Funniest Movie Monsters of All Time

Funniest Movie Monsters of All Time

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– Not all movie monsters are created equal.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– As a kid, I would watch old monster movies with my grandpa on Sunday
afternoons. I’m talking, like, Godzilla, – King Kong, Frankenstein.
– Mhm. But it turns out that for every Godzilla,
there’s, like, at least 100 horrible… knockoff monster impersonations of
different types of monsters… – Yes.
– …that are all b-movie stuff that’s just ridiculously horrible. And today, we are
gonna experience our favorites together. We’re gonna start with the Galaxy Invader
from a 1985 movie called – the “Galaxy Invader.” It’s a
– Okay. direct-to-video sci-fi film about an alien
being hunted by a gang of drunken hillbillies who see him crash land in
his spaceship. He just wants to get his laser egg back home, and they apparently
don’t want him to do that. – His laser egg?
– Uh, yes. The Galaxy Invader — (Rhett) here he is — he kinda looks like
a guy getting ready to go duck hunting – while wearing a baby bjorn.
– (laughing) That’s true! No discernible powers that I know of
other than this light camouflage that – he’s wearing.
– (Link) And, to clarify, he is the one… – …on the left. Okay.
– (Rhett laughing) Yes. (Rhett) And the laser egg: I think the
laser egg is interesting. It’s an interesting thing. It’s a laser egg.
He wants it back. – Of course he does.
– We’re gonna see a scene here where some of the country folk who have
been chasing him encounter him. And I think that this is a controversial
decision amongst the group, – as you will see.
– Okay. – ♪ (synthetic orchestra) ♪
– (both R&L) There he is. (laughing) Just standing there.
Whoa! Point blank! Yeah. He’s not doing a lot
to evade the gunman. – Picking up a new gun.
– Yeah. I think that’s one of those… – …Nintendo guns.
– Why is he just squatting there… – …shooting him?
– Oh, because he makes it easy. But they’re not happy about this.
As you can see, this man who is… – They’re wrastling each other.
– Here comes a lunch lady. The lunch lady’s like, “I don’t know
what to do about this! But…” That’s quite a fight scene.
It’s like UFC, man! Yeah, look at — oh, she’s concerned, too. – ♪ (synthetic orchestra) ♪
– (characters grunting) – Okay.
– He’s gonna choke him. You know how a lunch lady uses
a rifle, Link? – She rares back. And then she…
– Stops. At the last second! – (crew laughing offscreen)
– …rares back. And then she rares back… – Is she taking aim? Oh!
– (character screaming) – (laughing)
– What?! – She was packing quite a punch…
– She knocked him off the cliff? …in that rifle, and you never saw it
comin’. Actually, I did see it coming, – like five times.
– Well, I don’t think we should be as afraid of the Galaxy Invader. We need to
be afraid of the lunch lady! – Oh, yeah. She’s something else.
– That’s crazy! Don’t lay down next to a cliff when
she’s around. Okay. I’m gonna take you back to 1965:
b-horror film “The Sting of Death.” Karen and her college friends — you
know Karen and her college friends… Oh, yeah. Hanging out with her
college friends all the time. It’s spring break. She takes her friends
to her dad’s laboratory. He is a marine – biologist. And her dad’s assistant,
– Great vacation. – Egon. His name is Egon. He has a crush
– Hm. on Karen, and her friends make fun of
him for it… – Okay.
– …which is a big mistake, because then – he creates a jellyfish man monster…
– Mhm. – …that then goes on this killing spree.
– Okay. (Link) Here is a picture of the jellyfish
man that he created. (Link) It basically looks like a spider
laid a giant egg sac on the top of – a deep-sea diver.
– (Rhett) Or somebody that’s had an… – …accident while taking the trash out.
– (Link laughing) So, in this scene that I’m gonna show you,
Egon is telling Karen the recipe he used – to make this jellyfish man monster.
– I think I know the recipe, but okay. – We’ll… we’ll see.
– A trash bag. So yeah, he reveals the – monster to her.
– Okay. (Egor) “All the bright marine biologists
said they couldn’t be grown.” – “But I found the answer.”
– Found the answer. – “Sea water.”
– Sea water. – “Electricity.”
– Electricity. – “And human blood.”
– And human blood. – Of course.
– Huh. Those three things. “These were the chemicals that I stole
from your father’s lab.” – He’s just giving the recipe away!
– “That’s how I did it.” – Yeah, I know. Anybody can make…
– Anybody can do it now! – …a jellyfish man.
– “Look. Look at him.” – Look at him. There he is, Rhett.
– Oh! Okay. – “Look at my creation!”
– Look at him. – Look at my boxers.
– (laughing) I don’t have time to wear pants, man.
I don’t have time. I’m making jellyfish man. – Look, look, look, look, look!
– Are those horse hooves? – No, those are his hands!
– Oh, wow. He’s a little slimy. – And there’s his tentacles.
– He needs a tissue. – There he is.
– And there’s the trash bag. – Egg sac on his face.
– Oh, but you can se the guy in there! – Yeah, you can see his face!
– Clearly see the actor. – (laughing)
– Well, I guess the guy’s gotta see. – I mean, he’s gotta act.
– (over-the-top screaming) And she’s acting. Whoa, look at her!
(screaming) She’s pretty worked up about it.
“There’s a man in a trash bag that’s filled up with the air
that he’s breathing!” He was kinda scary. And now we can make
him. It just needs, uh… – Sea water, electricity, and human blood.
– Electricity, sea water… Yeah. We could do it right now. Why are we
even asking this show? Let’s go make – a jellyfish man.
– All right, how about 1956: “It Conquered the World.” This is a
1956 sci-fi film. Basically, a well meaning scientist guides an alien
monster to Earth from Venus, so he can rid mankind of all
feelings and emotions. – It doesn’t go well.
– I’ve been looking to get rid… – …of those, too.
– The monster is “It.” That’s it. “It” is the name of the
monster. The monster is It. And here he is right here.
Kinda looks like a large squash? – (Link laughing)
– …with a big underbite and… – …hotdogs for legs.
– It looks like something that would be at a demted Disney parade.
It would have wheels under there, and it would just roll, which I’m guessing
is what they actually did, right? And it’s interesting, because it seems
like it would be easy to incorporate this thing in the movie, because it’s
[oddly] just a guy in a big, upside down ice cream cone. But they
waited until the last nine minutes of the movie to reveal It, and this is
when he’s revealed. – ♪ (horns) ♪
– Got a pretty lady in a cave. You know – this is gonna be bad real quick.
– Misty cave. – Hello. Whoa! What’s that?
– That’s It. – That’s his eyes? Ooh.
– That’s It, Link. – Oh!
