Full Horror Movie Film Horor 2018 Sub Indonesia (cara mengaktifkan subtitle baca diskripsi di bawah)

Full Horror Movie Film Horor 2018 Sub Indonesia (cara mengaktifkan subtitle baca diskripsi di bawah)

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you [Music] [Music] is this a girl Amanda Peterson where’s her face covered so her eyes are sensitive to light even at night has your father been found no not yet we’re spending our search without any leads supposable don’t know where he is can you save her we will do what we can the Lord is powerful within these walls sister take Amanda to the third floor keep her away from the other children and make sure her door remains locked have faith in the Lord my child I’m so sorry do you want to play a game well it’s much too late for that it’s time for bed daddy didn’t want to play either what happened to your father we want to play hide and seek wait yes me my friend who is your friend Amandla Amandla Amandla [Music] he doesn’t like delight Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Amandla amantha this is father Wes from st. Petersburg orphanage the date is June 6th 1966 at time 7 p.m. I’ve asked father Thomas to assist me with Amanda Peterson who is properly secured and is being lit by candle light do you know why you’re here Amanda I need you to answer yes or no Amanda yes why are you here Amanda they’re trying to take my friend away and who is your friend daddy didn’t play by the rules what rules Amanda you have to play in the dark he doesn’t like the light it hurts him just like me are the same [Music] welcome they say they did one in late surprise surprise I mean well let’s get started I have a new location that will make up for the last one this excuse if it is it’s got three stories it has a worship area a cellar a courtyard security yes every two hours and this place is so big and our time is so limited we’re gonna have to split up to cover the most area abandoned I’m not really sure why I came up mostly empty handed in my research the building has been abandoned for nearly 50 years sometime in the late 60s there was a commotion about the orphanage it was rumored that employees and children were going missing so eventually the church stepped in and shut it down and no one has been in it since you’re late no thank you what are we well it was telling us about the abandoned orphanage oldie but a goodie you know it of course my mom used to try to use that shut up you scare me when I was a little kid we could see what a wonderful job it did why are we what are we talking about it Cady’s officially made it our next Hermann Explorer site all right to the urban explorers what society discarded forgotten guys before me break off and eating all that I want to say something cuz you’re all here and you’re all like my family so I can’t think of a better time to do this I know it’s only been six months I feel like I’ve known you forever I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you and I can’t imagine another day in my life without you as my partner okay leave on this adventure with me [Applause] [Music] which of these now do you guys seriously need to remember this moment okay ready let’s go what’s wrong okay I’m not stupid I know that would you give them something following you what is it oh I get it what I saw how you reacted and thoughtful pose to Becca do you look like Becca no of course I do it’s just that was the very first time I’ve ever heard my brother mention marriage and we tell each other everything so to hear it for the first time with all of you help shocking like he didn’t want his sister to be a part of that decision like what else is he not telling me I think you’re way overthinking it he’s your brother he’s not just gonna cut you out of his life okay pick it up nose mouth and let’s go check out this amazing location you found for us tonight it’s doing its go okay let’s pick a pushover hold him okay you guys fighting he’s right over there Oh God this is serious hey Ryan [Music] walkie-talkies oh no I knew I knew I forgot something you didn’t I’m sorry guys honest mistake huh it’s a safety precaution Wow Safety’s for losers calm your tits we brought them it’s a matter sketchy gonna get lost no this place is huge everyone around without them maybe that’s God’s wave you know thing out there hurt survival of the fittest I’m sure you two would be the first to go you’re pretty haven’t you ever heard of the broom is yeah who’s the bigger spoon me dude right not this week oh then oh yeah all right lovebirds very cute but get going I got our 50 get ready to synchronize in three two one all right so that door there goes upstairs yeah I was like that okay ah that goes to the kitchen we’ll take that because I’m starving yeah anything good in there you better than your cooking yep I’m not having dinner tonight well I guess that leaves us with this way chair the offices second place Silber still still good and dissing third just and fourth you loose Oh Tim hey look if it’s like your wet dream you got all the locks tough keys so he just ran across [Music] [Music] thinking you know here I would like a cheeseburger guys seriously guys this was an orphanage not a mental institution what’s the difference nothing really when it comes to youtube oh thank you all right you should keep a tighter leash on your girl not his girl we’re just friends mm-hmm like me and I know just where do you want to go to pound town no not to pound town so just friends huh we not talk about that now I’m a lot of my mind I don’t need your voice in my mind yeah okay I’m sorry I didn’t mean like that yeah just like you said we can talk away later imagine wearing it outfit like that yeah Wow what no just reminds me off well that’s so where they hunt ghosts oh yes I have just a thing yeah perfect okay alright looking good okay tell our viewers at home what be found baby don’t call me baby let’s keep it professional Taryn yes mr. baby mmm that’s why I like that quality what we hear never seen one of these in the wild before school is no biggest thrill and I know my accident I’m sorry that’s yeah let me get at that alright can you tell me oh I got cute yeah thank you as you can clearly see we’re now in the kitchen of the famed abandoned orphanage yeah in the kitchen my favorite spot and what the caller it’s gold I actually don’t know the name of this place what is it no it’s called but you’re doing the name I don’t know but let’s go check it out chalice Oh [Music] what am I supposed to be looking for about finding something it’s about you