[Full Movie] Agent Girls, Eng Sub 暴击少女 | Action film 动作电影 1080P

[Full Movie] Agent Girls, Eng Sub 暴击少女 | Action film 动作电影 1080P

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In 1976 There was a military conflict between China and Vietnam But during the war Zhang Guodong privately led the company and many countries’ troops Execute a secret mission in Vietnam And during the war They aimed at many national treasures of Vietnam After finding these treasures The troops from many countries established an International Evil Eye Organization And returned to their countries Zhang Guodong Xiao Lishan And ” the Buddha” are the members of the organization from China After they returned to China secretly Zhang Guodong becomes the richest man of the city due to business Xiao Lishan Researched the HO7 project to fight with AIDS successfully They thought Vietnam events would be forgotten But A huge conspiracy has begun Directed by: Xiao Jushi Starring: Zhang Muqing Starring: Bao Lingyu Starring: Pang Chengyu Starring: Madina Panuco Starring: Yang Yihan Starring: Yang Zhenchi Agent Girls (Bao Ji Shao Nv) Happy graduation We will begin our new life What’ s your plan? I think I am the poorest I will be a criminal police, just like my father It seems that my family has already settled it Very nice It’s because your father is the world fighting champion I have not had a plan I just drift along all days I will come back to China stay there for a long time and then make a plan How about you, Xiao fei Will you come to your father’s company? No, I will not go to his company I am so beautiful I want to be a beauty agent How about you? I want to work hard and become the richest people of the city To earn re spect from him Your richest father Then you will build up from nothing with Lock King Don’ t ever mention him or I will be angry We are so envious of your relationship Your father is also be on good terms with his father so are you And the most important thing is that you are both rich But you do not know that our fathers We don’ t know Taught us very early from moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor You really don’ t know Cheers My mom called me 16 times just now I will call her back Okay I go to the washroom by the way Come back soon Hello Mom What happened? Mom Oh You are back here What’s wrong? Your father What’ s wrong with him? He He killed himself Dad Mrs. Xiao This is my phone number You can call me anytime See you My dad can’ t kill himself This is impossible My child Don’ t be sad This is your dad’ s posthumous papers In the last few months Your dad went out early and came back at dusk to research his project Maybe because of work pressure Don’ t be sad Impossible Wan di Why do you come back so late? Dad Do you know why I can graduate as the first place from International Criminal Police College? Because You are my daughter Dad I only want prove that I am excellent And it is not because of you Going to police college is the last time that I am obedient to you Now I am graduated I want to be myself Wan di Listen to me That’ s enough During your preaching to me You can call Li shan uncle Something went wrong with his family Since you have been comrade-in-arms for many years You should call him My child Drink some water You see You did’ t sleep all night Just sleep If your farther is still alive He will not be happy Where are you going? Look Deliveryman stayed at our home for 3 minutes Mrs. Xiao Xiao fei After our investigation, We confirm that he is indeed a deliveryman While at that time He is delivering your express As for why he stayed at your home for 3 minutes He gave us reasonable excuse What did he say? He said At that time Mr. Xiao was in a hurry to go to the house And so that he forgot closing the door After the deliveryman knocking at the door And nobody answered So that he came to your house After seeing Mr. Xiao He put the express down and got out of your house My husband What was he doing at that time? According to the deliveryman Mr. Xiao was sitting here and was in a daze After our detailed investigation We affair that the deliveryman is innocent All the signs indicate that It was Mr. Xiao that killed himself So, Mrs. Xiao Restraining your grief and accommodating change My father Will not kill himself I can understand you But you graduate from police college You should know you must have evidence My father’ s death Definitely is associated with this deliveryman You can’ t figure out I will figure out by myself So Mrs. Xiao See you This automobile data recorder I will take it as an evidence Is that okay? Okay Xia xue, you have a call Hello Xiao fei, where are you? You don’ t answer my call I am so worried Okay I will come quickly Hello I am about to call you What happened to Xiao fei’ s family? What? I