Film Theory: Are Shane Dawson’s Videos Dangerous? (Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul Docu-Series)

Film Theory: Are Shane Dawson’s Videos Dangerous? (Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul Docu-Series)

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  1. I'm glad you're here. I knew shit like this for most of my life, but I simply don't have the ability to let it be widely known. So thank you for maling this.

  2. No youtuber should use this tricks to manipulate people including u matpat. All of u should ignore the hate.

  3. I honestly wish Shane didn’t do the docuseries videos, I rather him post more conspiracy theory videos because I find the long series’s boring

  4. I'm distraught! I loved and somewhat trusted documentaries! I have to go rethink every documentary I've ever seen.

  5. so MatPat told us to not trust everything that we watch on Youtube. However, that means that MatPat indirectly told us to not 100% trust him. So, if we trust him to not trust everything on Youtube, we trust what we watch on Youtube. So… hmm…

  6. I mean honestly….Fox Mulder was the first to tell me to question everything lol. The truth is out there Scully!

  7. Me: Agreeing 100% that you shouldn't just passively accept whatever you hear as fact.

    Also me: Believes everything Mat Pat says in every video without questioning him at all.

  8. Ok tbh I don't get why people are asking things like "I wonder what will Shane's reaction to this" but honestly, just leave Shane alone to do his amazing documentaries. I love binge watching in my opinion his documentaries are amazing. I loved 'the truth about tanacon' & I ADORE Tana & Shane's friendship. Yes I know this is just a theory but, it can hurt people's feelings.

  9. Why is everyone going ape shit over this, Shanes documentaries are good and I wasn't really a fan of inside the mind of Jake Paul but maybe shane isn't really just a fakest as mat pat makes him seem. With the Jeffree star documentary he helped Jeffree open up and different side note Jeffree apologised about what he had said in that alley way years ago. Honestly mat pat does the same but so doses everyone else in the YouTube community. They all use affects 2 lore ppl in and Shane is not the only one 2 do so. Shane dose want people 2 get a different view point of certain topics but that doesn't mean people should attack him.

    Summary: I'm a fucking shane Stan and I got upset for no reason lol 😂🔫

  10. Just watched a video telling me what i already know but I'm not mad quality time spent. Might help that I'm an avid documentary watcher but hey.

  11. 1 of Shane Dawson conspiracy video gave me terrible anxiety and ruined me life a little but I'm more cautious of vids on this app

  12. Thank you. Finally someone says this, and says it logically, with clear evidence. I’ve thought this for soooo long. Thank you!11

  13. In my opinion shanes whole series is to help people with a large platform that are in a scandal So there for hes gonna try his best to persuade his audience. He whould not edit and post his stuff if he truly thought it was wrong or manipulative. But ya know.. go off

  14. I was actually diagnosed as a borderline sociopath and I think Jake and Logan Paul have ADHD and maybe a little anti social

  15. I'm sorry but documentaries have to be David Attenborough. If I said anything else I would be kicked out of England. He is the best though.

  16. this theory talks a lot about JPaul and LPaul. I never subscribed to either one of them just how manipulative they can be. I just watch a documentary series. I say it definitely made me smarter and to make good life choices. Mat, your awesome thanks to you and Film Theory. Watching this first and then watching the Docu-series made me a better person. I don't know what I would do without you or any of the work you have done. I seriously think that Shane Dawson is going on a dangerous path. I no longer subscribe to him either. Matt, you make the world a better place to live in.

  17. All these YouTubers are big shots with lots of money too…so all I'm saying is it's entirely possible that they paid Shane Dawson to do this for them

  18. That priming moment… It actually worked on me, Jeezus, That was well done! I actually covered my eyes because i generally hate Horror.

  19. Am I literally the only one that watches conventional (eg; shown on the BBC) history documentaries out of choice?

  20. In my honest opinion Matpat would be a great teacher and if his channel ever dies which I hope it doesn’t I believe he should give teaching a shot.

  21. You know his insecurity is not priming. I know because I went through the medical condition he went through and it is just an after math. Insecurities never go away..

  22. Who gives a shit doesn't take away how cool Shane Dawson is bitch so STFU not subbing to this bullshit channel 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  23. you gotta remember Shane Dawson, and Logan were friends, if you watch some of his somewhat older videos, then yeah he says 'he's a really nice guy, but since he got into youtube.. he changed'

  24. We need a new word for documentary that means what we thought it meant: a truthful and unbiased documentation of real events or people

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