Everything Good Coming To Netflix In March 2019

Everything Good Coming To Netflix In March 2019

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Every new month brings a guarantee of fresh,
original Netflix programming, but March 2019 is going to be the motherload. With a grand total of 60 Netflix originals
heading onto the streaming service, you’re all but guaranteed to find something new to
fall in love with. No matter how you break it down, there’s going
to be a ton of streaming options crashing onto Netflix over the next 31 days. So we picked through the mass of new releases
to come up with the best, most exciting, and most original Netflix releases for March 2019. History generally focuses on the winners. But what about those men and women who poured
their hearts and souls into something, only to come up short? What about the losers of history? “You are one pathetic loser. No offense.” But what if it’s our losses that give us strength
to keep fighting? That’s what Netflix’s upcoming documentary
Losers wants to know. By looking at the people who didn’t bring
home the top prize, Losers explores what lessons we can all learn from…well, losing. Take a look on March 1st. Directed by and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor,
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind tells the dramatic story of a 14-year-old boy in Malawi who builds
a windmill generator to help his famine-stricken village. The film dropped at Sundance in January 2019
to extremely positive reviews and snagged the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize in
the process. If the premise sounds familiar, that’s because
it’s based on the real-life story of William Kamkwamba, who went on to give a TED talk
about his experiences bringing electricity and irrigation to his village. Get ready for a powerful hit of emotion when
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind blows onto Netflix on March 1st. The political thriller Secret City largely
flew under the radar when it premiered on Netflix in June 2018, but the critical reception
was overwhelmingly positive. Dark and cerebral, Secret City follows a journalist,
played by Anna Torv, who digs too deep while investigating a government conspiracy. The second season promises more of the same
suspense and political intrigue as the first season. Take a look on March 6th. On the heels of hit supernatural shows like
Sabrina and Umbrella Academy, Netflix is dropping the first season of The Order. The show centers on a college freshman who
joins a secret society and gets caught up in a battle against evil werewolves. Like you do. The trailer for The Order promises a little
magic, a little mayhem, and a lot of drama perfect for bingeing through those cold March
nights. Check it out on March 7. Anyone familiar with Ricky Gervais’ style
of comedy should have some idea of what to expect in After Life. In the show, Gervais plays a writer whose
wife passes away, leading him to adopt a bitter outlook on the world. “If you’re watching this then I’m not around
anymore. But don’t spiral, don’t obsess. Keep going.” Although details about the show have been
few and far between, Gervais explained a bit about his character’s headspace to SiriusXM’s
Ron Bennington. “So it’s a good guy trying to be a psychopath,
because he’s hurt.” Dark? Yeah, pretty much. Funny? We hope so! Tune in when After Life drops on March 8. In Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Netflix is
looking behind the scenes of the ultra-competitive world of Formula 1 racing. This high-octane documentary series puts viewers
in the driver’s seat to experience the thrill of victory, the despair of defeat, and the
white-knuckle adrenaline of one of the fastest sports on four wheels. Anchoring it all are the stories of the dedicated
drivers who put their lives on the line for glory, fame, and fortune. Formula 1: Drive to Survive races onto Netflix
on March 8. According to the Netflix series page, Immortals
is about a vampire who’s out for vengeance against the leader of her own kind, a ruthless
killer who’s attempting to gain immortality. And sure, another modern-day vampire yarn
doesn’t exactly bleed originality, but we’re hoping this turns out to be worth watching. Find out on March 8th. Shadow South African cinema hasn’t had a whole lot
of representation on Netflix, but that’s set to change with the addition of the Netflix
original Shadow. Part cop drama and part vigilante justice,
Shadow focuses on a former policeman who was struck by lightning and loses the ability
to feel pain. What else would you do with a power like that
besides go after the city’s bad guys one by one? But if Dexter taught us anything all those
years ago, it’s that the real police force doesn’t always like having a rogue criminal
catcher on the loose. “He’s playing god, and sooner or later he’s
going to fall from his tower.” Will he be able to make a dent in crime when
he’s being pursued by both sides of the law? Find out when the action-packed new series
premieres on March 8th. Ben Affleck headlines Triple Frontier as a
retired soldier who gets pulled into a criminal heist when one of his war buddies decides
to get their old crew together. His plan is to take out a drug cartel boss
and rob his house. Of course, that’s the kind of plan that’s
bound to go disastrously wrong, and you can probably expect plenty of twists as the story
unfolds. “A lot more people are going to come after
you. You lied to us.” Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam costar in Triple
Frontier, which hits Netflix on March 13. Arrested Development has come a long way from
its beginnings as a troubled Fox series to its current status as a Netflix original. As the third season of the original series
faced cancellation due to a dwindling audience, the showrunners even worked a few cries for
help into the story itself. “Instead of us all selling out and becoming
housewives and waiters, why don’t we have a big event? Some sort of Save Our Bluth’s type thing?” Fortunately, Netflix finally picked up the
show in 2006, streaming all three original seasons while filming a fourth and fifth season. On March 15th, you can check out the final
half of Season 5. If you miss it, there’ll only be one thing
you can say: “I’ve made a huge mistake.” Burn Out follows a professional motorcycle
rider who’s one of the best racers on the track. But when his mom’s life is threatened by the
criminal underworld, he’ll have to use his need for speed to ferry drugs, all in the