am coming Do you want to die? I like you very much I have been chasing you for 653 days You can’ t be so cold Are you Wait Hello, Yun han Okay Wait for me Okay Go away, I have something important to do No You can run me over with a car I have to express my love Okay, get on Quickly Do you notice anything wrong? Nothing You know nothing Turn on the light Oh Look Firstly He stayed at Xiao fei’ s house for 2 minutes and 56 seconds As for a normal delivery That is too much Secondly Why he wore a peaked cap? Obviously He wanted to cover up himself He did’ t want anyone to see his face Moreover Do you notice that? Before he entering the room He looked at the roof If he is really a deliveryman Then Why he gazed around? He must is looking for the camera According to your analysis It figures Xiao fei, do you call the police? Yes, I do But the police said that The delivery was innocent And the deliveryman explained what did he do during the 3 seconds And it sounds quite reasonable How about the posthumous paper? This paper is questionable They don’ t know My dad When he writes Chinese character Chen He writes the complex font Okay We suppose that It was the deliveryman who killed uncle Li shan In such a short time He can leave no trace What does that mean? They have already got this plan And they know about uncle very well Yes Just after uncle entering the room He entered the room What’ s their motivation? That’ s what we should figure out The deliveryman is the only clue that we got I will go to ask my father if he has any other clue Yun han You have so many friends You can ask them to survey some information about mercenary or professional hatchet man and to find out where they are Okay I will contact with them Xia xue Disguise yourself and go to uncle’ s company to figure out any abnormal with uncle or if he has any enemy Lisa as a foreigner you come to the express company and physical distribution Try to be invisible No problem Xiao fei as a family member of victim ask some information from the police such as information about the deliveryman and his oral confession Try to have some new information Okay Let’ s do it sisters What’ s my task? You just go home The scenery is nice Do you really plan to figure out your father’ s event? Yes So I come to ask for your help I have already violated the discipline This is my first time I hope it is the last time I investigated his information One weeks ago He indeed went to Bin hai city by airplane At the night that your father died He went to a club called forlorn hope He spent money there Moreover, the next day His bank account was transfered more that 100 thousand It is a foreign transfer We can’ t know the source But I start to believe your intuition Woman’ s intuition is always accurate Then you can guess What I am thinking about? Our office has closed the case What I can do for you is only so much Thank you See you However No matter what you find You should tell as soon as possible Don’ t take any risks Are there any new developments? The deliveryman is new Nobody knows him well His identification paper is fake Uncle has no contact with anyone It’ s normal It seems that he is doing a research They gave me many places But these places are unreliable I have no new development Why has’ t Xiao fei come back yet? According to current situation We can think about that how does the killer know that Uncle Li shan will buy an express I know In a pub called forlorn hope What are you doing? Can you stop pretending? You make me nervous This is my first time to come here Yun han You should inform me that you will come Why are you here? I have something important to do today I’ m busy What important thing can you have? Who is this beauty? Nice to meet you I have never met a man like you She is not that kind of girl that you can molest Do you still want to make friends with me? No Just kidding That’ s enough Xia xue, let’ s go Leave him alone Is this your first time to come? I am a girl I should be reserved Do you find him? How about you? I have searched the whole pub We found nothing We come here tomorrow Look at him, I think he is the guy I think so, too This pub I have been here for many times I even don’ t know there is a blank door We don’ t alarm him Handsome boy Let’ s have a chat Sorry I’ m very busy Wait a minute I want to ask you about someone Do you know him? Who are you? It’ s not your business What’ s wrong with you? You don’ t know me, but you beat me Why do you run? I also wear a peaked cap and the face can’ t be figured out I can’ t explain, so I run You are lying When you are looking at the picture You glance at Yun han unconsciously Moreover You put your upturned right heel on the floor You are very nervous You are seeking for safety Your action is agile and your ultimate goal is