– She’s got a few words for him. – “So that’s what you look like.”
– Yep. – “You’re ugly! Horrible!”
– You tell him, baby. – “Just go on. Try your intellect on me.”
– Oh, he’s smart, too? – Yeah.
– Why can’t he talk if he’s so smart? – Well, he can roll towards her.
– “You think you’re gonna make a… – …slave of the world?”
– But I’ve got a gun. – “I’ll se you in hell first.”
– Oh, let him have it! I don’t think this thing’s going to
hell when it dies. The CIA is listening in for some reason.
I’m not sure why. – (woman screaming)
– But that’s not enough to save her. Those floppy tentacles are barely
touching her. – Oh!
– Yeah, those aren’t made out of rubber. – She just hit one and it goes pff.
– It’s just like.. It’s just like when you slap a little bit
on it, and then you just — Die, man! Look, I’m touching you with
my floppy tentacles! – Oh.
– See? There you go. All right. I’m excited about this one.
“The Godmonster of Indian Flats.” If you haven’t heard of this, well, you’re
about to see why. This is a 1973 – movie. A mutant sheep embryo develops…
– Of course it does. …and escapes the laboratory, and goes on
a rampage near a ranch in Nevada. – Okay.
– The monster is called the “Godmonster.” I guess it’ll make you an offer
you can’t refuse. – (laughing) Oh ho!
– So he uses his stealthy mutant sheep-iness to sneak up to picnicing
kids and gas station attendants in this clip I’ve made, which is
absolutely amazing. Brace yourself. – “Do you believe in the monster?”
– Look, the kids are just having a good… …time out at the park. Oh, but there’s
something in the background. You can see that he’s got one long, floppy
arm and one short, floppy arm. Yes, I see that. That is a large arm.
There’a a problem with that arm. – You need to have that looked at.
– It’s basically a prehistoric sloth – covered in, like, dryer lint.
– Kids, I would scream, too. – (crew laughing offscreen)
– I would be going into that house as well. – He’s got a paper mache face!
– Ph, that’s why. Yeah. – But he likes picnic food.
– Yeah, he just wanted to eat the picnic. He didn’t want the kids.
And now he’s at the gas station. Oh, look at this guy. (radio) “I repeat: keep all children
off the streets.” – Keep all children away from that guy.
– (radio) “…24-hour surveillance…” Oh, I think there he is, in the
background. Paper mache face! – Oh, you know what?
– Wreaking havoc! He’s an environmentalist.
He doesn’t like gas. – This guy’s acting is amazing.
– Oh, he certainly won and award for this, – …this scene. Look at that.
– Rah! – That is a lurching ball of dryer lint.
– He’s got some huge ham hocks. – Look at those things!
– And then, double explosion! Something tells me that Chevron was
not a sponsor of this film. I mean, just think about the money they
spent on this explosion. And I’m not the greatest producer,
but I would have advised them to allocate some of the money away from
the explosion into making a better suit! Well, how about just in the face area. I
think we could’ve gotta a rubber face – instead of a paper mache face.
– But that’s pretty scary, though. I mean, when you’re picnicking, you don’t
wanna see that over your shoulder. – A floppy long arm. A floppy short arm.
– Well, I’ve got an incredible costume. This is definitely just a moment in movie
special effects. 1972, “Blood Freak.” American horror film. This is about a
drug-addicted Vietnam veteran biker who takes a job working on a turkey farm.
Of course he does. And then there’s an – experiment going on my some scientists…
– “Any openings at your turkey farm?” …at the turkey farm. And so he says,
“I’m gonna submit myself to this procedure, or this experiment,” and then after a
brief seizure, he ends up becoming a half-turkey, half-man, hellbent on
drinking the blood of other drug addicts. And when I say half-turkey, half-man —
you can see him here — I mean a guy with a turkey head. I mean basically a
dude with a turkey mask. This is like Halloween… you know, last-minute
Halloween costume. But no, this is the – actual villan in this thing.
– Okay. And in this scene, we see the turkey man
doing his thing, which is getting some – blood from a drug addict.
– Let’s see it. So this is what Rebecca Black
did before… – (Link and crew laughing offscreen)
– …before Friday. She acted in this film.
She had quite a career. Oh, wow. There he is. He’s got quite
a beak. He’s got that girl strung out – on a ladder.
– Yeah, that’s what you use the ladder for. And he could be using his beak, but he’s
gonna use this little knife. – Oh, no.
– You’re gonna wanna look away… – …if you don’t like blood, kids.
– Oh! – Rebecca Black can’t look away though.
– (both) Ooh! Hold on, listen to her screams. (scream) And then listen to this scream. – (same scream)
– It’s the same! – And then listen to the next scream.
– (same scream) – The were-turkey is drinking the blood.
– I think potential a baby elephant has – just been born off camera.
– (same scream) They’ve looped the same — ooh!
He’s drinking the blood. No, Link. She’s just incredible at making
the exact same face and exact same scream – sound over and over.
– (same scream) Maybe she’s trying to give her
wrist a hickey. I don’t know what’s – going on there.
– She… they looped one scream – like 11 times in that scene alone.
– But that’s what I wanna see Rebecca get back into, you know? The music videos
are great, but if we can get her back into — Let’s have Blood Freak 2, Rebecca!
Make it happen! No, but I’m glad that they preserved her
voice. They said, “Okay, Rebecca. We’re just gonna get you to scream once. We’re
gonna loop it. All you gotta do it bite – your wrist for the next 10 minutes.
– Right. Let us know in the comments what
b-movie monster we missed… – Yes.
– …or what your favorite one is. And thanks for liking and commenting
and subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– I’m Capitan Winslow. – I’m Woody.
– I’m Poe. – (evil laughter)
– I’m Angle Branch, and we’re at the historic Windsor Hotel
in Americus, Georgia. And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! You can watch Good Mythical Morning
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– Click through to Good Mythical More.
I wanna introduce you to another b-movie monster. I got a puppy! – (both R&L) Whaaaat?
– (laughing) – ♪ (celebratory fanfare) ♪
– Congratulations tooooo…. (Rhett) @lovebeads66. You win a
personalized Good Mythical Morning. – I bet when…
– (robot voice) @lovebeads66 – …asks for a small drink at the movies,
– Yeah? – they give…
– (robot voice) @lovebeads66 …a medium drink instead, at the
same price. – Which is still overpriced, but…
– (robot voice) @lovebeads66 …don’t care. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


