Ghost (7/10) Movie CLIP – Carl Suspects Oda Mae (1990) HD

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Hey. Hi. I thought we were
having dinner. I know, moll.
I’m sorry. I just forgot. Had trouble
at the bank. Forgot?
I wish you’d called. I’ve been
really worried. Listen, molly.
I got to ask you
about something. Yeah. He needs
to borrow $4 million. When you said
that you thought
sam was here, That he was
talking to you, What did he
say to you? What does that
have to do
with anything? Just listen to me. This psychic lady,
I want to know
what she told you. Stop this. It doesn’t matter.
It wasn’t real. What the hell happened
to you tonight? Does this have
anything to do With her being
at the bank today? The bank? Yeah. Ferguson said
she closed an account. Her name isn’t even
oda mae brown. It’s rita miller
or something. Carl, are you all right? It’s just
my stomach. It’s… Um… Jesus. Do you have any,
like, some pepto
bismol or something? Cyanide… Uh, yeah.
It’s upstairs. Sit down.
I’ll get it. What’s wrong? Does little carl
have a tummy ache? What are you doing? Now do you
believe in ghosts?

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