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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. It is the Soul Pawnshop I’m Qiu Ze the boss It is called the Soul Pawnshop because you can trade everything you want with your own stuffs Like career Wealth Beauty and wisdom If you have desire and can afford equivalent then I can satisfy you I thought to trade you what you want with that you don’t need is a kind of help to you Do you think so? As far as I meet three people Produced by: Meng Hui Written by: Wang Huiying Directed by: Xue Shao The Soul Pawnshop What a big deal You assholes What a big deal although you’re rich Do you know how hard I have been trying? No you don’t You were kidding me All of you 5 15 I drink 20 5 10 Mr. Wang may I have a toast to you? Well If you can empty this bottle can we have a little talk Come on 5 You lost Come on Let’s continue Look at you how could you be here? Yeah You almost spit on me Come on Leave him alone Gentlemen Cheers Dear, are you ok? Leave me alone You’re drunk Leave me alone I’m useless You all despise me Have some water You’ll fell better You can’t drink like this any more You thought I wanted to Is it easy to do business? You’re drunk No, I’m not Do I disappoint you? It’s my fault Totally I chose you I didn’t hope for rich life I feel happy if we are good Why are you doing this? You can’t understand How could I call myself a man without a career? Who will respect me? Don’t you want luxury bags? Grand Villa? I can’t even give you a good ring since we got married Until now We still crowd in such a small rental house Are you willing to suffer this life? Are you? You drunk too much Have some noodles Noodles? I’m not hungry I chose you not because you were rich or not Just because of love Don’t you even understand this? You’re unreasonable sometimes Hello Welcome to Soul Pawnshop You can pawn everything here Your life, health, time and dream As you want You can exchange for any equivalent stuff May I know what do you want to pawn? I… Well Haven’t decided yet? I want a career Sure What do you pawn for? I want to I want to pawn my love Of course you can Granny Take a look Sign this contract if you’re agree Contract? Ok, ok We can sign the contract if there is no problem ok Mr. An, nice to meet you I’m very appreciate you can join our dinner Please Thank you for inviting me here I hope you can have a good time tonight Ok? I make this toast to all of you with my respect Sir, you’re so humble It is our great honor that you can come Mr. An You’re elegant and young In this fierce competitive market You’re respectable to make such a good achievement Mr. An I toast to you Mr. An I drink a toast to you Let me empty the cup with my humble respect Well How about empty the bottle? Well… Who is that man? Why are they afraid of him? They are not afraid of him Mr. An can lead the industry within such a short time They hope he can give them some opportunities We prepare this feast just for him Bing Bing, are you ok? You drunk too much I’m fine I’m fine How about I buy you some water? Just wait for me right here Bing Bing It’s really you How could you be here? A friend of mine told me you were drunk here I didn’t believe him at first Be careful I came here in a right time I drove to you as I was worry about you Be careful How about I carry you home? Xiao Ya Senior Why are you here? You’re drunk and let me carry you home And Xiao Ya While my car can only carry two people Well, I know You carry her home and I can take a bus Bing Bing, come on Be careful Stand up, I got you Senior I… What’s up? Well, I… I like you Do you also… Where do you like me? I like your… I can make a change I like you since I came to school I have been concerning about you alone I have done a lot for you Stop You’ll know the answer if you look into a mirror won’t you? Is it because that I am not beautiful? I mean no one want to be with a piggy Will you like me if I become beautiful? Will you? Yeah Why did you treat me like that? I am not look good You ask me to stay with you In my opinion You wan to me to set you off Where have you been? I’ve got something I’m worry about you Why didn’t you answer my call I switched it into silent mode Why did you cry? Who did that? Tell me I’ll kick his ass What if I say It’s you? Me? How could? Don’t comfort me with your naive face I beg you to leave me alone Can you? What’s wrong with you? I am caring about you I don’t need your backhanded care I am the funny one if I stay with you Why the boys were