  1. On the Rebecca black part they used the Wilhelm scream. A widely used scream in movies. Mostly used once now as a nod

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  3. I love one B movie – I have just a memory of crazy funny worm eating people on ground – on rock (safe). I cant find it anywhere. I saw it on TV.

  4. 2:07:

    Link: "It's quite a fight scene; this is like UFC!"

    Me: "Yeah, there's just as much puppy cuddling! :D"

    Yes, I know that it's called grappling.

  5. There was an episode of the 70s Wonder Woman show with aliens that were just guys wearing a gray morph suit and goggles

  6. Rhett and link need to have there own show that's like mystery science theater 3k. Man that was funny id so watch them riff on B movies for hours.

  7. 1: BeWaRe ThE lUnChLaDy
    2: I thought you meant wasps.
    3: EVIL ODDISH!!!!!!!!
    4: nightmare fuel

  8. I can't believe they didn't talk about Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! A masterpiece from 1978 that would surely terrify Link.

  9. You call these ridiculous movie monsters? Well, take a look at the Ghoul from Plan 9 from Outer Space: . He is supposed to be a sort of a zombie or something, but he was badly designed, he looks way too much like a vampire like Count Dracula. He even stalks and presumably kill his victims in a very similar way, and some sources even says that the so-called ghouls in the film might actually be vampires created by aliens.

  10. My friend actually bought a chicken suit for a short little play I helped make called the adventures of chicken man. It was amazing. Lol

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