[Full Movie] Ghost Happy, Eng Sub 欢天喜地开心鬼 | B哥 吴志雄 Comedy 喜剧电影 1080P

[Full Movie] Ghost Happy, Eng Sub 欢天喜地开心鬼 | B哥 吴志雄 Comedy 喜剧电影 1080P

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Please find CC icon to show it. Welcome subscribe! Why hasn’t he come yet? Haha, it seems he dares not to come Shut up! Causeway Bay, Hongkong Hey, boss Boss, boss Big B You old should retire now I come to tell you From now on this extent belongs to me One more word Hey, you’ve got a gun Do you think you’re at home This is the mainland Shi Jiangzhuang, Mainland China The Third Listen up My primary purpose to come here was to give up my old business Nightclub, nightclub Sauna bath This is sauna bath Here you are Thank you, boss Thank you, boss Hello I’m the scriptwriter of movie The Ghost Happy I want to find a view here Are you convenient? Of course Anytime at your service Thanks This little girl took away my secret Any of you who find her who can take the place of mine Sauna bath Revitalize our gang Revitalize our gang Revitalize our gang Hey I think it is a gloomy place It is so weird Let’s go Hurry up, let’s go Hurry That way Go, go, hurry up This way This way Wait for me We… We seem to be here before No way Have ghosts walled us up? Where am I? How could I be here? Ah It’s good The Ghost Happy Where are we? An Ran I’m here Where’s Ning Jie? Ning Jie? Ouch Ouch They are dummies Don’t be afraid It’s ok Stay tight Why are they dummies? You fools It’s fun Move, hurry up Wait for us Hao Ya, hurry up What’s it? I come from Xi Kou village I was born in Kang Xi 45 Kang Xi 45? I have been waiting for the one who can bury my token on the top of Baoding Mountain If you help me with my Reincarnation I must thank you in my next life What’s this? Let’s go Leave it alone This is a poor guy How about we bury it? Where am I? How can we get out? Ning Jie How could you be here? Where have you been? We have been looking for you Do you know? Let’s enjoy the play Why is the General here? Move How can we get back? It is so horrible Let’s go Go, hurry up Hao Ya, they are home You’re alone, so don’t go back She’s right, come with us No, I have a script to write You go first Ok Bye Let’s go home Cheng Jiang, I’d better go back I’m worry about her Ok You go Call me if you have problems Boss We’ve got her She is here Finally I got paid for my efforts I must take place of the big boss Boss She is so beautiful and naked How about let us… He’s right, let us have a try first How did I teach you before? We have principles Look at they three Gentelmen Illiteracy Illiteracy Ashamed of you I come first Hey, boss You come first Hurry Shit You can fuck me but you can’t rob me What the fuck is this? Who wanted to fuck me? Pretty girl Dear me Who is that? An Ran An Ran What’s wrong? Do you know? Someone wants to kidnap me Ah How about later? It doesn’t make any sense I’m still at home Ah I’m scared Don’t be afraid Hahaha I just saved you Ah, ghost! Hey Come back Humph You’re really funny I just helped you You run run away Ghost You’re right I’m a ghost a straight-forward ghost not a lecherous ghost Holy shit What’s wrong with the young people get dizzy so quickly Ah Hey You two little girls Look at you Someone wanted to kidnap you You must be taken away if without me and now you must be fucked Listen I come to pay you not to harm you Do you know? Pay me? Yeah For what? Did you pick up something in the ghost room? You took it away Ah, was that you? Yes You scared me I thought you came to take my life I’m a wronged ghost Hey General Zheng stationed in the south border and made a great contribution Someone evil trapped him General Zheng couldn’t but to surrender I can’t imagine All his relatives should be killed When I heard the news I came to inform him While I drank a cup of water halfway After that I fell asleep to the next morning When I arrived all people in the village were killed Do you know? I want to have my reincarnation But people in the village didn’t accept me They said I was a traitor I couldn’t make it Thanks to you or I was frozen over there What a poor ghost Ouch Be yourself I need to write my script Where are you going? Where? Dare to challenge me I let you write Let you write Write Challenge me Humph Boss I’ve told you Meeting is at 9:00 Get out Boss Come here later Boss My script is really good I said you can show me in the meeting Get out Boss Just take a look If there is any problem I can rewrite Hurry up Hey Where Where is my script? Tell me What are you doing? Hong long have you been here? How much interest have you created? Waste time day after day Your bonus and salary are gone this month Boss, but… No excuse I’m nice to