attracted by you? Why could you get whatever you wanted? You keep me with you just to make you more attractive I have been waiting for you While you don’t even say thanks but complain about me You don’t know me since we two grow up together? You remember that? You did everything better than me Just because you’re a bitch who is more beautiful Is it what I am in your heart? I treated you as my best sister I shared every good thing I got with you Good sister? Good Leave the man you loved to me Well Can’t even answer me a word? You’re so shameless I’m shameless? I paid for every meal when we went out I didn’t ask for any rent for the house you lived in It is the true face of yours You want the moeny Money Here you are? Xiao Ya You disappoint me a lot Put away your pathetic-look face It is really disgusting I come here for… Don’t worry I knew your purpose came here What What’s this? What is the most important thing to you? I… I don’t know What do you really want? Beauty I have got a rule here You can change anything you want but you need to pay some equivalent I give up friendship I use it in exchange Sure While friendship can bring us warm and care as well as comfort and confidence Even so Will you do the exchange? Yes It does bring me something But my appearance now really makes me painful I believe beauty can bring me good luck Are you sure you won’t regret? Yes Good Since you have decided Just sign this paper It comes into force after your signature Xiao Ya, I just got a new Ferrari Hang out with me Ok Xiao Ya My uncle just bought a Chateau in France How about I bring a bottle back with your name on it? Do you agree? Yeah Xiao Ya I’ve heard you like traveling I bought a new plane How about we go abroad for some days? Let’s have a toast Cheers Do you know that I am worry about you? I turned my cell into silent mode Sorry That’s ok Everything is ok if you’re fine It is beautiful when you are smiling How do you think about Bing Bing? Bing Bing? She is a good girl and she treats every friend well Actually I have no feeling of falling in love with her Unlike us I have a feeling as being shocked Why do you have that kind of feeling with me? Because you are really beautiful Like a tender women with masculine Very very shine and beautiful Dear I always want to tell you that when I first saw you I felt it’s the best approach the god had arranged for me You were like an angel who walked by in front of me I could see that as if I have saved the world It’s very very beautiful Actually I like you at the first sight on you I have hidden this feeling at the bottom of my heart because of the relationship between you and Bing Bing Do you agree to give up her? Of course I do I swear to God that I love you Yu Na Na My good sister We don’t know each other for too long but now we are familiar with each other We have the same constellation Really? Na Na This is A Yu My boyfriend I feel I’m the luckiest woman to stay with him Nice to meet you I’m Fang Yu Nice to meet you I’m Na Na Xiao Ya You’ve got a handsome boyfriend Let me make a toast to you Wish you have a happy future Thanks Na Na Since you’re her friend You’re a friend of mine If you want any help Just come to me Xiao Ya I won’t say any No Of course you needn’t He is the boss of an investment company You can call for any help from him Xiao Ya Thank you You’re my best sister Xiao Ya You have such a good boyfriend and I am getting jealous That would be nice if I can have one like yours Na Na, you’re a good girl You must find one who treats you well I have too many good male friends I can pick a good one for you Xiao Ya I knew you’re my best friend It’s a happy time and let’s drink Ok, cheers I’m glad to meet you today, Na Na Let’s treat you next time when you’re free Thank you Let’s go I parked downstairs and we can give you a ride Sure It is you, fellow When will you pay back the money? Brother Yu You’re here You’re hiding from me What do you mean? Wanna repudiate a debt? You What’s wrong? Yeah He is so poor Listen to me Pack up your sympathy He is a gambler He asked me for money when he lost on the table Return the money in 3 days or I’ll teach you a lesson Bro I have had bad luck these days I’m totally unlucky Dare you say that to me Forget it, Yu I let you go because them today Fuck off Thanks, bro Thanks, two gorgeous ladies Get the fuck out of my way Let’s go It’s ok Is he the loser who has lost ten consecutive times? Yeah Let’s do the opposite way that we must win You black sheep How many times I have told