eyes. ” “I’m incomplete without you
and you are incomplete without me.” “Some dream. That is ours.” “Come and fill in my eyes.”“Osleep, fill the box of my eyes.” “Create a magic with magic.” “O dream.” “It is mine.” “Come and fill in my eyes.”“Osleep“ …fill the box of my eyes.” “Create a magic with magic.” “The bears of black clouds..” “..is singing lullaby.” “The bears of black clouds..” “..is singing lullaby.” “We’ll play all night
with the stars like marbles.” “You and the moon in the dreams.”“Odream. It is mine.” “Come and fill in my eyes.”“Osleep, fill the box of my eyes.” “Create a magic with magic.” “O dream.” “O dream.” “The box of eyes..”


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