Genuinely Haunted Places You Can Actually Visit

Genuinely Haunted Places You Can Actually Visit

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These places should be at the top of your
list when you’re planning a ghoulish road trip. And even if you don’t encounter a ghost, you’re
likely to find something pretty interesting at each one. Bobby Mackey’s Music World Let’s be real for a second: most allegedly
“haunted” places are hugely disappointing. At best, you can hope for a spooky floating
orb, or a translucent spectre, or – if you’re really lucky – you might get some mysterious
knocking or a rattling chain. Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Kentucky, on
the other hand, has an invisible cowboy that beats people up in the bathroom. Seriously. They had to put up a sign out front after
they got sued about it. “I shot the scallywag is what I did. Well, he took a shot at me first, so I had
to teach him a lesson.” In addition to being a nightclub, Bobby Mackey’s
has long billed itself as one of America’s most haunted places, and the cowboy ghost
is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s the story of Pearl Bryan, for instance,
whose head was was rumored to be used in a ritual sacrifice, and of course, there’s the
Portal to Hell in the basement. [Screaming] Bobby Mackey’s is open every Friday and Saturday,
with ghost tours every hour until 1:15. The Winchester Mystery House Under normal circumstances, inheriting a vast
personal fortune is a pretty good thing, even if it comes at the cost of a loved one. That’s exactly what happened to Sarah Winchester
when her husband, William Winchester, treasurer of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company,
died. According to stories, she believed she was
being haunted by the spirits of everyone killed with a Winchester rifle. Considering she raked in a $20 million gun
fortune, that was probably a lot of people. “It’ll shoot the fleas off a dog’s back at
500 yards, Tannon! And it’s pointed straight at your head!” With that in mind, Sarah moved to San Jose,
California in 1894 and spent the next 38 years constructing what would eventually become
known as the Winchester Mystery House. The sprawling structure features over 40 bedrooms. There are also plenty of secret passages,
including a cabinet that opens up to a corridor that runs through 38 different rooms. To this day, there’s a debate on whether Sarah
thought she was genuinely haunted or was just an extremely bad amateur architect with way
too much money. But the Mystery House itself stands as a fascinating
monument even if it doesn’t feature the restless spirits of a thousand souls. The Queen Mary If you want to combine the thrill of a luxury
cruise ship with the fun of constant reminders of the hellish afterlife, have we got a vacation
destination for you: The Queen Mary, a cruise ship-turned-hotel, permanently anchored in
Long Beach, California. The good news for curious hotel guests is
that the Queen Mary’s staff offers ghost tours that are longer and more thorough than the
standard, non-spooky tour. Plus, the ship’s non-supernatural history
– from late-’30s luxury liner to World War II troop transport and back again – is actually
pretty interesting, even without getting into haunted creepiness. Of course, the Queen Mary’s otherwise cheerful,
welcoming website hypes up the ghost tours by mentioning dead sailors and people drowning
in the ship’s pool, which is the sort of story that makes going for a fun, post-tour swim
a much more depressing proposition. Waverly Hills Sanatorium Louisville, Kentucky’s Waverly Hills Sanatorium
has the kind of imposing structure and creepy reputation you can only really get from a
hospital, and its dark history has led paranormal investigators to declare Waverly Hills as
one of the most haunted places in America. “Ghosts. They’re just souls with baggage, right?” “Yeah, but we would need a whole lot of them.” “Waverly Hills.” Waverly’s ghosts even go the extra mile in
creepiness, with both the chained, bleeding woman and The Creeper, a shadowy figure that
skitters along walls and ceilings to terrify anyone who stays in the building too long. But don’t let that stop you from visiting! After a 2001 renovation project, the Sanatorium
offers both paranormal and historically themed tours, and a spoooooky haunted house that
runs from late-September to Halloween every year. If you want to go the extra mile, you can
even book a stay overnight that comes complete with a guided paranormal investigation. Myrtles Plantation On the one hand, Myrtles Plantation in St.
Francisville, Louisiana, has hyped up its ghostly reputation in ways that are truly
unbelievable. It’s like they were handed a list of suggestions
and just decided to tick off every box. There’ve been rumors that it was built on
a Native American burial ground and been appropriately cursed as a result. There are also stories about ghostly children
showing up in the house’s windows, and claims that at least ten victims have been killed
there, leaving the whole site riddled with ghosts. So why anyone would want to enhance a place’s
reputation to make it sound more haunted? Well, the Myrtles is also a fully functioning
Bed & Breakfast that bills itself – of course – as one of America’s most haunted places. So yeah: maybe the ghost stories have been
built up a bit in the name of tourism. But hey! At least there’s free WiFi! The Devil’s Tramping Ground Most haunted places explain their origin stories
by pointing to past tragedies and restless human spirits. But North Carolina doesn’t have time to deal
with a middleman. Instead, they’ve got a spot out in the woods
where the Devil himself comes up from Hell to dream up new wickedness for the world. The Tramping Ground is a clearing where, as
local legend has it, nothing will grow and where no man yet has managed to spend the
night without waking up miles away. This would tend to ignore the fact that you
can actually see vegetation growing in the clearing in most photos, that a reporter from
Greensboro spent the night in the center of the clearing, and that there are an awful
lot of beer cans and graffiti nearby that suggest that the devil might be sharing his
hangout with some local teens. “Who’s that?” “Ted, who do you think it is, dude?” “Oh, yeah!” But that said, it’s still worth checking out. The chance of encountering the Devil is a
lot more fun than trying to get some sleep on a haunted boat, and there’s probably some
pretty heavenly BBQ right down the road even if you strike out. Salvation! “I’m the grill god, and I’m here to help.”


  1. Ok…SMH…
    Grunge….I love your channel. You RARELY disappoint. BUT….your ignorance, or maybe its pure stupidity in this video, really piss me off :-/.
    2. Profits from Winchester gun sales has NO correlation with the number of ppl killed by guns. And to make that claim…is fucking RIDICULOUS.
    "She inherited $20 million so the number of Winchester ghosts is huge."
    Seriously? Thats the dumbest shit Ive heard.

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  3. Misleading title. Should be, "Completely Mundane Places You're Apparently Stupid Enough To Believe Are Haunted."

  4. Most of the lore around the Winchester house is completely fabricated for tours. For more information check out "Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places" by Colin Dickey.

  5. I've been to Waverly Hills twice. 1st time was the overnight 8 hour tour and 2nd was the 4-hour tour. The Body Chute……can get so dark it's disorienting.

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