you? You never listen to me Which gambler has a happy ending? Go home with me Get away Leave me alone Hua Chao Wait for me Look at you Leave me alone I just lost my money and now even a banana peel is against me Slowly Can I be unluckier? Slowly Xiao Chao Xiao Chao Listen to me Go and find a job Stop gambling Look You’ve lost too much Are you happy when you lose my house? Look at you now Find a job Who is gonna hire me as I can do nothing? Can you give me money if I don’t gamble? Will you be rich if you do so? How much you’ve lost? When did you win any back? Xiao Chao Gambling will ruin you Give it up I didn’t win because I have no luck If I have any I must have won a lot How couldn’t you give it up? I remember we have a jade Where is it? Don’t smoke At least smoke less Where did you put the jade? I don’t know and I don’t need your care any more I won’t die right now I can find it out Just take care of yourself I got it Give it to me, you… Give it to me You don’t do that? I am telling you It is our family heirloom If you dare to take it Just get out Old man, listen to me It is useless here but I can make money if I take it out You are not my son Get out Get out Old man What you know is to beat me What you can do is to beat me You said I am not your son any more Right? I tell you You’re not my father any more Get out What a life! What a life I have! Do you have luck for exchange? I need that Of course I have While what do you use to exchange? To exchange? What do I use to exchange? Use the stuff which is the most important to you The most important? I’m waiting What I left is family affection Have you decided yet? Do it or not? I do My lucky time is back I’m gonna win all the money back that I’ve lost before He is a lucky dog He never lose today What a fucking lucky dog We won as we bought his opposite side before While I have lost all those money I won before How about we buy his side? We must win if we follow him Hua Chao Granny I signed another bill Our business is getting better and better I feel good to help the others to get what they want Do you think so, granny? Granny? What’s going on with her? Empty? Mr. An We arrived Sir? Sir? It’s your home Yeah How about I carry you home? Thanks I go home alone Ok, sir Xiao Liu You needn’t to come here early tomorrow morning Wait for my call Ok, Mr. An Take care Bring me some water Bring me some water What’s the matter with you? Have you lost your tongue? I am rich now How could you become so strange? Can you even speak a word to me? Tell me why I have nothing to talk with you It is a nice jade It is the latest You’re good to appreciate It’s good for my boyfriend Pack it up Sure Do you have some female styles? Yes, we have Let me show you around Why didn’t he answer my phone? Do you really love me? Of course I do How about Xiao Ya? Do you love me or Xiao Ya? I love you Look at her What else does she have except her body? You’re thoughtful and beautiful Well She is not as beautiful as you is she? Shouldn’t you explain something to me? Well, Na Na I can say something for you if you keep silent I… To be honesty Have I done anything wrong to you? You’re good to me but I treat you as my true sister And I love A Yu from the bottom of my heart I swear A Yu loves me as well A Yu How do you think? True love? I can’t figure out What true love is as you steal someone else’s boyfriend? You bitch Xiao Ya You’re nice to me but we do love each other It’s because of you who interrupt us and wouldn’t let him go He would not but to tell you and beg you Now I become the extra one? You bitch A dog that keep biting its master Watch out your words Look out what you’ve said Look at her delicate and touching face People won’t know she is the one who take her sister’s boyfriend What a bitch! Who are you talking about? Who? Na Na Are you ok? You bitch You dare to slap me You slapped me because of this bitch Look at you Just a harridan Your face and your temper are totally worse I’ve met too many women like you who thought they had the whole world with good-looking faces What a cruel and merciless woman Are you ok, Na Na? Sit down Don’t be mad It’s ok Don’t be mad What can beauty use for? Tell me I don’t want anything I don’t want any more Go home Stop this Casino is your home now I’m an adult I have made my own decision I don’t care about your decisions except gambling Go home with me Bro What’s your decision? Hurry up What’s up, man? Bro Don’t leave Come on Who are you? Your neighbor I lost my key May I use your toilet? Sorry