hopes of paying off his mother’s debt. Filled with suspense and motorcycle chases,
Burn Out looks like a great film for any action lovers out there. Saddle up when Burn Out arrives on March 15th. What is Love, Death & Robots? According to Netflix’s official description,
it’s an animated anthology involving, quote “terrifying creatures, wicked surprises, and
dark comedy.” That sounds interesting, and even more intriguing
is the fact that Love, Death & Robots comes from David Fincher and Deadpool director Tim
Miller. Animation or not, you’ll definitely want to
put the tots to bed before queuing up any of these mature shorts. For his part, Tim Miller has called the project
a labor of love, saying that he’s… “[…] excited that the creative landscape
has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural
conversation.” Take a look when all 18 episodes of Love,
Death & Robots drop on March 15th. The initial news of a revival of the mid-aughts
makeover show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was met with mixed responses, but in the true
spirit of the show, the modern makeover turned out to have just the right stuff for today’s
world. With a new “Fab Five” with expertise in design,
culture, and fashion, Queer Eye showed that it was willing to delve deeper than a superficial
makeover, tackling issues like homophobia, racism, and police profiling. “I love the fab five. They made me feel great.” Season 2 was met with the same positive response,
and now fans are gearing up for a third season, which drops on March 15th. Mötley Crüe has spent almost four decades
shaking stadiums with their mix of heavy metal and glam rock. But even more than their music, the band was
all-too-often known for their hard-rocking lifestyles filled with drugs and parties. Based on the band’s own autobiography, The
Dirt offers a cinematic look behind Mötley Crüe’s music. It’s sure to be a pulse-pounding biopic, and
you can take the ride on March 22nd. The suburban zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet
shouldn’t work as well as it does, but fans have spent two seasons growing to love the
characters of this quirky, funny, and occasionally graphically violent show. “That was a crazy amount of vomit” “Well, I’m not a medical expert so I can’t
say what the proper amount of vomit is.” “It was a HUGE amount.” For those who haven’t caught the bug yet,
Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore as a real estate agent who’s unfortunately turned
into a zombie. It’s up to her husband, played by Josh Duhamel,
to help her satisfy her hunger for human flesh while also making sure they all keep up the
standards of their upper middle class lifestyle. “Excuse me, I gotta go lie to a cop and tell
him I murdered someone so I don’t get in trouble.” Tune in for Season 3 on March 29th. The story of Bonnie and Clyde is the stuff
of legends…and like most legends, it’s been adapted for film and television way too many
times. The outlaw lovers even got the campy revised
history treatment with Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula. When your true story of love and murder needs
vampires to liven it up, you know it’s been done to death. So what makes The Highwaymen different? For starters, it shifts the focus from Clyde
Barrow and Bonnie Parker onto Frank Hamer and Maney Gault, two aging Texas rangers who
joined the hunt for Bonnie and Clyde and were eventually responsible for bringing them down. Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner take the
lead roles, promising a gritty, emotional detective drama. Take a look when The Highwaymen lands on March
29. New original comedy Comedy fans will have plenty to look forward
to this March, with four new stand-up specials joining the streaming service. For starters, look for the political comedy
show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, airing every week starting March 3. On the 12th, tune in for British comedian
Jimmy Carr’s The Best of Ultimate Gold Greatest Hits. After that, Amy Schumer’s bringing her newest
special, Growing, on March 12, and Nate Bargatze drops an hour of standup on the 26th with
The Tennessee Kid. Those are all the best Netflix originals to
look forward to. Now here are some new movies hitting the service
in March. Two kung fu masterpieces and an off-the-wall
family adventure mark Netflix’s action additions this March. On the first of the month, Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon sails onto the service. On the 8th, gather up the family and queue
up Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, easily one of the most bizarre family films
in recent history. “Smells like the work of Donovan Giggles.” And on the 15th, don’t miss Stephen Chow’s
hilarious action comedy Kung Fu Hustle. Speaking of comedy, March is all about the
classics, with 2001’s ridiculous farce Wet Hot American Summer showing up on the first,
followed by the horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil on the 29th. “He gonna walk it off. He’s gonna be fine.” There’ll also be some more serious fare arriving
in March. On the first, relive the indy thriller that
put Jennifer Lawrence on the map Winter’s Bone. This haunting mystery revolves around a young
girl on the hunt for her father in the Ozarks and features a powerhouse performance from
Lawrence as the lead character. There will be plenty of new drama additions
as well. On the first of the month, keep your eyes
peeled for Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, Apollo 13, and The Hurt Locker, among others. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
stuff are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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  1. Santa Clarita stars Timothy Olyphant. NOT Josh Duhmel. You should fact check before you post your videos. Makes you appear a bit less credible.

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  5. Just watched LOVE DEATH AND ROBOTS ! Strangely good ! Black mirror of animations but shorter and nude 😄👏

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  14. Afterlife is best comedy slash black comedy. Anon is the best sci fi mystery, Watch it through. Its by far the best movie ive seen in a long while. If u are a sci fi fan, and like movies like predestination, blade runner, or even the matrix. Anon is for you! I usually dont like netflix originals but its reeeally good. Also pre destination ks on netflix i think. Good movie that throughnunder the radar.

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