obvious Even you are not the guy in the picture You know him Xia xue Ah My arm hurts I will tell you I met him Two days ago He gave something to my boss Yes, I remember that It’ s a USB Who is your boss? My boss is brother Hao That’ s his nickname I just work for him for a few days What’ s brother Hao’ s height? and other characters? Tell us The third one Help me What should we do? They have too many people There is only one method Fight with them No We should call the police I told you Don’ t take risks It’ s fortunate that I am on duty nearby I will handle this problem You can go Do I bother you? Not at all Everyone is here Wan di, you are wanted on the phone The Lock King Just tell him that I am busy Wan di You are here I am calling you Why are you here? I bought some food for you Okay You bring me the white board Yes, madam Brother Hao 40 years old What else It’ s too difficult There are so many people whose name include Hao And maybe he is not in this city Not too difficult Brother Hao Since he can find Forlorn Hope Pub He must is related to this city He can hire a killer He must be very rich So I call my father and ask if he knows brother Hao Yes Your father knows many people Maybe he knows Brother Hao? Let me think I don’ t know him Wan di You all day go out When will you help me manage our company? Wan di Yun han What’ s Wan di’ s favorite food? Wan di What’ s going on? I know someone called brother Hao Before He asked me to pick a lock But I don’ t know if he is the one that you are looking for Ding meng Just stop making trouble You come to work Please work hard This is the most important I can’ t leave What’ s more I have to look after Wan di Ding meng Our Wan di is the catch and grapple champion of our police college If there is any danger Maybe she will protect you Yun han Ding men is a good person Ding meng Thank you What is the brother Hao’ s job? Brother Hao He is very rich When I worked for him I saw that he had many brothers and they called him brother Hao He is about 40 years old We can try We have no clues now When we come in Try to be polite These people are not easy It is said that this entertainment venues is under brother Hao’ s management Even my job We have to pay protection fee That’ s what we want We don’ t need to say anything Fei fei Handsome boy Where is brother Hao This way and then turn right Go straight and turn right Wan di Who are you? We want to see brother Hao Do you know my relationship with brother Hao? Who is he? Hum You are so rude Why are so curious? Don’ t you know that brother Hao’ s hobby is strange? Let us see brother Hao, quickly Follow me Brother Hao There are some people looking for you Who are they? You go out Brother Hao You have new girlfriend You forget me I remember you Come here Great wits have short memories How can you do that? How dare you talk to brother Hao in this way Quickly Say sorry to brother Hao I’ m sorry, brother Hao I’ ll take my leave Abalone and lobster I had enough Do something for a change This time I want to try farm vegetables Brother Hao Today we come here We want to ask about someone Do you know him? No, I don’ t What happened? Does he bully you? In this area Tell me about anything I can help you Brother Hao It seems that we find the right person We all want your help It’ s him In the Forlorn Hope Pub Do you know? Yes, the Forlorn Hope Pub I know He may be one of my little brother I have so many little brothers I can’ t remember Yes As long as brother Hao says a word The whole city shakes You don’ t know that The primary school Junior high school and even university Brother Hao Everyone knows him He is very prestigious I have told you for many times Keep low That’ s you Shit Give me a break I am not brother Hao Who are you? This person Is he not your brother? I am Liu Tiezhu I used to be a security corp Brother Hao is very famous So I pretend to be him I don’ t know him Then where is him? We Know him but we don’ t see him The biggest entertainment venues in this city hotels All belongs to brother Hao I know that every afternoon He swims in Yate Bay I only know that You strut in borrowed plums You are so quick Why are you so curious? Brother Hao says that You can’ t go in the room You can’ t go in the room When I entered the room I knew that brother Hao He was fake He has no temperament He wears fakery And his little brothers They are all ugly It’ s a pity that we have no right to investigate this case I have an idea This is Wu Tianhao’ s file According to your description I think He is the one that you are looking for I’ m sorry to trouble you Wu Tianhao is rather complicated He is suspected of drug trafficking and organizing crime Moreover He has backer behind him So I’ m worried I’ m afraid that if you keep investigating Don’ t worry I will be careful