French PM says more attacks coming; suspects hunted   프랑스 총리 ″조만간 또 테러 발생할

French PM says more attacks coming; suspects hunted 프랑스 총리 ″조만간 또 테러 발생할

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French police have arrested around two dozen
people as they investigate the attacks. Bruce Harrison joins me in the studio.
Bruce, the French government says these arrests are just the beginning.
Hello Connyoung. Police have a growing list of people they′re looking for in France
and outside the country. They carried out 168 raids in Paris overnight,
seizing drugs and weapons. They also placed 104 people under house arrest.
And we heard not long ago police in Brussels, Belgium, had surrounded houses as they hunt
for suspects. That′s correct. Apparently they didn′t
find who they were looking for. They′re still combing the Brussels suburb
of Molenbeek in search of a Belgian man named Salah Abdeslam.
French National Police have asked for anyone to come forward with information about him.
He was apparently questioned by police near France′s border with Belgium shortly after
the attacks but not detained. There were also briefly reports of his capture
in Molenbeek,… but Belgian public broadcaster RTBF said that′s not true… a different
person is being detained. The alleged mastermind of the attacks is Belgian
man Abdelhamid Abaaoud. According to a source close to the French
investigation, he′s currently in Syria. The source said he′s investigators′ best
lead as the person behind the killings. He′s apparently from Molenbeek, the same
Brussels suburb where authorities have been searching for Salah Abdeslam.
Bruce, the attacks have also put many cities around the world on alert.
Yes, and the attacks alone are enough to heighten security.
But not long ago, a video emerged warning countries taking part in Syria airstrikes…
that they′ll suffer the same fate as France The video specifically threatened Washington.
In the U.S., police in major cities have beefed up security… though officials said
it was precautionary… and not in response to specific threats.
Both the United States and France have increased airstrikes on Islamic State held-territory
in Syria since the Paris attacks. Bruce, Parisians are returning to work today.
Schools have reopened. How is the city trying to adjust?
People living and working in Paris have said they′re finding it hard to get on with life
as normal. There are more police officers on the streets
in Paris… with many still feeling worried and unsafe.
France′s Prime Minister Manuel Valls had encouraging words for the French public…
and said intelligence services thwarted five terrorist attacks since this summer.
But he also said France must prepare itself for more attacks. ″Terrorism can strike, has struck though
we have avoided several attacks and could strike again, now, in the coming days,
in the coming weeks. I am not saying that to scare people but just so everyone understands.
The Louvre, Eiffel Tower and other museums and landmarks have reopened in Paris… as
the city tries to move on. Bruce, obviously this is a developing story.
As we speak, there are raids being car

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