you that I don’t fire you I wrote the script Fumo Daozhang last month for our company Your last script? Just a piece of shit No sexual expression How can you attract audiences? Don’t you know what audiences like? I tell you You rubbish I’ll teach you a lession Somewhere should be naked Humph Damn Ouch OK Get out Look at you script writers What did you write? All about God and Ghost What do the audiences like now? Big boobs Do you know that? The roles should wear Rabbit Costume that can attract audiences For the male roles they should wear make-up heavy make-up and wear false eyelashes and they speak and act with female characters All scripts last time should be rewritten Mr. Wang Mr. Jin wants you at his office You, wait at my office Yes Rethink yourselves Listen up Pay more attention to your work Understand? Humph Why are you standing here? Ah Hi Hi Get out of my office immediately What else can you do besides to make trouble? Mr. Wang Relax I heard from An Ran this morning there were ghosts in Jundun tourism base How about send Hao Yao to collect some news there? It is a good material How do you think? Em Good Just go, well, where is it? Jundun tourism base Well, yes Jundun tourism base To collect some materials Mr. Wang, but… No more excuses That’s a deal Get out Hurry up Since you like this young man I can do you a little favor -Xiao Shuai -What’s up? I’m sorry Hey Happy Ghost You messed it up Hello Xiao Shuai What are you busy with? Nothing What’s up? Not a big deal I just want to invite you to have dinner at my home I apologize for what I did that day Unnecessary Please come If you refuse I can’t forgive myself Well Then you’re agree Ok I’m waiting for you at home Yeah Candlelight Dinner time What should I cook? Boss Why do you call me here? You have been with me for many year I haven’t seen you these days What are you doing? Boss I’m working at Jundun Culture Company You must know this girl Yes That’s good I want you to do me a favor If you do it good All nightclubs in Xinhua district are managed by you You can give up your routine work Boss, be straight-forward If you ask I can do anything for you Good, then… You’re here Come in This way You did these? Ah, yes Hope you can enjoy, have a seat Very good Few girls can cook nowadays Enjoy Okay Two young people should have a lesson from me Hey Why do you all come here? Don’t cry
Tianqi 4, Ming Dynasty From now on, you are mine You can go home with me later to be my wife Ah Hi, Hao Ya, where’s An Ran? Sleeping Well, fine Oh, so many delicious dishes Help yourselves Yes, let’s enjoy Potato, nice Oops Zhou Zhou Zhou Zhou Oh, Zhou Zhou Did you play tricks just now? I wanted to help you Do you? Did you have a girlfriend? No, I haven’t But I have this You didn’t have a girlfriend How can you help me? I just want to help you Don’t be mad at me I don’t need your help Just go away You’ve finished your job Go away You’re going to kill me An Ran, check the door Oh Why do you come back? I need to discuss with Hao Ya about the plot I forgot when I had the meal Oh, she is in the living room Leave her alone You’d better stay away from me Humph I tell you I was already involved You wanna do it the hard way Ah You I don’t even know you Why do you always hurt me? Our hatred is great If not because of you I shouldn’t have died Ah Ah There is too much Yin Qi in this grave It has weakened my power I just had one fight with Liu Zhe I totally lost my face To absorb Yang Qi is nowhere near enough I need to combine Yin and Yang What a coincidence You fucking bitch has STD I’d find another one WTF Yo Looks like a general Leave me a contagion You dare to talk with me Fuck off Happy Ghost, Happy Ghost Happy Ghost What are you doing? Finally you wake up I thought you were dead I was a dead man I was hard to have a sleep, look at you I hate you You were joking at this moment I give you a gift What’s that? Invisible chicken feather If you put it on your body Look Hey Happy Ghost Where are you? Hello? Hey, hey, hey, look Is it good? Here you are? Enjoy it, I need to sleep I’ll keep it well If it is found by the shopaholic, An Ran she will do something incredible Hey? Where is it? I did put it here Where is my chicken feather? Where is it? I can’t find it Hello, Mr. Chen I’ve heard from my men in Shang Hai your man was killed? And you lost your stuff too It’s ok, just a piece of cake I’ll ask my men to help you I’ll take care of your business on the high seas Good Um OK, ok Let’s meet and talk Good Ok, bye Gorgeous, you smell good You two brothers must help each other to get success Understand? What about the girl? I’m working on it Boss I got a call from my man He said it is