If anything goes wrong I will call the police Hello What’s wrong? Nothing The police wants me The phone is out of power Can I use your phone? Okay The password is 111111 I go to the washroom Wu Tianhao He has a drug trafficking network in this city He is cautious and he has many bodyguards He has only one weakness He is concupiscent At 2 pm everyday, he will be at a 10 miles from home swimming pool This time is the best chance that we can take action That’ s all When he is alone how can we approach him? without being noticed by his bodyguards When he is sleeping or when he is in the bathroom We can approach him in the swimming pool If we want his trust we should go to his home It will be perfect if we can keep him in his room So Xiao fei Yun han You two try to attract his attention Xia xue and I try to get into his house to find out some information If you are in danger we can help you Lisa, you stay outside and try to stop them getting into the house If everyone is okay let’ s move We are inside we can’ t tell you I have already prepared This is the most advanced Everyone takes one This is only for special troops It’ s too professional I want to go You stay here We have to look after you if you are there Oh Listen My swimming technique is very high Really? Of course Listen, In my country They all call me little merman If it had not been for my brother-in-law I have already went to national team and maybe I got lots of gold medal Can you show us? Yes, I can Is that okay? Brother-in-law bring me a bath towel Okay Where are you from? This swimming pool belongs to us What? Why can’ t we swim here? Swim What’ s this? Flesh Flesh? I don’ t believe you I want to check it Go away What are you doing? Yun han What are you doing? Ah I’ m so sorry I push your brother into the water I’ m so sorry It’ s okay That Do you often swim here? I am a college student in nearby university This is my cousin Yes I am her cousin It’ s too hot I go swimming with her It seems that we are destined Two beauties Would you like to go dinner with me? Okay We should toast you as our apology Where do we eat? As you like Or else You can go home with me Cousin, We can’ t I have to go back to school That’ s okay I can help you ask for leave Very well Let’ s go Brother-in-law I turn a blind eye at ordinary times You can’ t cheat my sister Go away Brother Hao Brother Hao Brother Hao Brother Hao Brother Hao Boss Wu, please enjoy your meal I have given the order Wait a minute Okay, I know Okay Brother Hao Ah I left my bag in the car I bring it back Come back soon I propose a toast to you Okay Cheers I’ m going upstairs There is no bodyguard They are all outside Over Yun han and you try our best to tease Wu Tianhao Xia xue and I, we are coming Target spotted Pay attention to your circumference Communicate at any time Hurry up or Yun han and I will be bullied by Wu Tianhao Where are you? Xiao fei and I, we are in danger What are you saying? Nothing Is that comfortable? Yes Brother Hao We want to take a bath I’ ll come with you You stay here We will come back soon and we will give you a surprise Come back soon Who are you? You Two beauties You two are you looking for my brother-in-law? Yes Please come in You are strange Brothers, together Don’ t come here I know Kung fu I know Kung fu My sister and her husband are on the second floor Don’ t hit my face What are you doing? Brother Hao You are so fast to take off your clothes Bodyguards? Don’ t shout Nobody is coming Who are you? You should know this person Just you guys Even you kill me now You are not able to live long You dare to fight with our Evil Eye organization What’ s that? Why do you kill uncle Li shan? Is there any secret in the USB? No one is to blame for your father’ s death Because he researched something he should not research HO7 project has significant influence to human Who pull the strings behind the scenes? I can tell you I have given that to ” The Buddha” He is in H city I suggest you stop investigating this case You are so pretty It’ s a pity if you die now “ The Buddha” is rather complicated He has many retired special troops He retired from United Nations Peacekeeping Force If you want to approach him unless you are tired of living It’ s none of your business What’ s the relationship between my father and the Evil Eye Organization? Your father Xiao Lishan Xiao Lishan commander keeps strictly confidential His daughter does not know Your father actually is What happened outside? Wu Tianhao is killed Everything is going well Uncle Li shan has a strong relationship between the Evil Eye Organization Or The Evil Eye Organization wants uncle Li shan’ s research result But uncle does not want to cooperate with them So They killed him I asked my mother Even she does not know my father’ s research It seems