1. At the next match everyone should shout! ? 4-2-3-1! 4-2-3-1! 4-2-3-1! Joseph needs a CAM! 4-2-3-1! 4-2-3-1! 4-2-3-1! Joseph needs a CAM!
    4-2-3-1! 4-2-3-1! 4-2-3-1! Joseph needs a CAM!

  2. This guy is garbage because of his formation and by allowing one of the worst players in the fucking MLS to play ball along side great attacking players this shitty player is Breck shea.

  3. Shut up De Boer! you suck! and if you can't realize that you are making a mistake because you are an arrogant dutch then you'll be fired very soon! We need a South American coach that understand how to exploit South American talent. This guy just sucksssssssss!

  4. Is there any wonder De Boer has been called "the worst coach ever in the history of the premier league". Atlanta United is now the third professional team that guy has completely screwed up! His hire is an unmitigated calamity.

  5. Until I heard this guys press conference I was not ready to call for his firing. After hearing him I think he needs to go. At best he relents and tries to copy last year's system but does he have anything to offer on his own? Frank Deboer will ruin this team and spoil the gains Atlanta has made. What are the chances we ever sign another Pitty Martinez if we keep playing him and half the team out of position and act as if a slightly improved USL team is some impossible riddle.

  6. We have plenty of time to get better. I’m not ready to say fire FDB but I’m pissed that we only got a 1-1 at the Benz against FCC. And we booed because we can

    C’mon ATLiens lets have a little more faith
    ? ?⚫️?⚫️?

  7. Sir the fact is that learn how to live with someones glory. Nothing is wrong with that than implementing model that is gona take too long to master while other must have win more champuonship n now u wake up n what? Go back to first model. O.k

  8. Sorry to say as a Dutchman, but Frank looks and talks like a train wreck.
    He had a good run with Ajax winning the Dutch league 4 times in a row, although the football they played did not show any progress in that time.
    His time in Italy and the UK turned out to be a disaster.
    Atlanta should be be fresh new start for Frank, but instead the results proof differently.
    Time to retire, Frank.

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