[Full Movie] Midnight Ruins, Eng Sub 午夜废墟 | Suspense Thriller 悬疑惊悚电影 1080P

[Full Movie] Midnight Ruins, Eng Sub 午夜废墟 | Suspense Thriller 悬疑惊悚电影 1080P

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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Seriously? Am I so scary? Su Fei Cheng Zihao, is your painting so worthless? You don’t even lock the door? Yo! Haven’t seen you for years, you are such a heavy drinker! How did you find me? What’s up So I’m not welcome here? I really need to talk with you Du Haoyang is back Who? Du Hao Yang What’s wrong with you? Why would I make a joke out of things like that? Our company is planning a Halloween Carnival withe the drama club of the school, named Singing at Midnight I am the liaison But Weird things happens in the theater all the time which makes everyone in the dram club jittery You think he is the one behind the scenes? You’ll figure it out when you come back to school with me You mean…to see ghosts with you? Cheng Zihao Are you going to escape forever? Me? Why would I escape? It has been years Four years, three moths and nine days I’ve been busy these days I’m afraid I haven’t got any spare time Fine If you don’t want go, you don’t need to Wait… Midnight Ruins Our company gave us whatever we need (for the Carnival) We can’t mess it up Can’t you perform another play? Hamlet, King Lear There are ghosts everywhere in Shakespeare’s play The Phantom Lover Lili Sister Fei Why do you leave so many lights here? Don’t worry, the door is guarded We’ll switch the lights off once the leaders are here We promise we won’t make you in trouble What are you doing here Sprinkling salt, to avoid evil spirits Does it work? You can have a try It doesn’t cost much Then why didn’t you buy some garlic? I forgot! I’ll buy it soon OK. I go to sprinkle salt and leave you here Cheng Zihao He Lili She is in charge of all the chores in the club She is very good Let’s go


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