First Reformed | Official Trailer HD | A24

First Reformed | Official Trailer HD | A24

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I have decided to keep
a journal to set down all my thoughts and the
simple events of my day. I will keep this diary for one year, and at the end of that
time, it will be destroyed. I encouraged my son to enlist. It was a family tradition. Six months later, he was dead in Iraq. I was lost. Blessings, the reading of the Lord. Praise be God. So how are you? Oh, I’m fine. No, really. See, it’s been a while since we’ve talked. Even a pastor needs a pastor. Did you see the doctor? You need someone to take care of you. Well, I want you to be happy. I know that nothing can change, and I know there is no hope. Reverend Toller? Yes, Mary? You must come over. You must come over now. Explosives. He was becoming
someone I didn’t know. Opportunistic diseases,
anarchy, martial law, you will live to see this. But you had no idea
that he was thinking of? No, I’m so frightened. These kids, they want certainty. You know, don’t think, follow. They fall prey to extremism. It’s a world without hope. No, I have not lost my faith. You think that what
we did together was a sin? I’ve seen enough real sin to know the difference. You didn’t tell the police, right? Take a look at your own life
before you criticize others. These are frightening times. We have to be patient. Well, somebody has to do something. My hands shake as I write these lines. Can God forgive us for what we’ve done to this world? Who can know the mind of God?


  1. This is a very important film that all, actors, and the film director put there harts on it . Paul Schrader is,as always a grate MORALIST.TNX a lot for the magnificent Masterpiece .

  2. For me, this film had the effect of an electroconvulsive shock. After I left the theatre, I briefly saw the world through a new lens. Everything was much clearer, more vivid and intense, stripped of false pretense, infused with a sense of hope and despair in equal measure. That is the power of cinema and First Reformed unleashes it like a nuclear bomb.

  3. This movie shamelessly STEALS its plot from Winter Light by Ingmar Bergman and Diary of a Country Priest by Robert Bresson. Shame on you Paul Schrader. Shame on you.

  4. A fusion of Diary of A Country Priest with Taxi Driver,as well as an very big sandwich board proclaiming that the world is (probably) coming to an end.

  5. After watching this movie I can say that this trailer ruins so much of it. Some of the most powerful scenes are in this. Christ.

  6. This movie takes a hard left. White suicide bomber and SJW grandstanding. Seems like a lot of fake comments praising the film

  7. I love this version of "Are You Washed in the Blood". But, I can't find it anywhere. Am dying to listen to the full version.

  8. Watched it yesterday. amazing. just amazing. speechless. US can make real movies besides the usual Hollywood crap after all. This is deep, relevant, thought provoking, philosophical, existentialist art! The real deal.

  9. One of the best relics I have from being forced to be Catholic is the school girl skirt. Never knew it'd be so handy.

  10. there are always a handful of superior films each year that are exclusively (or almost exclusively) snubbed by the academy , this is one of them. remarkable film, one of the year's very best.

  11. The academy is a joke…. Nominate an okay film 'A Star is born ' than this masterpiece. This movie cinematography also one of the best… What happened to the academy

  12. I think Oscars starting to snub A24 to give another studio a chance lol. I mean, Vice and Black Phanter are nominated instead of Eight Grade, First Reformed, Hereditary? Ethan Hawke none for best actor?

  13. I met Paul Schrader at a screenwriting masterclass at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham about ten years ago. Was only 14 but he was kind enough to answer my crap question about whether the quality of filmmaking equipment is important, and he told me to just use whatever I could get my hands on and start making films…big fan of his, glad to hear he's back on form!

  14. If everyone just put dowm our on closed minded thinking and just read what the bible REALLY says dang we stupid

  15. If this movie doesn't get you into church on Sunday mornings then no movie ever will.

    An alcoholic Pastor, with deep seated emotional problems, who ends up putting a vest of explosives on as he plans on blowing up his church. That ought to encourage you to get out of bed and get all dressed up on Sunday mornings!

