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(ominous music) (screaming) (grunting) – Keisha, go on without me. – No, I can’t leave you like that! – I’ll only slow you down! – Okay, but I hope you make it! – Keisha wait, before you go, please tell Greg Matthews that I love him. – Okay girl, I got you. – Keisha wait, wait! What’s the name of that one
Katy Perry song that goes, ♫ Baby you’re a firework – Firework, girl, I gotta go! – Keisha wait! Please! – What, Kimber? – Do you like my bangs? – Oh. Well you know they are kinda cute, but they’re a little
like, crooked right here, they’re just oh my god! (grunting) (slashing of metal) – [Narrator] Every Horror Film Ever. – And she drifted into the night, and was never heard from, ever again. – Scary. – That story’s so not true. – But you all believed it. Alright, well I’m gonna go in the forest and take some selfies by myself. Be right back! – So, um. – [Selfie Girl] Ahhhh! Someone’s stabbing me in the back super hard! – Was that Sarah? – I’m gonna go check on her by myself. – Do you want me to come with you? – Whoa, Deb. I need my space, okay? I’ll be right back. Geez. (screaming) There is definitely someone stabbing people over here. I highly recommend nobody come over here. – [Narrator] Every Horror Film Ever. (Gasping) – Oh my god, Carrie, are you moving it? – No way, are you? – No! – Oh my god, this is so scary! (carnival music) – Lucy, are you moving it? – No, are you? – No. – This is so scary! – [Narrator] I see you. – We have to go into the
forest and help them. – Do you really think that’s a good idea? – I can’t just sit here and do nothing! – Okay, well, just please don’t go alone. – Jared, you come with me. – We’ll be right back. – Oh, we should probably split up. – Smart. – [Both] I’ll be right back. (screaming) – [Jared] Nobody enter the forest! (screaming) – [Other Guy] The only way to survive is to stick together. – [Narrator] I think
people died in this house. – Oh my god, I’m the only one left. Good thing I’m a virgin. (giggling) Wait. You guys are alive? You guys aren’t virgins. You guys have sex like, all the time. (screaming) – It’s cool dude, we only do butt stuff. – Oh my god, I am so sorry. That’s so my bad. You know, you just get it
mixed up sometimes, you know, yeah, but uh, anyways, you
butt (bleep)ers be safe, okay? – [Narrator] Every Horror Film Ever. – Weldon, we have to get out of here. – We need to get out of here ASAP. But I’m gonna go check on that commotion in the forest real quick. I’ll be right back. – No. (dragging across dirt) (screaming) – [Weldon] I just impaled
myself on a knife. (screaming) (grunting) (ominous chase music) – Oh my god, we are so gonna die. – Yeah, but I’m gonna die first. It’s always the black guy. The oppressed always get
the short end of the stick. – Okay wait, hold on. If we’re talking about oppressed, I’m clearly gonna die first. – What? Haven’t you heard of the Holocaust? This guy is clearly anti-Semitic. – Okay, I get that, but my people were forced to build a railroad. – Mine too! – Yes, ours was above ground. – Yeah, exactly, and mine was below, which means I’m gonna get killed first. – I should be the one who dies first. – Oh, don’t tempt me! – Okay, I’ll kill you
both before you die first. – I am so gonna live. (screaming) – Oh, wow. Look at that. I guess times are a changin’!



    <—- live Die—>


    Killer:I hate my job IT SAYS LIVE ?

  2. My idea, a stop motion horror film like bendy and the ink machine but (NOT EXACTLY) Domination Studios as a horror series,

  3. Never do that kid's do watch your vioedos!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. (Screaming) (grunting) -keisha,go on without me
    -no i can't leave you like that!
    -ill only slow you down!
    -ok, but i hope you make it!
    -keisha wait before you go, please tell greg Matthews that i love him!
    -ok girl i got you!
    – keisha wait, wait what's the name of that katy perry song that goes "?baby your a firework!"
    -Firework, girl i gotta go!
    -keisha wait!
    -what Kimber!
    -do you like my bangs?
    -oh, well you know they are kinda cute but they are kinda crooked right here their just-oh my god! (Grunts)(slashing of metal)

  5. Is it weird that I’ve never seen a horror movie where the black guy dies first. I’m starting to think its a very untrue stereotype. The horror films I watch a white person dies first. Like if it’s the same for u.

  6. Kimber??‍♀️/Kesha wait go on without me

    Kesha??‍♀️/ nah girl i cant leave u like that

    Kimber??‍♀️/ just go i will only slow you down?

    Kesha??‍♀️/well ok i hope u make it

    Kimber??‍♀️/ pls wait before you go pls tell greg matthews i ? him

    Kesha??‍♀️/ ok girl i got u?

    Kimber??‍♀️/ Kesha wait kesha wait what the on katy Perry song that goes oh baby your a firework?

    Kesha??‍♀️/ ? fire work girl i gotta go

    Kimber??‍♀️/ kesha wait wait

    Kesha??‍♀️/ WHAT KIMBER

    Kimber??‍♀️/do you like me bangs

    Kesha??‍♀️/ oh well you know there kida cute but there a little like cruket right here just UHHHHH OMG OH AHH ARHH


  7. 3:10 I feel like Olivia would die first not because she Asian but because she hot and the hot girl dies first

  8. A movie d00d: I think it’s better if we stick together.
    Both movie d00ds at the same time: Let’s split up!

  9. everyone:WE ARE GOING TO DIE!
    me: I'm so gonna live
    me:but even though I die the killer always dies in the end so if you wanna die I recommend that you don't kill anyone, we good?

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