Far Cry 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 – Hunted

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Oh Damn. Damn. I ain’t even ready. Capture party coming. What? Oh! Aw hell no man. I need to call some backup in here. I wasn’t ready for all that. I was just trying to do my quest. Did I die? Oh Wait, wait, wait. Oh Reload the checkpoint. I wasn’t ready. Reload the checkpoint. So I guess so As you play, as you do missions and outposts that little meter fills up for each region for each little boss of the region. I guess when you hit a certain tier. It automatically initiates a quest. Man, come on. Alright, we got four seconds. Okay, so yeah, we done got drugged up. We gotta keep moving let’s go. Got me a shotgun. Get out of here. I MLG’d that bitch. Oh my God. Pick it up. Pick it up. The computers accuracy aren’t real though. Okay hold up though. Hold up though. Y’all see it we lookin good. I need to get a red dot on my assault rifles. We out here looking kind of good with the assault rifle reticule site or whatever it is. Alright we got ourselves a SMG. I’m going for that hip fire love though. That hip fire love though. Thought I saw some somebody around the corner. We got 30 seconds. Alright I probably don’t want to run through that fire. Let’s get up the steps. Hurry up, I got 20 seconds bitch. Come on, come on, come on, hurry up. Is that where we going? Come on. Come on. Well damn. Because of the way the the missions you can you can do them whenever you want. It sometimes get a little bit tricky following the story and stuff. But I think we got it these these missions right here actually help because they go in order. Kinda. Out. She took that. Out. How you turn this off? We can’t have conversations in this room with this music man. Alright gotta break up for a minute. Okay good, can I shoot the radio? Watch out. Alright, who can I talk to? Cuz y’all playing music y’all tryin to fuck up my YouTube video. Who Eli? This Eli? I mean they could at least. Eli in here?
Are you Eli? You don’t look like Eli. Oh. You’re Eli. Alright, let’s talk to Eli see what he got for us. Already got me a sniper should we go ahead and do this though should we do this? We got another quest we can pick up let me just show y’all and this is why I like i’m really trying to Stick to most of the missions where there’s like a little bit of a story involved So if I zoom out here look look at this look at this my head is probably in the way So i’m sorry, but in this section right here It’s 43 missions this sixth section up here 41 missions this section right here 52 missions y’all do the maths Ain’t no way in hell, I’m doing a walk through that has over 150 missions. Y’all already know how we operate each time we hit one of these these tiers they send out like a Basically a hit on me and then that initiates the next cutscene for that particular area, so we’re over here Jacob’s region So yeah bro, we not. That’s what i’ma show y’all all right. I’m gonna show you all the big ones all this other stuff. You know I mean we’re not doing that. Okay big BBW. All right so another story mission we just picked up and another look at this. You got the Vega from Street Fighter got damn ponytail on your head. No, he got you guys served braids in his head. Alright so I gotta, I’m supposed to capture. Hold up let me see. Capture a lab judge wolf. Thats what we supposed to be doing. Alright. Yo. That damn truck just came up out of nowhere. We wasn’t ready for that. All right here. We are we’re at the camp right now. And there is a lot. There is a lot. There’s a couple of those wolves. And then we got a lot of soldiers we gonna have to deal with now. Can’t you get him? I forgot how to tell her to get somebody. How you do it? Go ahead and get him. Go ahead and clean his ass up. That’s good shooting right there. That’s good shooting right there. Alright now, as long ass they ain’t got no more got damn. No more snipers we should be alright. Look like they done seen him. He gotta go. What? Yo, I shot him. He just took it. Alright the VIPs gone. Let’s go handgun on ’em. Let’s go handgun on ’em. Yo get him and I’ma get dude over here. Yo she is excellent. Oh my goodness. See the marksmanship though. You see it? Can you believe it? Oh Lord. Shot that bitch in his head. We gave his ass to higher learning. I don’t think you can kill them dudes in one shot. I shot him in his head twice. Aww man. They already know we’re here now party’s over what’s goody. Oh you in that big ass. I didn’t want to use the medkit because I wanted my I wanted my I wanted my health to regenerate. Can you revive me bitch? I ain’t realize. Yes, bitch. Yo the bitch is a goat. The revival. Oh God. Oh my god. Oh my goodness bitch look at this. I didn’t know they can revive you though. Who is shooting? Oh you little Sorry man, I don’t know how to okay we got to secure the area first. Okay now Where’s all these extra bitches coming from? Use it. Use it, bitch. Use it. Man where did all these extra people come from there wasn’t this many. That’s what happens when you lose your stealth option. Let me go ahead and use this. Alright, here we go. There you go now, I have the equalizer I got you know what I ain’t going to use that on you. Oh my God. Man I was lit though I ain’t gonna lie to y’all. What the hell was that? I don’t want to do it solo, I want Jess to help me. You know what I could really really use some more ammo right now all we have is sniper ammo Eli’s a good man leading a good group of fighters Here we go this is what I needed right here, and there’s a med kit up here, which I can gladly take And some ammo that they drop. Okay, let’s do it. All right go ahead and pick your man up right here. There we go. Ayye All right y’ all, hit that thumbs up. Dinner time is bomplete. I’ma hit yall up on the next episode of Far Cry 5. Uh-oh. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. All right so look, look, look, before we go. Let me zoom out some. We just hit that second tier. We just went over that that second little notch on here will probably get 100 in a minute. Peace.

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