know exploring what one swish mmm this place you speak those little kids running around and that’s just totally forgotten an establishment this big could they just pick up and leave in the middle away I don’t know you’d be surprised at how fast people can move with the right motivation hey check this one I’m just saying that wow this place is beautiful back in the day I need to pee yeah me too my crosswords oh you cool science show some respect well I thought you ladies might want to take a peek what did you bring the magnifying glass you gonna put up in a raccoon did you guys hear that guys would you find just cabinet on oh my god these are the people who went missing from the orphanage okay that kid was messed up no where do they lock that in the drawer yikes they still perform exorcisms here let’s check this out property of father Thomas August 10th 1966 do not fear what you were about to suffer behold the devil is about to cast some of you into prison so that you will be tested and you will have tribulation for 10 days be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life revelations 2:10 even with these words to hold close I am truly being tested we’ve locked Amanda up in her chambers but she still manages to escape and run around the halls at night and every night we lose someone the church refuses to send help where is the light in all this darkness Adam Shane it’s a phrase or something how is that let’s get the hell out of me what what is it another recent guy there’s something standing right behind you are you trying to scare yeah there was something there what’s up we’ll be right there save the battery as soon as I close the door just like right there it’s kind of scary wait you Wow Paul right did you guys find anything yeah we’ve got some pretty cool stuff what the back in central well except for this [Music] you want to pray why don’t you come here boy you shouldn’t be in a place like this your parents must be worried sick about you hey where’d you go do you want to play a game if you want to play I don’t want to play your game hey TIFF I bet you cuz I picked those lux wait where’s TIFF hey hey TIFF come in hello can you hear me haha hey what’s going on just missing her cellphone hey TIFF can you hear us they took can you hear us I’ll go check on the second floor she was just right behind me okay you guys go with her and find TIFF and just come right back okay yes about that longers thank you mother would you like us to do the dishes too just wandered off before you guys listen to us March 2nd 1966 today we finally received Amanda Peterson did if the police reported to me that her father went missing they thought it best for the girl to stay here we shall make a home for this poor girl and lead her to salvation Dave Tiffani may the Lord direct our hearts towards the love of God and let us help this poor child to sponsor the light within her heart and become strong [Music] what what is it what is it stiffs flashlight and walkie do you think she just ran off she wouldn’t leave this behind this TIF guys god guys where are you Oh Jackie you broke my light that’s what your get a soul Oh Jackie was it something I said September 1st 1966 the power of faith has once again shown me the way light we installed the lights and secured her room to prevent her from hurting anyone else there shall never be darkness around her what does it say the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it I’m afraid even the darkness can reach deep within I can find no way to stop the darkness that lurks within these halls no one is safe I have told everyone to leave I locked myself in to watch over Amanda with God as my witness I shall make sure she doesn’t escape that’s this last entry guys Hey we can’t imagine been trying to die like this finder what’s going on if is missing but she left some of her stuff in one of the rooms that makes no sense where could she have gone I’m gonna know for sure that she was trapped here that’s at the journal said okay how could she get out of here and we’re doing a live our full happy life [Music] come on put your back into it well done guys I mean I never took you to to be pranksters but you really had these guys going no we’re not making this up Adam there was something trapped in there with it there was a little girl that disappeared in those that’s a little girl why don’t you too much check it out I would but yeah okay you know sure it’s nothing just scary movie hello anyone there TIFF see you guys it’s nothing to worry about Lilly here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] well I’m over here [Music] what are you doing you sure you can take that risk we can’t leave why not okay what do you think is happening out of him soon we can’t just give up I don’t think she’s missing Jackie how our lives are in danger if we don’t leave right now I’m stayin hey don’t be stupid about this you would if it was Kate just get right in the hospital I’ll stay here with Jackie with your tests are you crazy that’s suicide we trapped that thing in the cellar right we should be safe yes yes by the entryway [Music] this time new shit Sherlock hey don’t talk to her like that okay I can bandage him up properly if I have my kit where’s that it’s back at thanks cam okay let’s go get come on you thinking about going back in are you what other choice do we have man that thinking clearly go wherever the hell I want so we got to get out of here I’m with Ryan come on you’re right buddy come on come on shit mmm I got nothing you got anything nothing Karen be watching for me hey where are you going Stephen get serviced so nobody so okay what what’s going on with you well let’s see four of our closest friends are dead and Ryan’s in desperate need of medical attention so how do you expect me to react you know what I mean you’ve been acting different you’re not the type to wash out of people especially Becca okay this is not the time to be having that discussion when will be the time because we might not make it out of here and if that’s the case I don’t want to leave things like this between you and me so what’s up fine I am thrilled for your engagement our engagement that’s really what this is about sure the two of you will be very happy together but you’re not so what’s the problem you don’t like Becca I love Becca okay so what is it it’s fine why didn’t you tell me you were thinking of marrying her I don’t always tell you everything oh that’s bullshit Todd you’ve known over six months you’ve no need for your entire life why did you keep that from me why