English Short Film 2019 | Peacock Feather | English Horror Movie 2019 | English Movie With Subtitle

English Short Film 2019 | Peacock Feather | English Horror Movie 2019 | English Movie With Subtitle

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Every place in the world
has hundreds of stories to tell us And all those places have some kind
of wonder about them and it is hidden..
and nobody can explain exactly what it is. Hey, we came by this road.
Hm This is the turning where
Sumathi was killed. It happened a lot of years ago A really beautiful girl named Sumathi was killed by her boyfriend and his friend. They brought her this way
as if to see festival She was pregnant at that time. When they reached here they forcefully
pulled her out of the car. Then they dragged her deep into the forest. While on the way..she got hold
of a peacock feather and she held onto it..
even during her last breathe. And after that the history of
Sumathi started. All the vehicles that go through
that way during nights will stop without a reason sometimes they break down..and sometimes
murders will also happen. And recently one night.. a husband and wife were
driving through this way They tried to start the vehicle But it didn’t start. Husband made the wife sit inside the car. And went to find a mechanic And then he warned her not to come
out of the car until he comes back. She was scared,but she waited inside
the car until the next morning. And that morning she came out of the car. But she started screaming when
she saw what happened. What happened then? After that..? After that… I will tell you. Who is this Martin Luther King? Who?
Martin Luther King? He..!! He is a famous English film actor..!
Huh..Hm.!! Now tell me the rest of the story. Ya..I will tell you. Hmm..then tell me. The story is incomplete my dear.. This is my dream project If this becomes a hit,
your boyfriend will be.. Hey..not boyfriend..ex-boyfriend. Who is calling at this time
in the night!! Hello.. Is it urgent? Oh.. Ok..I’ll come..
Ya ya..I am coming. Ya..
Ok then. Hey listen.. I need to go to the hospital now. Some kind of an emergency Uh..it won’t take more than twenty minutes,
Okay? So then..what about our marriage, Hm? Even if it takes time..do you think this society
and our family will accept our relationship? It is better to see life practically Let this relationship be a good thing
to remember always. Do you think I am a bad girl? In this world, there are no good girls
and bad girls Meera. Girls..there are only girls..right? Hm. Alright then..I am going.
Bye.. Today we are going to have our
last night together,don’t be late. Ya..our last night! Hello..
Ya..I am in hostel. Miss you too.. Ya..
Ok, bye… [—Frightened sound—] [—Background music—] Every place has,
some kind of a wonder -that we would never know. Its hidden.. and nobody can explain what it is.


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