[Full Movie] 聊齋之鬼叫春 Ghost Estrus

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Yes, say it. and after? Father, how about it? What happened later? Say Father, what about it later? Say it. how about it? Say it… I’m always asking the bottom, but I’ll be there later. Yes It’s a ghost story. Father, let’s talk for a while. Yes, let’s talk for a while, how? Come again… Not too early, the children are going to sleep Okay… Father is going to open up. Children are not allowed to listen, children go to sleep… What the hell? All of you are haunted, go, let’s go Going to sleep, sleeping About 1,200 years ago It is Wu Zetian who called her third son. Forced to step down In Huashigang, under the Huashigang There is such a flower town There is a small inn in the town. This small inn is called Huajiayu. This flower home… Big sister… Big sister, come a team of soldiers Big soldier? There are twenty Yes, it’s probably a general sitting in the car. It looks like it’s coming to us. What’s the big fuss, the big soldiers are good? Three years old and old sows We are not like old sows. Go in and wash your face, dress up Yes Arrived… Hurry out go… Fast Pack up this stuff Quickly pack Yes Flower girl, this… Who is the flower girl? Are you not spending the last name? My big brother is surnamed flower, our surname is Miao My name is Miao Fen, my third sister is Miao Fang. you call me? Not calling you This general Wang thought that our surname flower The surname is coming what’s up? The general Wang is checking the account there. This must be right-handed General Wang Chun Wang It’s under Hard work on the road Running around, I used to General Wang Da, you are a person who has seen the big world. We are a small place here. Rough tea, grassy house What is a bad place to entertain? You can bear much more Say it well What about the flower dispenser? Go, don’t come back Go, don’t you come back? is not that right? Called Wang Ye, please go. You guy, please ask. Unlike Where is it not like? Wearing red hanging green My brother-in-law has been dead for six years. Wearing filial piety for a lifetime? Milfs The charm still exists, right? General Wang If it’s interesting to my sister I can be a matchmaker. Where have you been? Or how about me? I am a family person. Life is not the same No color, colorful, false Zhang San, Li Si, come over… I think this sister road is not very serious. Tell your men to be careful, don’t meet the black shop Zhang San To Li Si Have Zengsha Have All arrived Everyone is working hard, stop early. Yes Disband Not bad Are you tired? Take a break early, enter the room, rest… I am sorry… How to do it? Walking without looking at the road I am sorry General Wang, wash your feet, solve the problem General Wang, what are you delaying here for a few days? I am afraid it will take four or five days. We are waiting for a painter here. Will be in the cemetery of Princess Yixian, Prince Edward of Yide Go painting murals It’s a saga But the people are always the same Make a cow for them No, I come by myself. a man who is away from home Everything has to come by myself When we arrive at our store, it should be like home. What about the store? Not necessarily, if you run into a black shop When I entered the store, I entered the trap and became a store. No return on a good deed You should be a cow all day. how about it? Do you want my sister to serve you? Knocking back and kicking your feet to solve the problem? no need More and more lacking Death phase Look at the point, Miao Fang, go Wait, the pancakes are going to be mushy. Flower lady Be forgiving and forgiving Don’t do anything that is ruined again. Old and not dead is a thief I want you to take care of which things Be careful At the end of the fight, don’t call Yan Yan’s eyes. If you don’t die, let’s save a little bit of it. Hate The cake is coming, eat it hot. eat quickly It’s not good if it’s cold. The cake is coming Eat a few more Not enough Boss What is it? The cake here is really good. Of course Our cake is the secret of the ancestral home. I just bought a few cakes on the street. It tastes good, taste one Tastes good Have a taste? Yes, it’s salty. Let’s also try it is good I also taste it. it is good… According to ours, it’s a long way off. is not it Boss, sleep? General Wang? it’s me Please come in I thought you were a saint, false

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