    Never mind the fact that a large number of psychopaths, who will lie straight to your face as they smile at you, are members of the clergy. Maybe that explains a few things if you're bright enough to catch my drift.

  16. Idk if this is horror style crap or just drama crap…it looks really good, but in same time looks like overblown hype

  17. This is a really great movie. It's one of the best films of 2018 in my opinion. The story is engaging, Ethan Hawke's performance is amazing, and it deals with themes that really make you think about the movie days after you've seen it. I give it an 8/10.

  18. I like this movie very much. Ethan Hawk's performance is moving and noteworthy. As far as religious hymns and Biblical passages, I don't want to be "washed in the blood of no goddamn lamb". You? I realize it's metaphorical in nature, but would you like a serrated beveled hooked blade inserted in your arse for redemption? No? Does that not bring you comfort? Then how 'bout a couple hail marys and a few coins in the collection box Father? This is a witticism ☺ and I'm told God will forgive me. Peace. Also check out "Calvary" similarly different. ☺

  19. 30:57 ok, I don't care who or what the phuck. You see bruthers elbows? Must be Ash, muthrphuckin, Wednesday up in this muthrfucker. U best Recognize! Jergens, sheet! Make me look bad.

  20. First Reformed.That was a great movie.Ethan Hawke gave this character real value and i have watched it three times and still think its really good.

  21. They make big mistake because Ethan Hawkeye is 1106A not 1107 so first 501 reformed1068=425+703+1119+128+911+826+115+603+215+1207+1107+618+811+830+407+1228+1020+721+611+929+819+1029= Ethan is a ref1067 not reformer stupid American

  22. You know, I know the Oscars are full of hacks who don't know what they're doing. And that's okay. They still serve a purpose! They give smaller filmmakers (like the brilliant Yorgos Lanthimos, director of The Favourite) more recognition. From now on, they won't be a nobody with some good ideas. They'll be an Oscar-winning filmmaker, significantly increasing their budget and creative control.

    But the fact that Ethan Hawke wasn't nominated for Best Actor, and would likely not have won even if he did, is absolutely disgusting. For shame, Oscars. For shame.

  23. Unbelievably AWFUL! I certainly wish I had known the darkness behind this movie. I would never have watched it 🙁 this is the 2nd Ethan Hawke movie I've seen that is so awful and terrible. And I really like him. This movie:
    A. Has no purpose other than to scare people and bring people way way down
    B. Skirts all morals and ethical purpose
    C. Pulls Thomas Merton into the mix-and wrongly so!
    D. Portrays people who Believe in Christ as dour, ignorant and boring. As well as ignorant to Climate Change. And many other malicious lies.
    E. This movie gives Ethan Hawkes character unbelievable seclusion from society and he is a Pastor?!
    F. He looks miserable!
    G. Cedric is the only good thing about this movie.

    I wish I never saw it.
    I think it is an example of wasteful spending on narrow minded projects that have no real direction and exactly the wrong kind of "entertainment" that society is in search of. It sends multiple terrible messages.
    To me it uses religion as the reason to do terrible things and that is NOT something I believe in. Just my 2 pennies worth..

  24. The ending was such a pretentious bait but I really loved the rest of the film, especially that scene in the ladder where he rants at Esther. I think that scene in particular defines how broken and complex he is as a character.

  25. nothing to do with JESUS!! another Hellywood movie made by an atheist to portray away from what REAL CHRISTIANITY is! God have mercy on these people and anyone watching it…smh

  26. Incredible film. Powerful and gut-wrenching. My father is a Pentecostal minister in New England, and I’ve grown up in the familiar cloudy-small town church atmosphere my whole life. The themes and feel of this story are genuine; a truly honest depiction of the toiling postmodern Christian culture in the current world. Although my Preacher father wouldn’t care for its hopelessness, I see how difficult it is for the intellectual, hurting ministers of small churches, in the shroud of mega churches and business culture….
    the will of God truly is a mystery in such days as this

  27. …And here we are, watching the Amazon burn while a Brazilian fascist counts his dollars. This film more than captures the spirit of the age, for better or worse, right now.

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