going to be done Where is he? On his way here Look, boss He is here -Hello, Boss -Hello, Sister-in-law Look at this What is it? You thought it was ordinary Wrong It is unusual If you put it on your head It will cause a magic Let me show you Hey Can’t you see me? Hey Can you? You dumbass Bah You fucking shout at me everyday Ah, ask me to do everything Fuck you I’ve borne enough I’ll kick your ass today Hey, don’t, boss It is a fucking bravo show Nice Lady, what can I do for you? Security, thief This way Stop Freeze Stop Freeze Where is she? Disappeared? How could it happen? Find her out So scared How could I be here? Never mind, forget it It’s you, so scared If without my help you must be caught and sent to Police Station Your help Haha How can I believe? How about now? I…I believe Do you want more clothes? Then just follow me listen to me, your dream will come true Let’s go It’s your promise I am not only want more clothes but also more jewelry No problem You decide to go? Yes It is helpful to write my script and offers me some materials It is the Hell which is full of ghosts It’s ok, take me there plz You can’t live long if you go to the Hell I make up with my mind to go They’re vicious ghosts with broken arms and legs bloody faces and prominent eyes Are you serious? Don’t lie to me You’re a ghost Are they uglier than you? What? Are you going to interview the ghosts? No, I just talk about… Humph, don’t lie, I’ve heard that Hao Ya, Hao Ya, take me I also want to see what ghosts look like? Just like me Do you know? Really? I want to go You’re so cute Hao Ya, Hao Ya, take me Are we good friends? You don’t wan to take me out I hope you can go with me If you leave me behind I’d better go to die Liu Zhecai I am convinced by you Wanna see ghosts, ha? I tell you to be honest there Clear? Great I’m going to prepare Set out Dear Hao Ya and Happy Ghost are going to interview the ghost village I think it is strange I decide to go with them I’ll contact you if anything happen, xoxo Boss Don’t worry, my man can make it Where did you find this rubbish? Look at him Boss Sorry for what I said Don’t worry, I can handle it If you can’t finish it in two days I’ll teach you a lesson Hao Ya, shouldn’t we wait for Liu Zhecai? What if he doesn’t come? I have this, he can’t run away Stop Where can you go? Where can you go this time? Where? What are you doing? Put it down Hand over to me Stop running, get back Get back I told you many times to give it to me Hand over my boss’s stuff to me Ha, where is my stuff, where is it? Boss, boss, there is nothing Where is my stuff? What, what’s it? You don’t know? How can you kidnap us under the witness of God? I let you go last time but not this time Where is it? Tell me Hao Ya, give it to them or we’re dangerous I don’t know what it is How can I give it to you? Boss Can you see Boss, boss Boss, what’s wrong with you? Happy Ghost, Happy Ghost It’s horrible Let’s leave Hey, hey, hey We are already here, just move Hurry up, hurry Foot-dragging Look Help for Ghost, Bro Liu HR Co, Ltd. Do you ghosts have this? Crap We’re ghosts, but we have our lives Shit, what a great job! Just follow our human beings Listen We used to be human beings Stop quarreling Happy Ghost, why are we here? Just because of you You want to interview the ghosts Mr. Liu is the I tell you big boss of this part Humph, he can do anything Go or not? Is that true? Ask for debt or extramarital affairs investigation? Am I that kind of person? I know This is Japanese Korean Tanzania and Alifnia half-blooded This is mine, can’t give you Here you are What are you doing? I didn’t mean that Damn You understood me Hey, Liu Just tell me if you want that Come in Hey, handsome You have good taste to pick we four sisters What are you doing? We come to have an interview We come to have an interview Have an interview? Get out I haven’t accepted that job I’m a script writer I want to write something about ghosts so that I come to find some materials here So be it You should make it clear first Do you remember the old ones? Wait for a second, I find some ghosts for you to finish your interview Thanks a lot Damn it, I was a virgin Good job Baby, here you are Take it Shit, it’s cold out here Hao Ya, don’t blame me They misunderstood me too much What should I do? Let’s check where she goes Freeze Shoot Hey You two shit must come to annoy Hao Ya Let’s see what I can do for you Mr. Liu told us, you’re script writers? Yes, I am Hey, hey, hey, listen to me You’re a script writer? How could you do that? You wrote us too bad Are we that evil? You’re right And wrote us that ugly Are we ugly? Look at us If we can join your movie It is called… Handsome