Exploring Haunted Abandoned House GOES WRONG!

Exploring Haunted Abandoned House GOES WRONG!

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So we’ve been looking for somewhere to explore for weeks now A couple weeks now And we finally found somewhere. And we’re gonna go a try to give it another go We’ve gone before And we’ve had police called on us and the place is tight security It’s a tight community But every time we’ve tried to like, like, they have walkie talkies and stuff and they start communicating And we’ve been chased out I know they have something to hide, though, they must have something to hide Cause they would not be at it like this So, we’re gonna do it tonight, we’re gonna make sure we get in (tonight) No matter what, we’ll do this Be sure to leave a like, share, subscribe, ah, yeah if you want more videos, tweet us, let us know you want more videos You heard him Uh, peace Aggh You got some muscle, man Let me see the camera Alright Come on Alright, come on, hurry up Alright, come on Jeez, there’s bricks, everywhere man (What?) That window over there Alright, there’s someone behind you (laughter) You can actually see everything Oh, yeah, let’s get closer to the window The roof can drop down, yenno? Oh shit Don’t climb that, let’s go around for another one That shit can drop on our heads Come, let’s keep going around Yeah You can peek inside this hole Hello, is anybody home? That’s fucking (laughter) alright, let’s keep going, looking for stuff Alright, this path we have to struggle to get through There’s bits of rock here Trust me If something jumps out at us, right here, I swear I’ll be fucking screaming at you Something could just run out right now (This place is pretty big, it all) I know (Shh, oh, oh, oh, oh) Shit, that’s a good idea, though Fuck it (laughter) The whole place is…destroyed Stop fucking around Alright, don’t go in there, don’t go in there, something might drop on your head We should try to bust one of these down (Hey, look, a face, a face) Oh my gooood (A face, I just saw a face, did you see a face?) Right fucking where? I swear Why is there a six on the wall? This shit is fucking craazy Some Satanists Some locked up shit in here Is all This shit doesn’t open, you wanna try? What if there’s dvds in here? What is in there? I see metal It’s like a shovel in there Ah, I see power tools This could be a garage sale Oh, there’s keys here (Oh shit) You wanna try them? Be sure you’re looking at the top window yenno None of them are for these Did you hear that? We should put the key out to open up Did you hear that when we were bugging off (We can’t play games) I don’t have another one to look up Should we try to go in? You can try to go in first Uh, is that blood? Is that blood? Fuuck… Ohh (Holly shit!) Fuck, get down! Fuck me, fuck Ohh! My days, oh shit! Come back Fucking, hurry it up We need to hurry the fuck up! Go, go, go Get down, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up Did you just fucking see what I saw? Oh my days I swear to God, that was a body


  1. 6:37 you can definitely see how the killer brought the body in a dolly. Set up a fucking mediocre ladder. Struggled to carry the body over ( fucking amateur ) and then curled up the corpse so no one would see the head. Lol great hiding place. Cops already don’t slow people in there why would they search inside lol. This shit happens a lot. Be careful who you meet guys ……..

  2. It’s super crazy to think that right next to a side walk there is an abandoned property with two dead corpses just laying around . No one smelled that shit ? Or at least wondered wtf is over geez ……

  3. Murder Suicide, This is a theory of how it went down. First how the murder was. Most of the blood was on the right side, im guessing that the victim was hit by a small metal object or a bat or any metal pipe, rebar, led pipe and maybe others. Then after the murder he ran to a tree or pipe outside and proceeded to hang, himself.

  4. Can some one tell me if thats blood or somthing on the broken door or window at 3:31 im lost in a way

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  6. Omg i almoast peed my freaking pants im waching this at night dude qhen i saw that body covered up with a withe like blangket it looks dead it has blood in the like face i think omg!my mom will be tierd making me sleep i wont sleep even tho i have school tomorrow i'll just wait until morning jk i wont do that…

  7. At least nw they have learnt a valuable lesson, exploring abandon place's obviously wasn't fun after all. It looked like a real-life horror theme park.

  8. The girl wasn't creepy…. only those guys cause I think he had very Ruff day and then they came and wake him.up

  9. Tbh idk why people put videos up with bodies on them it’s disrespectful to the dead persons family and to the person x

  10. 1. a corpse must smell dead.
    2. He does not smell like a corpse
    3. no police interview
    4. There is no official news or newspaper.
    5. This is a lie only for content
    6. … continue you guys

  11. What happend with the body inside the house ? They found the hanging 26 years old men. But there was no word about the body inside the house when you search it

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