Funny Halloween School Pranks! Who Will Win? (CC Available)

Funny Halloween School Pranks! Who Will Win? (CC Available)

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Hi guys! Happy Halloween! Guys, do you know which Disney Princess am I today? If you
know, don’t forget to leave me in comment down below I want to know who’s calling? So hungry! Ah!!! Huh? Mom? Mom…Mom, I’m coming… Huh? What happened here? Are you ok, Mom? Are you ok, Mom? Leo!!! I’m so sorry! It’s just a joke Guys, it’s time to get Leo back in
this Halloween Back To School Special! Mom, you’re so heavy… Banh Bao, you look so beautiful today! Hey, wait for me… Hi guys! Welcome to Princess Banh
Bao: Halloween Special! All our pranks are for entertainment. So,
make sure you guys don’t try this at home Ah!!! Okay But you have to close your eyes Okay! Are you ready? Okay, now open your mouth 1..2..3… Now you can open your eyes, Leo What is it? Worms in dirt What? Ah!!! …Spider! What do we do now? Wait a minute….Why do Leo
have a spatula in class? How strange? I hope she doesn’t hit me too hard I’m sorry, Leo! Are you ok, Leo? Did I hit him too hard? Leo…Are you ok? Ah!!! Hubba Bubba! What do you want? Can I have some Hubba Bubba? Ok sure! But give me a second ,ok? Fake blood! Here is it! Wow! Hubba Bubba! Yummy! Ah!!! Guys, don’t worry. It’s just Slime We got him back Guys, this isn’t enough. To
night, I will get him real good! Who turns off the lights? Ah!!! … Yes, we did it, guys I hope you guys enjoy the show. And, don’t forget
to give us a Like and Subcribe to our channel Bye guys, Love you! Happy Halloween! Ah! Guys, I gotta go…


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