actors Yes, the handsome Handsome? Let’s begin the interview Don’t worry, I must write you good this time but you should be cooperative Hurry up I want to know about the massacre at the village Um, massacre? Lady You’ve got a good material I tell you If Liu Zhecai was back with backups It wouldn’t happen All blame to him, Liu Zhecai Can you tell me about the details? Lady, I can tell you Qing Dynasty was at war with An Nan General Zheng was sent to station at here After General arrived Everything was peaceful Yes, we had enjoyed a long peace time It was better and better At Spring Festival Everyone was preparing for the festival Soldiers were drinking to celebrate At that time An Nan gave General a sneak attack General Zheng didn’t set defense Li city was abandoned It was said someone framed General Zheng up All his family was killed as he betrayed the country Village head sent Liu Zhecai to tell him While Liu Zhe Cai hadn’t come back We all be killed Liu Zhecai Explained to us later He was thirsty halfway and had a drink then he slept the whole day Who would believe him? He crapped He wanted to come back He wanted a reincarnation He thought Bah How could you know General Zheng was framed What are you talking about, so excited Excited? Just talk about the old stuff I bring him to you Make it clear You are… I’m a soldier of General Wang It was you who killed us Stop Let me go The message you got was leaked by us and we poisoned Liu Zhecai in his drink Why? General Zheng was too shine someone envied him And General Zheng ran away from your city Someone framed him up in the court Then General Wang was sent to suppress him We leaked the message first to let you tell We came to slaughter you all to framed General Zheng up It’s the truth Well Our deaths were planned in their schedules The truth finally gets uncovered Can you accept Liu Zhecai to come back ? Sure Mr. Liu, how about his reincarnation? Don’t worry I can handle it What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you come in? I needn’t to You’re leaving? Keep the jade Hope you can think of me when you see it Hao Ya See you if fate allows Why do you in panic? Happy Ghost is going to have a reincarnation Happy Ghost is going to have a reincarnation? It is a good chance for me to take my revenge General, congratulations What did General say? He said his power had recovered And he wants you to help him Really? How can he lie to you But he needs a favor from you Hm, ok Hello, Bro Long Hello, Ning Jie How is that going? It has been 5 days Fuck you Hey, shit Call my people It’s not good Zhou Xiaoshuai got hurt Ah Where is he? Plz take me to him Gate of the Hell Hand it over Turn around What’s that? Take him away Next one Hurry up Mr. Liu introduces me here -Mr. Liu -Yes Mr. Liu Oh Well, let me pass Here you are Go Thanks You’re welcome Holy shit So many ghosts Got to go An Ran, where is this place? Where is Zhou Xiaoshuai? Hao Ya, actually I worked for Ghost General He asked me to bring you here I know I am wrong I’m regretting You betray him Will he… I have this I thought I lost it It stuck to my shoe I found it when I put on my shoe Ah Let’s run away Call 911 Ah With such little power Happy Ghost dares to challenge me Humph Ah… Stand up Move Hey The injustice I have born for tens of years finally gets redressed I can have my reincarnation now Hey Naihe Bridge Liu Drink this soup Miss Meng If I drink this soup I can never recognize Hao Ya Hao Ya See you next life Take care of yourself Don’t drink that Boss Ning Jie was inside That piece of shit, dares to insult me Move You can go nowhere What are you talking about? You killed me in my past life I’ll kill you to take my revenge Happy Ghost, how could you be here? Did you go to your reincarnation? If I do that You two are coming after me Get out of my way It’s him Look at you Are you playing house here? How good you are with that costume You, are you coming back from a movie set? Ah, and you Are you playing Cos…Cos… What? Cosplay Are you fucking playing cosplay? You dare to play with me Do you know how would I avenge? Bring him here Boss Forgive me, boss He owed me some money I’ll show you if you play with me Look at your funny face Are you fucking singing opera? I am the General Why don’t you kneel down? Hahaha Move Happy Ghost Happy Ghost You can’t run away, haha Dangerous Ah What should we do? Hurry Give me the tag Happy Ghost As the buddha shows up My soul is going to vanish I hope hope you can take care of yourself protect yourself I…I… can’t see you even in my next life Happy Ghost Happy Ghost Are you ok? I miss you so much


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