that We are monitored Do you feel that? Wu Tianhao’ s death is very odd Here is the information about” The Buddha” Come here ” The Buddha” 61 years old has been in army for 21 years in International Peacekeeping Force In the following 10 years, we can find nothing about him Now he controls many drugs and arms network International Criminal Police Organization has investigated for many years Without finding nothing ” The Buddha” may be Wu Tianhao’ s boss It’ s possible I have to seduce him again I am the most pretty one among us I’ m afraid that beauty can’ t work this time Beauty can’ t work He is a man As long as he is a man He will bow to me A commando is not ordinary Okay, I know There is no woman in army He becomes a gay Ding meng It’ s your time No way Except Wan di I can’ t have relationship with anyone You are so cute It seems that Wan di has any relationship with you Enough We have to know ” The Buddha” Tomorrow we will go to H city Tonight We stay together In this special time We can be safer Why is not over yet? Listen Ah You are so weak How did you train yourself in school? We want a 5 minutes break Lisa, we go out To look for some information Who’ s he? Help me We fellow ” The Buddha” He just came to the washroom So we shot him and take him back to ask some information You are really good When will he wake up? Just throw cold water on him But we had better tie him up He is a commando Only she can deal with him Hurry up I bring a rope Excuse me Don’ t fight We bring you here We only want to ask you a few questions As long as you answer these questions We will set you free You had better set me free or you will die Whether we will die It does not matter How long you can live that matters Lisa Torture him Yes You guys help me If you want to answer our questions at any time Or you can’ t heal yourself Even if you kill me I will not say a word Do you know that? I’ m revengeful ” The Buddha” owes us a life We want 10 times back You don’ t cooperate with me It does not matter We can’ t kill him We can kill you If you don’ t have family member We can use your fingerprint and appearance We can kill your family You win Please don’ t hurt my family They know nothing Very good ” The Buddha” gets a new USB, right? Where is it? In the secret chamber of the castle How to open the secret chamber? No one can open it Except ” The Buddha” Double identification of fingerprint and pupil How many people in the castle? Where is the secret chamber? When does ” The Buddha” leave everyday? There are about 20 people there The secret chamber is at the end of the left side of the second floor You can not come in There are monitoring in the castle everywhere Where does ” The Buddha” usually eat? In the Blue Sky Hotel beside the castle He has lunch there everyday Very good But I suggest that you had better tell us the truth Or we will kill you when we are back Lisa shoot him and let him sleep for two days It’ s okay It seems that if we want the USB We have to get the fingerprint of ” The Buddha” and the pupil image Then we try to get into the castle ” The Buddha” has lunch in the hotel everyday We can start from it But I think Ding meng can help us Ding meng He is just a locksmith What can he do? ” The Buddha” must go to the washroom during the lunch Ding meng can pretend to be the waiter of the hotel We can not only get his fingerprint But also the pupil image We can use the special paper to get the fingerprint It is easy But the pupil image ” The Buddha” must keep your eyes open He is vigilant We must face him and let him eyes open I have an idea We can give him a surprise Lisa Yes “ The Buddha” has went to the hotel Okay Roger that Wait If I fail You tell Wan Di Marry a good man Okay I will tell her You This is ladies room Who are you? Sorry, sir We changed shifts right now So this woman goes wrong I take her out now Stop You little girl don’ t drink too much next time Let me go I’ m unlucky Why are you shaking? I I I’ m afraid that you tell my boss about this thing If so I will lose my job I’ m so sorry I’ m so sorry Be careful next time Yes Why are you shaking? Look at you You can’ t protect Wan di I’ m not shaking This easy problem I’ m not shaking Moreover I will protect Wan di Why are you shaking? We succeed Where are we going? Now we need to go to the Police College to find the senior professor to ask him help us handle the fingerprint and the pupil image and manufacture them Okay They are all commandos We try not to fight with them If so We can’ t win Lisa you still control the top Xia xue and I will try to get the USB Xiao fei and Yun han You handle with these people and try to help us here How about me? You stay here Professor said Only man can wear the fingerprint and pupil It seems that Ding meng can help us Okay Ding meng comes