For Musk Ox in Siberia, It’s a Cold Life | Wild Russia

For Musk Ox in Siberia, It’s a Cold Life | Wild Russia

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NARRATOR: A herd of musk ox. Historically, these
ice-age relics were widespread across
the Siberian tundra. Now, reintroduced populations
occupy only small pockets of the Siberian Arctic. Covering as little as a
mile and a half each day to conserve maximum
energy, these nomads slowly make their way
across the frozen lands. Musk ox will move to the
highest, often coldest tundra elevations in winter to avoid
having to dig through deep snow to reach food underneath. Plummeting temperatures
don’t faze them. They are blizzard
proof, so well-insulated that the snow doesn’t
melt but instead settles on their long outer guard hairs. It’s this calf’s
first taste of winter. At just a few months old,
she now gets much of her food from the grasses, lichens,
and moss of the tundra. But she still relies
on her mum for warmth in the harshest of conditions. She will stay with her
mother for the next two years and be protected
by the whole herd. Cows do not calve every
year, so she is precious. Slowly but surely in Siberia,
musk ox numbers are increasing.


  1. Many animals wouldn't fare well in Siberia's frigid temperatures, but musk ox are built to withstand these conditions. What are your thoughts on their ability to live in this intense cold?

  2. My god even they suffering still they're increase πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Praise the Lord the most high above ☝ the creater the king the majesty he take live he give live β˜πŸ‘
    Thankyou πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒβœŒnice chanals

  3. Russian cold harsh winter I can understated I was born ❄ country growp up three snow country Germany & USA i know Russian ❄ the most coldest winter β„β›„β›…β˜

  4. The narrator sounds like he has a subwoofer in his throat. I like the way he paints pictures with his words. Is he the same guy who narrated THE LAST LIONS? @natgeo

  5. The music is perfect)) I roam around in Siberia and inside of my head such music is playing always)) The temperature is really looooow)))

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