don’t you find out with everybody else and what else are you keeping from me what else are you keeping from after graduation we think about moving moving where we don’t know we just say you’re better to raise a family what are you gonna tell mom how she already knows great the last to know again thank you for that I’m sorry Katie you know you don’t have to stay here either I am NOT gonna be the one who leaves mom alone again don’t worry we’ll be fine we won’t need you like this come on but if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleans us from all sin the Lord has heard our prayers we kept the demon and Amanda at them and had our first restful night tomorrow we shall perform a Manas exorcism gonna remove the demon that follows her you may see something on here can help us it’s them I found this in the files exorcism 6 666 when I hear that we should know we’re up against just allamanda yeah he doesn’t want you to hurt Amanda where are you polite demon I demand you towards his poor child at once our Father thank it said this is happening we just have to hold out a little longer we’re gonna make it through this how light in the journal he said he could keep her away with light you’re right always supposed to go what do you need so that we found in the cabinet what are you looking for we’re going to picture they were standing next to a generator picture we found these nuns are sitting by generator you guys this is her this is the little girl that Todd and I saw Amanda Peterson she’s just a little girl ghost girl that has a demon for electrons can’t stop her lights the answer the generators in the cellar if we can get down there and turn it on maybe we can light this place up and get out of here does anyone have experience with the generator yeah I do my grandparents just have one on the floor okay okay so Ryan and Eric and I will go down the cellar the two of you can go a top no wait I don’t want to go anyone without very like a Ronnie nice we’ll go through the halls try to distract this thing radio in it safe this is like a really stupid idea you guys know they can keep this thing distracted long enough and we can turn the generator on no one will get hurt what if it’s in the cellar with you then you’ll have to act fast I really don’t like this idea this that’ll work we’ll be fine okay this way okay wait take this with you set the motion sensor around and put it in the hallway and maybe it can give you a warning of self in Europe someone’s coming out yet walkers sorry [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] there it is man is that you you can’t play a journal the links you don’t want to play our games I mean no we just want to go home you hear me we want to play stupid games little bitch [Music] oh the bandages what happened this place happy so what do we do now he’s give us a minute we don’t have a minute Todd Eric is dead and her legs all torn up could you please just give us a goddamn minute this is all your fault you should be there I’m sorry just trying to help I didn’t think that’s your probably right there you think so what are we all just gonna sit here and wait to die we have to get back to the cellar light is the only way to stop this thing we already found the generator we just have to fill it with gas and turn it on and then we’re home free no I do not know that for a fact but I have to trust that we will be I guess I better get used to doing things without you it’s not being such a bitch JD screw you Todd I can take care of myself yeah you made that real clear go ahead go off and enjoy your new life and leave the rest of us behind just like dad did you know what fuck you Katie fuck you Todd I never suggested this place hey don’t say that we had no idea what we were up against and you couldn’t have known I can’t let anyone die because I mean I have to get the generator running it’s too dangerous just stay here and wait until morning we may not live that long right we have the fireplace okay keep it safe is it so hard then you have nothing to be sorry for okay not do anything for you in case we don’t make it all right [Music] please I don’t want to die first know what [Music] Perik [Music] [Music] do you tell her that we’re moving yeah well you thought she might knock the spire at least be happy for us she’s your sister of course she wants us to be happy just like you want her to be happy you know hey yeah we’re gonna go smooth things over with Kate no no no just stay here no Todd you’re hurt yeah and he might die if I just stay here sitting on my ass doing nothing we’re not gonna stay in here we’re gonna get married and have lots of babies and we’re not gonna die here now I have a wedding to prepare for and you need to patch things up with my future sister-in-law before it’s too late no just that thing I didn’t go after this yet I think the fires working was just a play I’ve never known you to be somebody who sits on the sidelines talk like this isn’t a game I know but this isn’t engaged this is our life and you’re just sitting here stubborn to help them now are you with me or am I doing this by myself you shouldn’t be working on that I think I’ll survive you’re thinking hey sorry it’s hard to be optimistic but most people you know it’s gone what can’t you it’s way too dangerous so we’re just no leave her Oh Katie it’s all right I can’t go anywhere she’s hurt look for caring man exactly my god between the two of you just sitting around doing nothing it’s pathetic these are your friends our friends let’s go find them fuck this Amanda and fuck this demon [Music] [Music] security [Music] [Music] where are you I’m on you do you want to play a game let your party she’s not saying the game silly you are you have to come fight me just you out here leave us alone Ryan Blair game stupid games I love you Kate what are you doing Ryan [Music] right [Music] yeah Amandla I want to play a game I do but I want to be the one who hides [Music] [Music] Todd now [Applause] [Music] [Applause] yes it worked [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] to whoever finds this journal take warning with his place there’s a darkness that lives here that cannot be stopped her name is Amanda Peterson if you are reading this my friends and I did not make it out of the orphanage I’ve given the chance to leave this place at once before it’s too late however if you do find yourself trapped inside the orphanage once the darkness has fallen upon you my only advice is to hide on the line [Music] [Music] you


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