with me and Xia xue We check for the information If after 45 minutes We still in the castle You just retreat or call the police Wan di I want to go to the castle I want to do something for my father And I will be worried if you go Your ability is not as good as mine not to mention Xia xue You stay here and prepare to help us Ding meng Come on Who are you? Big brother I get lost Hello It’ s me I have received the things After a few days they will be sent to Spain Don’ t worry Okay Okay Okay Hold it Let’ s go Go and see Wan di I told you to leave Why do you come back? Ding meng does not want to leave We are worried about you We are surrounded We die together Lisa call the police Stop I thought you are someday You dare to enter my zone without permission I see It’ s you little girls It’ s you You send people to kill my father Xiao Lishan You You are Xiao Lishan’ s daughter When you were a child I embraced you You You are Zhang Guodong’ s daughter Right? You are right Xiao Lishan was killed by my people But The reasons are complex Things in our life sometimes are not as simple as you see I see you are eager to revenge You guys leave the USB and go back to home I Forgive you A life for a life I will never get away with you Run Go Go Ding meng Ding meng Ding meng Go Hurry up Go on board Hurry up Ding meng Go Go He is so silly Don’ t think about him It’ s no use crying I was unkind to him Why did he come back to save me? If you are sad We can find his parents And look after them Files are encrypted and I can’ t open them I know a hacker I call him to ask for help Hello I have an encrypted file Can you decode it? I’ m in H city now and I will come back this afternoon Will you be free tomorrow? Okay We come back this afternoon We are not safe here Sorry to bother you This file is important to me We have been classmates for many years You are welcome Wait Very soon It’ s okay It is decoded Zhang Guodong Who is Zhang Guodong? Mom What happened? Dad Do you really want to investigate your father’ s case by yourself? Yes So I want to ask your help It’ s you Shit Wu Tianhao is rather complicated He has a drug trafficking net He is cautious and has many bodyguards He has only one weakness He is concupiscent I think you should know this person No one is to blame for your father’ s death It is because he researched something that he should not research Wan di I want to come there I want to do something for my father If we die, we die together Lisa Call the police You are right Xiao Lishan I sent people to kill him But The reasons are complicated Zhang Guodong Who is Zhang Guodong? You’ re here Come in Why did you kill my father? My father treat you like his own brother Child No matter what I hope you forgive me and don’ t let this hate carry over to Wan di What’ s done is done I have nothing to say I can only use my life to end all Kill me, child It can be regard as revenging for your father You are not qualified to become Wan di’ s father Zhang Wandi You are a renegade Xiao fei, are you crazy? Xiao fei, what are you doing? Don’ t pretend Your father killed my father She sent a secret message and killed Ding Meng What done is done I have nothing to say You can’ t talk like that How could it be possible My father can’ t kill uncle Li shan Stop pretending Your father has already admitted Xiao fei It’ s impossible Wan di Wan di Don’ t chase her Let me go Although The cause and effect I know all Do exactly as I say Yes Look after my daughter I know But You killed him So There is something I have to do it Wan di My daughter This may be My last time to talk with you Your uncle Li shan I sent people to kill him I have my reasons I researched with him HO7 Project And we succeeded But we did not think about that When it came to clinical trial stage We failed Because it has severe side effects But Xiao Lishan He was blinded by greed He still insisted volume production He wanted to input market I persuaded him for many times He did not listen to me In the end We had no choice So I killed him Wan di Listen to me This thing Everything stops here Stop investigating I It’ s time for me to leave Without me I hope you can be happy and be cheerful Dad In the heaven I will wish you Dad Goodbye my daughter


  1. 找的演员,演的太假了,整容女看得吐了,打戏跟过家家似的,黑社会老大一点气场都没有,肥腻大叔,剧情也太流水线作业了,不用猜都知道接下来剧情,拍这样的电影,就是浪费钱

  2. Keren bgt mas bro. Seperti nonton di bioskop mantap
    Buat yang belum ngerti subtitle. Pojok kanan atas ada pilihan bahasa. Tingal pilih saja mau bahasa apa. Film ini penuh subtitle👍👍😚😚😚

  3. Địt cụ cái đứa dịch như lol. Cái câu thoại nó hay như vậy. Tao hỏi chúng có ngừoi mẹ nào gọi con là “ bạn “ Con gái gọi bố là” bạn “ xưng tôi không. Tao không chúng mày lấy tư cách đâu làm phiên dịch vs dịch thuật nữa 😠😠😠

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