to bother you What are these photos? I can recognize none of them Can you recognize him? Him No But when I look at this photo I want to stop and take more glances Then can you recognize this one? No, I can’t Yes, I can He is important to me but I don’t know who he is He is your son It’s me My son? Yes Xiao Chao I recognized It’s Xiao Chao He was a good boy when he was young Once I took him out I couldn’t find him Xiao Chao Who is he? It’s me, father I’m Xiao Chao Who is Xiao Chao? It’s me Who is Xiao Chao? It’s me Father Did you recognize me? Dad It’s me Dad Let have a little drink Not too much Just a bottle How is that? Cheers Dad These are your favorite noodles Have some They taste good Have some It’s good There’s no… No what? His favorite food His favorite food? You liked to eat these noodles Drink less It’s easy to get drunk like this There is no his favorite food Just have some noodles I’m sleepy I want to go home Dad Let’s go home What are you doing old man? Sorry Father, what are you gonna do? These are Xiao Chao’s favorite food His favorite food You didn’t do anything wrong Granny Why? Granny Why? I just wanted to help them I traded what they don’t want for what they want Desire Desire? Yes People keep chasing what they don’t have but ignore what they already had When they get what they desired for they keep thinking about the nostalgia It is what human nature is How can I help them? Who they can depend on are themselves I have been thinking to help people since I set up this pawnshop but now I hurt them I’d better to shut it down Although you shut it down it keeps happening A pawnshop just reveals these problems The deep reasons are in the bottom of their hearts Father You beat me and scolded me before Now I finally understand You wished me a good future Father… I know the reasons you come here Mr. Qiu Since you knew that Could you give our pawns back? I can exchange with all my stuffs It was clear when you signed the bill You can’t get your pawns back I’m sorry I can do nothing with that Mr. Qiu I beg you We realized our sins Can you save us? At first you pawn your most useless things to exchange for your career beauty and good luck Aren’t these what you want? Mr. Qiu Since I got the good luck I was excited Very excited I got what other people have been pursuing all their lives I was happy Very happy As time went by I felt bored Even gambling couldn’t speed my heartbeat because I had known the result I must win I saw a shadow in the casino looked like me His father beat him scolded him He wanted his son to have a normal life Since then I knew I had pawned my most important thing When I got home My father couldn’t recognize me but he remembered dumplings were my favorite food Sir I beg you I don’t need any good luck I just need my father I need my father to come back to life I don’t want this face any more Exactly Although I have had a good career have gained a lot respect I have found I lost the most important thing Actually it was with me I didn’t cherish Do you think you can correct your history? The most important things to you were given up by yourselves If history could be replayed You don’t even know what you exactly want How could you know you won’t regret in the future? Yes, I won’t Yes, we won’t regret Sorry Your pawns were no longer be yours since you signed the contracts Why Why can’t I open it? Why? Why? Don’t be in vain You can’t get your pawns back Impossible It must can be opened I don’t like what I am like Even an uglier face is better than my unknown one It must can be opened If I had known it would come to this Why did you do that at first If you knew this before It wouldn’t happen today It’s impossible I beg you I wish my father come back to life Come back to life A Ze Where are you going? Got something to do Tell you later You boy so mysterious Dear Come on have some noodles I made them myself Smells good Enjoy Let me feed you Come Delicious Have more Xiao Ya Happy birthday Thank you, Bing Bing Make a wish Done Let’s blow the candles Shall we? Is it hot? It’s ok You feet need to be washed more Father, I have something to tell you Yes? I would never go to the casino I stay with you at home and serve you My good son A prodigal who returns is more precious than gold Yes, yes, you’re right I have something to tell you What? I give it to you It’s mine? It’s yours Give it to your son in the future Thanks, dad Don’t worry I will pass it on from generation to generation

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