Genius Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman Movie HD

Genius Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman Movie HD

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Mister Perkins? You must be Thomas Wolfe. I’d prefer to get my rejections in the mail, but I wanted to meet you. The man who first read Hemingway, …F. Scott Fitzgerald… and said: “Genius.” When every son of a bitch publisher in New York hates my book. Mr. Wolfe, we intend to publish your book. Ha! Max, this is Mrs Bernstein. Mister Perkins. She is the first person that told me my writing was worth anything. People are calling you a genius, god help you. Now, I’m a Scribner’s bestseller. I deserve a little of the high life. Max tells us you’re working on a new book. It’s about America. All of it! I have it. A new book. Bring it in guys! Here you go. We can do it. How long? Nine months, if you resist the temptation to add more. I have to be able to add more. The book is 5000 pages long. Point taken. Alright. Cut, cut, cut. You’ve been working every night for two years. You have any idea how it is to come home to an empty apartment every night? I’ve lost him. To your husband. Your daughters, they want their father back. My job is what I do. Two years, and the book is only a hundred pages shorter. I bring you stuff rich, right from my gut! You wouldn’t do this to Hemingway, to Fitzgerald. Stop it! You of all people are just so damn scared to live There are other ways to live! God help anyone who loves you, Tom because for all your millions of beautiful words, you haven’t the slightest idea of what it means to be alive. Max thinks he created me. He crippled me. He deformed my work. He made all your dreams come true. He gave you a career. Look what you’ve done to me. You hurt me. I can’t turn my back on the work. Make your choice, Tom. Right now. That’s what we editors lose sleep over, you know. Are we really making books better, or just making them different. All my life, until I met you, I never had a friend. You have no idea what I had to go through so I could look at you and feel nothing. A writer like Tom, I get one in a life time. You get your daughters for the same life time. There’s one paragraph I have to add to the book. – My god.
– Have to! You start adding paragraphs, we’re sunk This book is dedicated to Maxwell Everts Perkins. The author hopes this book will prove worthy of it.


  1. Whats "Tom's" last name? Wasn't there a french author who wrote a book in a similar fashion, over a long period of time working through several rites of passage around the same time or earlier?

  2. My dear, how many movies else will he do with with Nicole Kidman? It's 3 already, and I think that's enough. It becomes boring somewhen.

  3. So that trailer literally contained a chunk from every bit of the story arc. Thanks for making it a trip to netflix instead of to the theater.

  4. MRS BERNSTEIN supplied the paper and pencil to write, which is KIDMAN or elementary school teacher?!  when you  look at superman movies you have the EDITOR PERRY WHITE… why the discoverer of the NORTH POLE, and it is very WHITE up NORTH,  is the editor of SUPERMAN?  When the writer is in  a  writer's  block the paper is WHITE!!! NO WORDS!!!  hence, the editor creates and shapes the writer?   Like the wind shapes all the forms in the snow like words out of the mouth?  the editor  makes superman of words  that is  is mightier then the sword.    so they used the caveman example ?  primitive men around a fire in a cave.  THen one of the cavemen started to tell a STORY!!! that is the beginning or BOOK writers.

  5. FYI, this is about Thomas Wolf, 1900-1938, "Look Homeward, Angel" and several others, acclaimed during his life by some as among the great American novelists while mocked and derided by others. The latter attitude prevailed for half a century despite continued book sales, but the tide is turning a bit in his favor. Must-see film if you're fond of literature.

  6. Too many Brit hams in a film all about Americans. No chemistry between over-the-top Jude Law and his lousy accent and Firth's cardboard presence. ZZzz…..

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  8. I really, really hope that this is not one of those modern attempts to make something great and literary "watchable" and entertaining to modern audiences by inserting homosexual undertones that were not there to begin with. If you want to write about gay writers, make a Tennessee Williams movie. I would watch a half decent version of his life, yet to the best of my knowledge it has never been done. They really need to stop with the "ooooh, but it could be gaaaay", attempts at male friendships.

  9. i'm from asheville and i love that this movie exists.. and i love jude law but his accent is totally wrong. it sounds like an alabama accent or something. colin firth's is a little better weirdly. it should be flatter and more twangy kinda. i hope there is some good depictions of my hometown from that time period though.

  10. I do enjoy the acting of Colin Firth, Gut Pearce, Jude Law, and Nicole Kidman.. Did America run out of actors for an US setting film? An those accents make me recoil..

  11. for a film about such an amazing writer, they choose Jude Law? I get the feeling the producers weren't holding out for something special. when you read Thomas Wolfe you're taken away on wings – a giant bird that sees all, powerful rowdy and turbulent and intelligence with depth. if you like his writing you'll be consumed by it as he was by his subject matter. and for this we get Jude Law? for such an important literary moment in time what are we left with – nothing much really. Thomas Wolfe carried weight and power – a force of nature, its all in his writing, but not this actor.

  12. I just see the name Colin Firth and I'm sure it's a great movie! He is so talented actor and  a very charming  man!!!!

  13. I enjoyed this movie especially Colin Firth who played the publisher in such a down-to-earth point I wanted to hug him!
    Naturally the star was Jude Law who was excellent in this role. Never seem him act so wild and crazy at points but
    so human too. Good Movie. I believe there will be Oscar nominations for it.

  14. do women love the hard working ambitious guy especially when they get money but hate when they then act hard working and ambitious

  15. Read the book. Max disliked women. He disliked his own daughters. It seems that he may have had a crush on Thomas Wolfe. He certainly pursued him with constant letters and allowing Wolfe to take over his private life; to the point where Wolfe would show up at Max's house at any time and curse, get drunk and not have any consequences. It was only when other people in the literary world became aware that Max had basically taken over Wolfe's books, re-written them and even told Wolfe when his book was done and would be published as Max wanted it that Wolfe was embarrassed enough to leave Max's influence and seek another publisher.

  16. Thomas Wolfe was a big guy. Some 250 lbs and tall too, in stark contrast to the malnourished Jude Law. Also, why would the movie only focus on his relationship with his editor? There's tons of more interesting events captured in his book Look Homeward Angel, like the time he witnessed his native Ashevilleans see their savings evaporate during the great depression.

  17. i really like this movie, but jeeeeeeez if you havent seen it skip this trailer, it's just a supercut of the movie!

  18. i dunno whats the story of this movie about …but who cares Jude magnificent Law is there….. tats the cake for me!

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