ESTAMOS SENDO PERSEGUIDOS! Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #03

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Hey my luvs! Túlio’s here! And Magic Cucumber is also somewhere here too! We’re back with more sassy RE7 in the channel! Last episode, look at this Last episode, we started… ohh… sh*t we get this phone call already. Let’s get it again. heey my love. ur dad gaves me lots of work. geez this creepy hand here got me scared! you’ll be in touch, so that’s cool! Guys! Last episode we started this very sassy part here… We went through that satanic dinner, With those demoniac zombies, With the old lady too! She was next to me, She got me scared af Now we are trying to scape this house, what’s this? Geez, is this a… Is this a faceless painting?… Oh no! The lady in the painting got sufocated in her hat! so guys, ew! What’s that? Oh I thought it was someone but it’s just some clothing… I’m using our cutting bread knife, right guys So, we are trying to escape now… Escape from this satanic xuxa’s house. So, what do we do now? What’s this? geez… ohh… look, What I just did? *Túlio realizing somethin* okay, got it. oh! Just unlocked a trophy! Didn’t understand nothing about this room, but that’s ok. I think we need to find a bird to put in here. OH SH… Guys I get scared everytime… that freakin fan sillhouete! oh geez I hate this fan. I bet the creators did this on purpose. look at this smoke! We need to go upstairs but I don’t want to… let’s do this…. what’s this? “shoot me! shoot me!” some plant here! Look how satanic this doll looks! Not in a thousand years I’ll shoot you. Let’s go upstairs then, we don’t have anything to do… I already went through this room, If you get that gun the door will close, locking you down. and then you’ll be f*cked. so no room for us now. Let’s go upstairs. *I need more support to keep subtitling this video!* *Show me some support and I’ll continue the subtitles 😉 * *Please Truly support YouTubers you like! Thank you.*

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